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Chapter 27.1 Du Du’s part-time job

Now that he had arrived at the apartment, Yuan Suo hesitated for a few seconds.

But… even though he was sad, he still wanted to see Mo Yi Cheng, so he ran in through the door with his short legs and after seeing Mo Yi Cheng who was waiting for him while flipping through an e-magazine, he opened his mouth wide with great effort and pulled out a big smile.

“Mo Yi Cheng, I’m back.”

“Hmm,” Mo Yi Cheng turned his head, about to ask him how his day had gone today when he saw Yuan Suo’s small face. The expression on his face instantly turned grave, his body also straightening up.

Yuan Suo clutched the straps of his school bag with both hands, not knowing what was going on, feeling a little confused.

Mo Yi Cheng asked in a deep voice, “Why are your eyes red?”

When Yuan Suo was asked this, his eyes turned hot, becoming even more red, but for the first time, he kept his mouth tightly shut in front of Mo Yi Cheng, “No…. nothing.”

“Your eyes are as red as a bunny’s, but you’re saying nothing is wrong? What exactly is going on?” Mo Yi Cheng asked again with a bad expression on his face.

Yuan Suo who was hiding a little secret in his heart cowered a little, but he didn’t dare say that it was because he was sad when he saw that Mo Yi Cheng had a girlfriend that was why he cried…

Actually, he had faintly discovered his feelings during these times that they spent together. Although he was ignorant, he knew that he liked Mo Yi Cheng. He had tried to define his feelings as that felt for a brother or a friend, but when he saw the pictures of Mo Yi Cheng and his girlfriend today, the heartache he felt made his dull brain vaguely guess something.

However this kind of feeling scared him, moreover he didn’t even know whether it was wrong or not. In the past eighteen years of his life, he lacked love and warmth, but he had always been looking for a mountain to lean on, a harbor to shelter him from the wind, and Mo Yi Cheng had given it to him. He didn’t want to let it all go up in smoke because of his stupid feelings that shouldn’t exist.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw Yuan Suo’s face becoming more and more pale, he couldn’t sit still but he couldn’t really touch him, so he could only continue to ask, “Du Du, have you forgotten that you promised me that no matter what happens, you would tell me?”

Yuan Suo looked up timidly, “Yes, I promised.”

“Then tell me, what the he** is going on?” Mo Yi Cheng was already burning with anxiety at this point. He thought that this little thing was so stupid that he had let someone hurt him again but was afraid to come back with a wound like last time, so he didn’t dare say it.

Yuan Suo didn’t know how to lie, so in the end he could only grit his teeth, close his eyes and say, “I saw the news about you on Weibo today.”

Mo Yi Cheng froze.

“They… they said you have a girlfriend.” When Yuan Suo finished saying this he didn’t move, standing there like a cat that had been caught by the back of its neck.

“So that was why you cried like a little bunny?”

Yuan Suo nodded.

Mo Yi Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, happy that Yuan Suo hadn’t been wronged at school.

Yuan Suo raised his eyes secretly to look at him, feeling a little nervous. Mo Yi Cheng wouldn’t hate him right?

Actually, Mo Yi Cheng’s line of thought was completely different from Yuan Suo’s thoughts. He only thought that Yuan Suo felt aggrieved when he saw that Mo Yi Cheng was being used to spread a scandal, with a girlfriend forcefully bound to him, so he cried due to the injustice of it all.

“Alright, it’s okay. The news online is fake, the company will take care of it soon.” Mo Yi Cheng softened his voice, comforting in a warm voice.

Yuan Suo only focused on the words “news is fake”, “Fa… fake?”

“Hmm, it will be dealt with soon. Alright, don’t cry over something so trivial, go wash your face, change your clothes, and then come out for dinner.”

Yuan Suo put his school bag down in doubt, going to change out of his clothes. Although he still didn’t quite understand why Mo Yi Cheng didn’t hate him, after knowing that Mo Yi Cheng didn’t have a girlfriend, it was as if the big rock in his heart had been rolled away instantly.


That night, Lin Meng Xue called the Mo family to apologize for the disturbance caused by this incident. At the same time, she also clarified on Weibo that she and Mo Yi Cheng were just friends and thanked everyone for their concern.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the information and subsequent follow-up procedure sent by his agent with a cold face.

