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Chapter 29.1 Mo Yi Cheng’s investigation!

It was almost 12 o’clock in the morning when Kan Ming contacted the person in charge of Long Bow’s signing platform and obtained preliminary information from him through various communications. The items that Long Bow had needed to register for an account as an anchor were all in place, as well as some of the necessary information needed when signing a contract. As for the authenticity of the information received, there were still some specific circumstances that needed to be dealt with so it had to wait for tomorrow.

Mo Yi Cheng waited until the electronic version of the information was delivered, read it in detail, then arranged things for the next day before preparing to go to sleep.

As he lay on the bed, he turned on the game, feeling a little uneasy. After he had calmed down, he felt that he had been a bit too aggressive towards the little thing today. Afterwards, the little guy’s mood hadn’t been too great. When he said good night to him, his voice was melancholic, and this was the first time in a month that he hadn’t [tucked in the quilt] for the little thing before he went to bed.

He entered the game using the stealth mode. A small night light was on in Yuan Suo’s room and the little guy was curled up on the bed, breathing evenly, seemingly asleep. Slightly relieved, he clicked on [tuck in the quilt] and clicked [pat to sleep]. Seeing his frowning little eyebrows loosen, he was completely relieved. Exiting the game, he turned off the lights to rest.

Early the next morning, Yuan Suo got up.

Mo Yi Cheng was afraid that the little thing would be in a bad mood when he remembered what had happened yesterday, so he specifically asked someone to buy crab buns and put a few boxes of ice cream in the refrigerator.

Yuan Suo was probably really scared yesterday. His eating movements were a bit smaller than usual as he stuffed the food into his mouth, half of his face bulging.

Seeing that Yuan Suo seemed to have retracted into his little shell overnight, Mo Yi Cheng suddenly felt that his desire to teach the little thing a lesson last night was too impulsive. The first day that he met Du Du in the game, the system had introduced that he was timid, not smart but very simple and kind, then during the time spent with him, Du Du gradually became cheerful and lively from the initial cautious, solemn and lonely personality, but now seeing his timid eyes, Mo Yi Cheng only felt his chest tighten.

“Du Du.”

“En…” Yuan Suo happened to be swallowing a bun at this time so when he heard his name, he almost choked in shock.

“Take a sip of the soy milk first.” Mo Yi Cheng said distressedly.

His face turning a suffocating red, Yuan Suo picked up the cup and drank two mouthfuls of the soy milk. Only then did his breathing became smoother.

Mo Yi Cheng finally surrendered, “If you want that reward, give me the contact information. When I get the money I’ll go and get you what you want.”

“No…. No need to.” Yuan Suo quickly took another bun and not afraid of it being hot, took a bite, chewed a few times, swallowed, then smiled and said to Mo Yi Cheng: “I don’t plan to buy anything anymore, so I don’t need the money.”

Mo Yi Cheng kept on wondering what Yuan Suo wanted to buy, but the little thing was tight-lipped. It was obvious he didn’t want him to know, so in the end he stopped asking questions.

After breakfast, he watched Yuan Suo get onto the school bus.

Kan Ming was already waiting downstairs.

When Mo Yi Cheng changed his clothes and went downstairs, Kan Ming handed him a file.

“Did you find out the address?” Mo Yi Cheng asked as he opened it.

“I found it. The address on the anchor’s profile is a street in the Green Park District. But… the street is full of old buildings. The government has planned to demolish it within two years, and the young master is also involved in the project. Those who live there are either old residents who are unwilling to move, or migrant workers who have temporarily rented a place there.”

Mo Yi Cheng was puzzled. Long Bow was a well-known game anchor on ZZ platform with an annual income of more than six figures, how could he live in such a place?

According to the information, he lived with his grandfather who was 82 years old. Was it because it was difficult for the old man to leave his former home?

Full of questions, the two arrived at Long Bow’s residence. Sure enough, as the information showed, it was a dilapidated old building with a long history. The decorations on the wall had fallen off and there were sheets, bedding and various washed clothes hanging on the bamboo poles exposed on the balconies.

To keep a low profile today, Kan Ming had deliberately switched from the mid-range Land Rover he usually drove, but it still caused a small commotion. The old men and women chatting in the shade of the trees all looked sideways when they saw the beautiful car, the two handsome young men getting out one after the other from the car sparking their gossipy nature. The man who came down from the back seat had on a pair of sunglasses. He nodded slightly, as if he was afraid of being recognized.

Under their fiery eyes, Mo Yi Cheng and Kan Ming entered a unit door of the tube-shaped building. The safety lock on the door was broken. The inside of the building was also in a state of disrepair, the white paint peeling off like a piece of plaster that had been stuck there for a long time.

Kan Ming who was in front quickly walked up to the third floor, West Gate 303.

It was the registered address of the anchor Long Bow.

After receiving Mo Yi Cheng’s approval, he lifted his hand and knocked on the door, but no one responded even after a long time. Just at that moment, someone came out to throw trash from the opposite door, a young man in his early twenties dragging his feet in a pair of slippers with a cigarette in hand.

Kan Ming stopped him hurriedly and asked, “Little brother, may I ask if Fu Changgong lives here in unit 303?”

The young man scratched his unkempt hair, “I really don’t know what the uncle’s surname is, but it should be Fu.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded. It should be the right one. The data showed that Long Bow lived with his grandfather.

“Then he has a grandson who is about the same age as you, right?” Kan Ming continued to ask.

“I don’t really know about that. I moved in not long ago, but that uncle has always lived alone. I heard that it seems that his children aren’t very filial.” The phone in the young man’s hand rang and he hurried down the stairs anxiously to pick up his takeaway. He yelled when he was halfway down, “The uncle has a hearing impairement, so knock loudly, but there is a dog in there, be careful that it doesn’t bite you!”

With that, the two continued to knock on the door, this time with a stronger intensity and sound. Sure enough, two minutes later, an old man’s voice came from the room.

“Who is it?”


**Fu Changgong is Long Bow’s official name.

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  1. How to know Du Du is upset- he will be only half hamster instead of full.. 🤗😂😂
    Thank you for translatio

  2. Okay, Du Du is feeling guilty, and I acknowledge that, but I think our family’s child needs to learn this lesson.
    Fu Changgong aka Long Bow could really suffer some big consequences, and his player’s obviously not as weatlhy as Mo Yi Cheng…
    I love Du Du, and that’s why I want him to grow as a character

    Thank you once more for the translation! I’m amazed at the speed and quality 💜

    1. Honestly I feel like a large part of this is on Mo Yi Cheng for not going over internet safety with Yuan Suo when he gave him the computer. He still hasn’t actually explained to Yuan Suo why he messed up.

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