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Chapter 19.2 Mo Yi Cheng files a complaint

Liang Shaoning checked Yuan Suo carefully. It turns out that there was no injury to the bones, they were all surface injuries. He shouldn’t workout for two days, and he had to apply some medicine, so that bruises and swelling would disappear. Mo Yi Cheng noted down the detailed instructions he gave after he finished prescribing the medicine.

“I’ve always wanted to ask, is this game developed internally by you local tyrants? How come the degree of intelligence is so high, making me doubt the world a little?” Liang Shaoning asked before he left.

Mo Yi Cheng paused, “You’re the one who is ignorant.”

Dr. Liang: “…”

Mo Yi Cheng: “Keep it confidential.”

“… Alright.”

Dr. Liang came and left in a hurry.

Mo Yi Cheng helped Yuan Suo apply the medicine. When the cool medicine was rubbed onto his skin, fine goose bumps appeared.

Mo Yi Cheng felt distressed so he adjusted the rubbing strength to the lowest level, the strength on his hands involuntarily lightening as well.

Although Yuan Suo’s back hurt, he was already thinking about whether he could still go to the movies.

He had promised Mo Yi Cheng before that if something happened he would tell him, and he was going to say it, but once he got home, he was first disrupted by the stir fried shrimp with celery, then his mouth was blocked by the steak, and then finally he was in a hurry to go to the movies, so he kept putting it off.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo’s timid appearance. He had just been scolded on the way back home and he also couldn’t bear to say more, so he just finished applying the medicine then said: “En, go to bed to lie down, don’t run around tonight.”

Yuan Suo nodded obediently and afraid to rub the medicine off, didn’t dare put on his clothes, he could only hug the pillow as he walked to his bedroom, his little figure looking very depressed.

Mo Yi Cheng turned off the medical interface and said helplessly, “Take a nap, I’ll wake you up. You ate too much at lunch today, so only juice is allowed while watching the movie, snacks are not allowed.”

What? Yuan Suo’s drooping head lifted instantly. He turned around and looked at Mo Yi Cheng in surprise, unable to react for a moment. It took another minute before he was sure that Mo Yi Cheng was taking him to the movies!

Long live Mo Yi Cheng!

The small pillows that Yuan Suo used as a covering fell off in his excitement as he sped of to prepare the juice happily….

Mo Yi Cheng held his forehead.

This time, the movie Mo Yi Cheng had arranged was ‘A dog’s mission’, Yuan Suo’s favorite. He sat on the sofa contentedly as he watched intently, seemingly not wanting to miss any little detail, sniffling from time to time, moved to tears.

After the movie, when they came back home, probably tired, frightened, plus having eaten too much, Yuan Suo fell asleep on the sofa. Mo Yi Cheng found a blanket, covered him up and then entered the game’s help and consultation page to learn more about the game again. This included the elf promotion system, the scope of activities, interaction with the outside world, school life, etc.

One of the pages read: Players who have any comments or suggestions about the school’s teaching and other situations can send an email to: [email protected]

But Mo Yi Cheng didn’t act rashly, after all, he couldn’t enter the game world. What if he sent a harshly worded email and the school mishandled it and the other party became stimulated and an accident occurred? It would be too late for regret if happened.

He continue down as he read on. The principal’s hotline was available, but the phone number was simply unbelievable. It wasn’t a phone number, but a…..

He recognized that this was exactly the morse code he had come across in [The Wind Rises] movie. Actually, morse code wasn’t difficult to crack once you got the hang of it. He transcribed it, spent a few minutes translating it, then finally got a string of numbers, which he entered into the space below for calling the principal’s hotline.

Dialing conditions popped up directly in empty space: Elf player please enter the dialing coupon number [How to obtain the dialing coupon: 1. Coupons can be obtained free of charge when the elf reaches levels 50 and 99 respectively. 2. Players can purchase VIP recharge cards directly from the mall for private and dedicated access to the hotline.]

Yuan Suo’s level was still in the single digits, so naturally there wouldn’t be any free dialing coupons.

Mo Yi Cheng went into the mall’s search area and sure enough, there was a ‘private and dedicated access to the hotline VIP recharge card’ for sale at a high price, with the consumption for this month at 0.

He recharged, purchased it in one go and then clicked again to call, and sure enough, the call went through…

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