The Lin family really wanted to enter the entertainment industry to get a piece of the pie, moreover Lin Meng Xue herself planned on debuting, her popularity having reached a certain height due to this scandal. However, his company still ignored her intention to take advantage of this incident to create an impression on the public and fake her way to the top.

It was unknown where Lin Meng Xue got Mo Yi Cheng’s phone number from, crying as soon as he answered the call. Mo Yi Cheng held back, maintaining a gentlemanly demeanor.

“Leave this matter in the hands of Tian Feng Entertainment.” Mo Yi Cheng mentioned the company name, not his own. “Next time, please comport yourself.”

When Lin Meng Xue was suddenly hung up on, her emotions that had been brewing for a long time bubbled over instantly as she smashed the pillow on the bed angrily. That’s right, this hype was indeed planned by her brother to actually increase the visibility of the entertainment company he had just taken over.

Although the Lin family wasn’t as powerful as the Mo family, it was indeed a wealthy family that had developed since the beginning of the economy. However the current situation in the Lin family was very complicated. The Lin family had a total of four children, the eldest son Lin Sen Cheng and Lin Meng Xue the children of the first wife. Unfortunately, their mother died of an illness when they were young and Father Lin remarried just after her passing, but when the new wife entered the family, she brought with her a son who was older than Lin Meng Xue, then gave birth to a daughter three years later. Lin Sen Cheng had never regarded this brother who carried his mother’s surname as a threat, after all, he didn’t have the blood of the Lin family flowing through his veins, but on Lin Sen Yang’s coming-of-age birthday party, Father Lin suddenly announced that Lin Sen Yang was actually his biological son and that he was to be included in the family’s genealogy.

In other words, Father Lin not only found Lin Sen Cheng a strong opponent to contend with for the family inheritance, he also confirmed that he had cheated with another woman during his marriage and had conceived a child, only waiting for the death of their mother to marry the mistress into the family. Lin Sen Cheng and Lin Meng Xue remained courteous on the surface, maintaining the superficial demeanor of one big family, but in reality they already harbored a grudge.

A few days ago, Father Lin was diagnosed with an incurable disease. Even the best medical treatment could only make him last for a year or two. With the Lin family having such a large family business, how it would be divided, to whom which shares would be given to, anyone with discerning eyes could see that Lin Sen Cheng and Lin Meng Xue wouldn’t get the lion’s share, that was why Lin Sen Cheng was determined to make remarkable achievements while his father was still alive, in order to be in a more favourable position.

As for Mother Mo, it wasn’t that she wasn’t unaware that Lin Meng Xue wouldn’t be able to share the sweetness of the Lin family, but that she was confident enough that her son would be able to support his wife. She didn’t care whether she had a dowry or not.

It was just, after such an uproar, she blamed herself a little. She wanted to apologize to her son, but didn’t have the face to. After thinking about it, she sent a message as a test. Seeing that her son was forgiving and magnanimous, not blaming her, she called him.

At this time Mo Yi Cheng had just urged Yuan Suo to take a bath and then drink milk before going to bed in accordance with their daily routine.

Mother Mo knew the trouble she had caused so her tone was flattering, no longer clamouring for a grandchild. The focus of their topic soon shifted to the third brother who was studying abroad.

At this moment, Yuan Suo came out of the shower, drank his milk obediently and was about to crawl into bed.

Mo Yi Cheng said completely instinctively, a hint of helplessness and pampering in his tone: “Won’t you rinse your mouth, don’t you want your teeth? Rinse your mouth before going to bed.”

Mother Mo’s voice stopped abruptly, followed by a long silence, then she finally lowered her voice, “Yi Cheng, someday bring her back for mom to see, or send a picture…”

“…” Mo Yi Cheng closed his eyes.

Mother Mo said hurriedly, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, mommy will hang up first. ”

“…” A beep sounded, the other party had hung up.

