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Chapter 21.1 Du Du solves a case and even has negotiations!

Mo Yi Cheng received a message from Chen Jiao. The first half apologized, whilst the second half explained that he didn’t actively provoke him. It could be seen that his guilt on this matter was still greater than the grievance he had suffered.

Mo Yi Cheng naturally understood Chen Jiao’s character. That Qian He thought he was smart. Since he couldn’t bully Chen Jiao, he was using tricks to directly cause hype in the news to pull the spotlight of the movie’s popularity created during the promotion period onto himself. But at this time if he really dragged him to a real hospital, afraid they wouldn’t even find a bruise, otherwise Chen Jiao would have already received a letter from his lawyer.

After he sent a comforting message in reply, Mo Yi Cheng contacted his company.

Yuan Suo had attempted several desserts today, but he wasn’t particularly successful, however he was also too embarrassed to ask Mo Yi Cheng to taste them so he put them in the refrigerator secretly, prepared to eat them as breakfast himself.

After he finished organizing all the necessary items, he took out the drawing board, ready to draw. When he lifted his head, he saw Mo Yi Cheng’s frowning face on the screen. He asked carefully, “Mo Yi Cheng, did you encounter something that has made you unhappy?”

Mo Yi Cheng lowered his head and saw Yuan Suo wearing a bunny pajamas with the hoody on in the phone, holding the drawing board on the sofa, looking up at him in concern.

He suddenly regretted that the little thing wasn’t a living thing, otherwise… he would pinch his fleshy face. That would definitely relieve his stress.

Mo Yi Cheng answered: “It’s a work-related matter.” After thinking about it, afraid that Yuan Suo would be worried, he added, “It’s Chen Jiao who has encountered some troubles.”

Yuan Suo knew Chen Jiao. Although there hadn’t been any direct communication between the two of them, Mo Yi Cheng had once told him that Chen Jiao was his assistant and that he was very good. Since Mo Yi Cheng said that he was very good, then the little fat man was definitely a very good person.

He usually didn’t ask Mo Yi Cheng about work related matters, but he felt vaguely that the trouble Chen Jiao had encountered today had something to do with that very fierce man at the backstage today.

“Is it because of the man who fell down backstage?” He asked.

Mo Yi Cheng froze, then he remembered that he hadn’t exited the game at that time, so even though the screen was locked, Yuan Suo would still be able to see the outside world.

“Did you see anything?” Mo Yi Cheng asked for confirmation.

Yuan Suo put his drawing board down and solemnly explained what had happened backstage. After he finished telling him everything, he finally waved his short arm, drawing an arc in the air as he said in a very loud voice, “And then just like this, duang, he fell on the ground!”

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but laugh as he looked at Yuan Suo who was imitating Qian He’s fall as he lay on the sofa, one of his small legs twitching twice vividly~

At the same time, he also thoroughly understood what had happened backstage. Wanting to quell the news wasn’t difficult, but he wasn’t willing to let dirty water be thrown on Chen Jiao’s head. Someone like Qian He, such a person staying by his big brother’s side, sooner or later would cause damage.

At this time, Yuan Suo got up from the sofa. Because he had been too involved in the performance, the legs of the trousers had run up to the top of his calf, “Mo Yi Cheng, I recorded what happened this today, if you need it…”

Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes lit up, this little thing was actually so witty?

“That… it exists inside your video album.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s outstretched hand paused mid-air, seeming to think of something. He didn’t look through the phone first, but asked instead, “You have the video recording function?”

He nodded, “Yes, Du Du has been upgraded. I can record from outside the screen and take pictures, I can also store them. I have a photo album of oh…..” At the end of his sentence, it was as if he had suddenly realized something. He closed his mouth hurriedly, his gaze suddenly becoming evasive.

Mo Yi Cheng stared at Yuan Suo, then temporarily exited the game, clicked on the video album, and sure enough he saw a video that was less than three minutes in it.

The scene was quite clear. It showed how Qian He crashed over, blamed his assistant without any sense of image in the slightest and cursed at Chen Jiao viciously.

He had long known that Qian He had a bad character, but he couldn’t help frowning when he saw the video.


He clicked pause, then on playback. He changed the angle and watched the beginning of the video carefully. When Qian He hit him, his eyes were clearly fixed on the phone that Chen Jiao was holding. He was actually trying to knock the phone out of Chen Jiao’s hand? If the phone had broken, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t dare imagine what would have happened to Yuan Suo. A burst of fear, like cold frost climbed up from the bottom of his feet all the way up to his neck.

Qian He, you’ve really crossed the line this time.

He frowned and sent the video to his agent without hesitation. Naturally, the PR team would do the rest. After thinking about it, he sent another copy to Mo Yi Yan.

A few minutes after the video was sent.

Mo Yi Yan replied with only one word: Okay.

Mo Yi Cheng raised his eyebrows, Mo Yi Yan was really angry this time. Usually when he said only one word, his intention was already very clear.

After dealing with Qian He’s matter, he opened the game again. Yuan Suo was really still sitting obediently on the sofa with his short legs. It was just that this time instead of holding the drawing board, he had turned on the TV and tuned in to a channel casually. Seeing Mo Yi Cheng, he greeted him quickly then turned his head to continue watching the TV, obviously having a guilty conscience.

Mo Yi Cheng pulled the phone screen closer a bit, squinted his eyes and looked at Yuan Suo’s slightly stiff back quietly.

Yuan Suo’s chubby little hands were clutching the remote control with a death grip, his two ears hidden inside the pajama hoodie standing up. The atmosphere was too tense for him to come out. En… Mo Yi Cheng was so smart, he should have guessed it, right? That…. should he take the initiative to explain? He had seen in a movie before, the people in it said that the world run on the rule: resistance is met with strictness, confession is met with leniency!

“Du Du, turn off the TV.” Mo Yi Cheng said lightly.

Yuan Suo said an “oh” obediently, then turned off the TV that he wasn’t watching, but he didn’t look at Mo Yi Cheng, lowering his head to pick the carrot buttons on his pajamas one by one.

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  1. That Q person really done now, eh…

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