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Chapter 20.2 Weight advantage!

Qian He returned to the backstage a little annoyed, with his assistant following behind him obediently when suddenly a fat figure appeared in front of him. His feet jolted to a stop, making the little assistant who bumped into him tremble with fear as his body had directly hit his. Qian He who was bumped into staggered. His face changed drastically, and he turned around and started to curse.

“Are you blind? An assistant who can’t even do this job that even a fool could do, you even bump into people when you walk!” Pointing and scolding him, his voice was so sharp that it could pierce an eardrum.

Chen Jiao had come to pick up the things that had been left behind backstage previously, but seeing this scene, he felt a little embarrassed, especially when the other party was Qian He. Looking at the young assistant who was a few years younger than him on the verge of tears from being scolded, he could only sigh in his heart.

He was holding Mo Yi Cheng’s sunglasses in one hand, and in the other hand the phone that was considered the first object to be protected as declared by Mo Yi Cheng, with a lanyard firmly tied to his wrist above the phone case.

Qian He became even more depressed the more he looked at Chen Jiao, then he saw the phone and the several instances when he saw Mo Yi Cheng handing the phone to Chen Jiao very cautiously and carefully came to mind. Previously, in the crew this phone had never left his side, which showed that it must be very important. He glared at his pale assistant ruthlessly and then full of energy, run towards Chen Jiao’s direction and rammed into him!

Chen Jiao who wasn’t prepared for the sudden impact was at a disadvantage.

However, Qian He had ignored one of the most deadly facts, that was, the difference in weight!

Chen Jiao instinctively protected Mo Yi Cheng’s phone like a treasure in his arms and covered his waist slightly. Qian He used all his strength and slammed into Chen Jiao’s broad shoulders firmly, but because the force he had used was too strong, he bounced back directly, his butt landing on the ground.

“Pfft….” The little assistant who couldn’t hold back his laughter hurriedly covering his mouth.

Chen Jiao didn’t expect that he had so much flexibility, but he apologized sincerely, “I’m sorry…. you… are too light.”

“You!!!” Qian He’s brain went blank the instant he fell, not because he was in pain from the fall, but because he was in shock. He went off immediately like a thunderstorm, scolding his young assistant, “Are you dead? Hurry up and help me up!”

The young assistant run over hurriedly, helping him up.

Qian He covered his butt, a fierce expression on his face as he pointed at Chen Jiao viciously, “You dare to have designs on my things, damn fat boy, just wait for me!”

Chen Jiao stiffened. It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head. He shivering slightly…. It turns out he had been discovered… Qian He knew that he liked Mo Yi Yan, that was why he continued to humiliate him repeatedly. What about Mo Yi Yan? Did he also know about it too? Strong inferiority and fear made him lose the will to fight back.

Qian He released a breath which faintly eliminated his anger, then limped away with the support of his young assistant.

That night, the hot search #Qian He hurt# hang in the front row, with the poster claiming to have witnessed Qian He being knocked down by a man with a large waist in the background which caused him to fall and hurt his leg, almost shattering his tail bone.

Qian He responded quickly, saying that he was no longer seriously injured, telling his fans not to worry, but that he may not be able to meet with them on site during the next promotion, however he would record a VCR to send his blessings. Finally, he also posed as a good person, saying that everyone shouldn’t blame the person who hit him, that he shouldn’t have done it intentionally.

Qian He’s fans jumped out to say that they were distressed, with a group of small accounts of unknown origin following the rhythm with sentences like: ‘How could someone bump into a person so badly just by walking? He did it on purpose!’ There were even conspiracy theories that someone wanted to steal Qian He’s new role, so they hired a fat person to hit him.

After some speculation, someone finally started a post to analyze the exposure, saying that the backstage collision was actually done Mo Yi Cheng’s assistant. Chen Jiao’s Weibo was brought out and he was roasted with all kinds of words, even Mo Yi Cheng was affected, but of course, those who went to Mo Yi Cheng’s side to run wildly were quickly beaten back by the intimidating power of his enthusiastic fans.

Chen Jiao was at a loss for words in his small apartment. He had never expected that this kind of thing would happen. He had been with Mo Yi Cheng for so long and although it could be said that he had seen some of the world, he knew that Mo Yi Cheng’s fan base and his various strengths was too strong, so almost no one dared to come sling mud at him, hence scandals and negative news rarely appeared.

Now that things had suddenly hit him squarely on the head, he was inevitably a little confused, moreover making such a mess would probably involve Mo Yi Yan, after all…. Qian He was his.

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