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Yuan Suo blinked his big eyes: “Who does Mommy Mo want to see?”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

No getting an answer from Mo Yi Cheng, Yuan Suo went to rinse his mouth obediently, took advantage of the opportunity to check if there were any new messages under his comic on Weibo, and then climbed into the bed wearing a bunny pajamas. Mo Yi Cheng had discovered that he didn’t have another pajamas to change into after washing the only pair he had, so he simply bought one of each color, seven colors for the seven days, which he could just change into as he pleased.

When they woke up the next morning, Yuan Suo’s eyes were swollen like walnuts.

Afraid that the ice compress would make him uncomfortable because it was too cold, Mo Yi Cheng bought a pack of cotton balls from the store in the system, wet them first, dipped them in iced milk and then put them on Yuan Suo’s eyelids. After he repeated this for ten minutes, Yuan Suo only felt that his eyelids were cool and very comfortable. When he opened his eyes again, they had become much more comfortable.

“You’re not allowed to cry anymore. “Mo Yi Cheng said.

Yuan Suo made an “en” sound. Although he had promised with his mouth, in his heart, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to do it, so his voice was small.

Speaking of crying, Yuan Suo suddenly remembered something and said to Mo Yi Cheng very happily: “Yesterday when I…. cried in the car, Po Fei gave me a pack of tissues.”


“Hmm, the little elves that are able to enter the game are pure souls. Po Fei must have lost himself temporarily, but he must have realized his mistake by now, so we must give him a chance to correct it.” Yuan Suo said powerfully, making Mo Yi Cheng who was listening quite surprised. He had always felt that Yuan Suo’s brain was silly and had even wondered whether the 18 year olds in the interstellar world were different from the 18 year olds on Earth, he didn’t expect to hear him say such a reasonable sentence today. However, he didn’t capture another message that came from the words “enter the game” and “souls”. The presence of a soul meant that it was once a physical entity and that it existed in a certain corner of the world.

“Du Du.”




“Forget it. “Mo Yi Cheng felt that he was thinking too much, but the gas switch that he had used to boil the milk kept ringing in his heart.

“Uh… Mo Yi Cheng can ask Du Du if he has any questions, and if it is within the range of the answers allowed by the system, Du Du will definitely answer truthfully.”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and said, “Eat your breakfast first, the school bus will be here in a while.”


Mo Yi Cheng was afraid that Yuan Suo was too innocent and would get hurt again so he instructed, “It’s better if you don’t get too close to that Po Fei, do you understand?”

Yuan Suo replied: “Yes.”


The ‘relationship’ between Mo Yi Cheng and Lin Meng Xue was completely suppressed, and the fans also avoided talking about it in an extremely tacit agreement. Even though the other party’s water army’s public account posted all kinds of news, everyone collectively ignored her, not giving her any chance to rub off someone else’s fame.

But having said that, with Mo Yi Cheng’s current popularity, Lin Meng Xue definitely didn’t lose in this wave.

As he was home on vacation, Yuan Suo sorted out some of the previous drawings. The comic strip was on the 4th drawing. In this strip, Mo Yi Cheng had bought a huge fridge for the world’s most handsome elf ‘Du Du’ and said that he could eat as much ice cream as he wanted…..

After uploading the comic, Yuan Suo refreshed the page every two minutes, waiting for comments a little nervously. Unfortunately, after twenty minutes, there was still no movement, not even a like.

Looking at the empty comment area, Yuan Suo thought dejectedly: Was this drawing not vivid enough? Or was the plot too bland…. Holding the tablet, he sat on the sofa, a little discouraged. He lowered his head slightly and the sun shone behind his ears which were so white that one could see the blood vessels underneath his skin and the soft dark brown hair that was attached to his slender neck.

Forget it, he shouldn’t care about the results so much. The most important thing was to draw to his heart’s content. Drawing was at first an unattainable dream, but now he had gotten this unimaginable happiness which he hadn’t before. Yuan Suo convinced himself and was about to exit the homepage interface when he saw a comment below the post.

He opened it with joy.

“Typists wanted! Daily income of 100 ** just by sitting at home #%&&……%”

It was a job advertisement.

Yuan Suo a little disappointed, but still replied below seriously: Sorry, I can’t work for the time being. After thinking about it, he added: But I can ask.

