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Chapter 26.2 Du Du don’t cry o(╥﹏╥)o

Since Mo Yi Cheng’s debut, the entertainment circle had seen a lot of such things, but this was the first time that he had been really calculated completely. Whether it was in strength or in courage, this Lin Meng Xue had both.

Yuan Suo was sitting on the bus after school. Long Bow seemed very tired today, dozing off as he leaned against the window.

He looked left, then looked again and seeing that everyone was doing their own thing, took his tablet out of his small school bag, turned it on and clicked on Weibo.

Normally, he wouldn’t take his electronic products out of the apartment, but ever since he posted the #BestYou comic on Weibo, he couldn’t stop himself from checking to see if anybody had left any comments. This kind of excitement and anticipation made him keep refreshing frequently after school to follow up the news.

So far, Yuan Suo had published three comics on Weibo, respectively talking about meeting Mo Yi Cheng for the first time, Mo Yi Cheng throwing a lot of money, and Mo Yi Cheng’s outstanding cooking skills! The number of likes had gradually risen from single digits to double digits and occasionally, one or two passerby’s would leave comments like ‘so cute’ and ‘you can do it’.

Seeing a new message this afternoon, Yuan Suo’s eyes lit up. Although it was just a sentence of “spreading flowers”, he clicked to reply, fingers tapping on the screen seriously, even the expression in the reply was chosen with extra concentration. After replying to the comment, he took a deep breath in satisfaction.

Just as he was about to turn the tablet off, one of the popular searches recommended in the search bar above suddenly jumped before his eyes.

‘Mo Yi Cheng’s Girlfriend’

Yuan Suo froze for a moment, then rubbed his eyes, he hadn’t seen it wrong…

Mo Yi Cheng had… a girlfriend? Yuan Suo asked this question in his heart before he realized that he actually knew almost nothing about Mo Yi Cheng’s life. Apart from knowing that he was an actor, whether he had a girlfriend, what his parents looked like, and even how old he was this year, he didn’t know.

His hand trembling a bit uncontrollably, he clicked on search despite the fierce struggle inside.

Immediately, pieces of information rushed out, with all kinds of pictures and photos attached to it.

Yuan Suo was stunned. The information about her relationship with the family, pictures of her circle of friends, pictures with Mother Mo, etc., were too complicated for Yuan Suo, but the words Mo Yi Cheng’s girlfriend, he could still understand and this deep understanding made it a little difficult for him to breathe. It was as if somebody had grabbed him by the heart. His eyes turning astringent, he tried to hold back his tears, but they still fell indefensibly. Why was he crying? Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t even his to begin with, he was just a character in a game. Mo Yi Cheng’s life had nothing to do with him, so what right did he have to interfere in his private life?

Afraid of being seen by the others, Yuan Suo quickly wiped away the tears on his face with his small hands, turned the tablet off and then put it back inside his school bag.

Long Bow looked very tired these past few days, so he who was half asleep and half awake didn’t notice Yuan Suo at all, the same with the others on the bus. Only a pair of slightly melancholic eyes in the last corner of the school bus stared at Yuan Suo’s slightly shaking shoulders.

“We have arrived at No. 129 Qingxia Street. The broadcast system announced the stop automatically and the school bus stopped.

Yuan Suo was sitting in the front row so he lowered his head quickly, afraid that someone would see his red eyes. A girl said goodbye to her classmates then got off the bus.

The bus moved for a while then stopped at the next stop.

“We have arrived at No. 9 Yuanping Street.”

It was Po Fei who got off this time. He originally lived on Qingxia street, but his level had been declining in the past three years, limiting his range of activities, with his living residence constantly unchanging. Most of the people who lived on Yuanping Street were junior elves.

Po Fei, carrying a somewhat worn out school bag on one shoulder, walked out from behind, pausing a little when he reached Yuan Suo’s seat. Yuan Suo had lowered his head so he could only see Po Fei’s sneakers, but seeing them stop, his neck shrank back in fear.

Suddenly something was thrown into his arms and Yuan Suo instinctively raised his hand to catch it. Taking a closely look at it, he saw that it was half a pack of unused Kleenex.

Yuan Suo was stunned. When he raised his head to say thank you, he found that Po Fei had already gotten off. The school bus started again, moving forward at an even speed.

The next stop was the apartment complex where Yuan Suo was located. Yuan Suo used the tissue Po Fei had given him to wipe his tears away, breathed in and out slowly to calm himself and then smiled, it was better to see Mo Yi Cheng with a smile!

Hearing the system broadcast Yuan Suo’s block, Long Bow’s eyes opened as if he had heard an alarm. Then, without thinking, he got up and helped move Yuan Suo’s short legs from the steps to the ground, then turned back to his seat to sleep, continuing the whole process of eyelids half-open and half-closed.

Yuan Suo glanced at the door of his house, hesitating a little for the first time…

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