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Chapter 20.1 Weight advantage!

For the next two days, Yuan Suo stayed at home on a vacation.

In addition to taking his medication, watching movies and eating snacks, he also had a very important task: reviewing what the teacher taught him in acting class! Some of the works in cooking class also required constant practice.

After Mo Yi Cheng helped him prepare all the equipment and materials needed, Yuan Suo tied a sky blue apron dotted with white daisies around himself, rolled up the small sleeves and headed into the kitchen.

Seeing that he was busy, Mo Yi Cheng also started his own work.

Chen Jiao had driven over early in the morning to pick him up. The pre-publicity of the new movie had started, there was a huge battle ahead of them.

The movie’s main cast were all present and the fans at the door had been organized by their fan clubs in a very orderly fashion, standing in rows on either side of the door, anxiously waiting for their idols.

Mo Yi Cheng clutched his phone tightly and got out from the car. He was wearing sunglasses and a black casual suit with a white shirt that had a few buttons open on the inside, bringing out an eye catching model figure of an ascetic nobleman.

The security personnel were tall and huge, standing hand in hand in two rows, blocking the fans.


“Yi Cheng…”

“Mo Yi Cheng we love you–“

He nodded to his fans and entered the back door of the venue hurriedly.

However the fans didn’t feel frustrated because they had waited for two hours just to meet their idol for half a minute. Instead, they scattered around happily and exchanged the images that they had just filmed and photographed.

Yuan Suo was originally concentrating on whipping the cream inside his small apartment when a scream suddenly sounded. The sound scared him so much that his hands trembled, almost unable to hold the milk bottle.

“What… what… what happened?” Yuan Suo stuttered.

The corners of the mouth of Mo Yi Cheng who had put on his earpiece couldn’t help but hook up when he heard Yuan Suo’s shocked but trembling soft voice. And this hooked lip smile was photographed and posted online, instantly climbing up to the top of Weibo’s popular hot search list.

#Who says Mo Yi Cheng can’t seduce girls? #

Mo Yi Cheng who really didn’t know how to seduce girls went to the backstage to change his clothes and makeup, with Chen Jiao going around busily.

Qian He, as the second male lead was also naturally dressed up to attend, and don’t know if it was because he had recently received a good resource through Mo Yi Yan, he was a lot more arrogant than he usually was. Normally when he saw Mo Yi Cheng, he would call out Mo Ge, but today he only nodded, smiled, then turned his eyes back to his phone. Standing next to him was a young assistant who seemed to have just been scolded, not daring to raise his head.

Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t surprised by Qian He’s change, he only regarded him as if he was air, it was just that he began to doubt Mo Yi Yan’s taste. If he was simply looking at the face, then he had been with this person for almost six months now, it was time for them to break up.

When Chen Jiao saw Qian He, he subconsciously dodged to the side.

“Qie ~” Qian He snorted, rolling his eyes. In his eyes, Chen Jiao was simply a bedbug, a toad, not biting but always disturbing people. What annoyed him more was that Mo Yi Cheng was protecting such a thing, keeping him by his side. The last time Mo Yi Yan had come back and blamed him, making him unable to swallow his anger.

The promotion meeting went very smoothly. The core basically revolved around the male lead Mo Yi Cheng and the popular female lead, with several interactive and very lively scenes between them.

At the end of it all, Mo Yi Cheng and the female lead were interviewed alone.

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