What he meant was that he would ask Mo Yi Cheng. After all, Mo Yi Cheng said that he wasn’t allowed to go out to work, but he had recently found out from the other elves at school that those at a higher level could communicate with the outside world, and there were even some who left their phones and had jobs which they could use to support themselves and subsidize the income of their families.

After he finished typing out the reply to the small advertisement, there was another comment below. It was from the previous Weibo account that didn’t have any posts. This number seemed to specialize in leaving comments for him. This time they left a short paragraph of encouragement and then said: Eat less ice cream.

Suddenly, he felt— that this person’s tone seemed to match Mo Yi Cheng’s. He shook his head. What was he thinking about? Why would Mo Yi Cheng register for a small Weibo account just to become his fan!? It shouldn’t be…

On the school bus.

Long Bow had dark circles under his eyes.

Yuan Suo held his tablet as if it had been poisoned as he logged in to Weibo to take a look. If he had one more like, he would be happy for half of the day and then use the rest of the day to think about the next comic strip.

“Long Bow, look at your appearance, did you stay up all night again yesterday?” Su Yi asked Long Bow and not waiting for him to respond, turned to Yuan Suo and said, “Little thing, don’t follow his example and become an online addict!” After saying that, she raised her delicate chin and pointed to the tablet in Yuan Suo’s arms.

Yuan Suo’s neck shrank in embarrassment as he hugged the tablet a little tighter.

Long Bow opened his mouth lazily, “You still have the nerve to talk. Don’t you stay up late just to watch dramas and chase novels? You even type a million words in updates on the keyboard a day to earn only fifty cents…”

“You shut up!!!” Su Yi gritted her teeth, wishing she could strangle him.

During the quarrel between the two, Yuan Suo learned that Su Yi’s ‘part-time job’ was an online writer with a monthly income of 200 yuan. It was suffocatingly small, but because of her love for the work, she still moved forward courageously on this road. Long Bow was a game anchor and it seemed that if he won a game, there would be chicken to eat… Yuan Suo thought of the chicken that Mo Yi Cheng had bought for him last time, and couldn’t help but swallow.

“That… I also want to earn money.” Yuan Suo had been thinking about this issue recently. Although Mo Yi Cheng forbade him from working part-time, he still wanted to get some income through his own efforts. And Mo Yi Cheng’s birthday was approaching soon. Many fans on Weibo were already warming up, with everyone discussing what gifts to give. He also wanted to use the money he earned to give Mo Yi Cheng a gift.

When they heard Yuan Suo’s words, Long Bow and Su Yi both froze at the same time, then said in unison, “You?”

Yuan Suo nodded, recommending himself, “Yes, I’m very capable, I’m not lazy at all. When I was moving bricks before, my boss praised me for being serious!”

As soon as Yuan Suo’s words fell, Su Yi and Long Bow were once again surprised, or rather shocked and somewhat unable to believe it. Did Yuan Suo’s player ask such a small thing to move bricks? Could it be that Du Du’s life wasn’t as good as everyone saw on the surface?

“You’ve moved bricks?” Su Yi asked.

Yuan Suo nodded: “En, when I first met my player. I applied for it myself, but I only moved bricks once, and then my player refused to allow me to go.” When he said this, he was a little frustrated.

Su Yi understood immediately and let go of the worry in her heart. It must be that the player didn’t understand the rules of the game at that time, so she said: “Actually, most of the work inside the game is suitable for elves after they have gotten a skin upgrade. With your level, you’ll have a hard time doing it, and you won’t have any control over the gold coins as it is, nor can you cash it out.”

The gold coins earned by the elves inside the game would be put automatically into the wallet and would be at the player’s disposal. But if the money was earned in the world outside the game, it could be used freely.

“Then what can I do in the real world?” Yuan Suo wanted to earn a sum of money that would be at his disposal so that he could quietly buy a birthday present for Mo Yi Cheng.

Long Bow stretched his waist lazily, moving his neck, “You, just be good and wait for your player to feed you. Why work when you can rely on being cute to eat?”

Su Yi scoffed at this and spat out, “You’re really a dog that doesn’t change.”

Long Bow wiped his nose with his hand, “Many thanks for the compliment.”

Yuan Suo was so confused by the words that the two were saying, why did a ‘dog’ of all things come up?

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