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Chapter 19.1 Mo Yi Cheng files a complaint

Mo Yi Cheng ended the call with Chen Jiao, frowning.

Yuan Suo had just finished changing and had come out of the bathroom, when saw Mo Yi Cheng’s gloomy expression. He rarely saw such a fierce gaze on Mo Yi Cheng’s face. He was so shocked that he couldn’t help but hiccup o(╥﹏╥)o, frightened.

Mo Yi Cheng tried his best to lower the tone of his voice, but the anger on his face couldn’t be restrained as he asked, “What’s with the injuries on your body?”

Huh? How did Mo Yi Cheng know? Yuan Suo didn’t suspect Mo Yi Cheng would ‘spy’, he only thought that the system had automatically sent a notification after he was injured.

He pulled at his cuffs, mumbling, “I fell when I was getting off the bus, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Seeing Yuan Suo’s panicked appearance, Mo Yi Cheng felt that something was wrong, “Did you really fall by yourself?”

“….. It seems like someone pulled me from behind, but I can’t be sure.” His lying skills completely zero, he spilled the whole story after being pressured slightly.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “Who was behind you at that time?”

Yuan Suo, “It’s the guy who was kind enough to help me with my school bag yesterday. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it was him. I can’t be sure…”

Mo Yi Cheng was furious, this little thing had been sold and he was even helping to count the money.

“Come here first, take off your clothes.”

“En.” Yuan Suo subconsciously covered his chest. Actually, in his perception, it wasn’t any problem to be seen naked by Mo Yi Cheng, after all, the Q version skin he was in wasn’t the real him, it was just the ‘low version copy’ of him made by the system based on his original appearance, but he didn’t know why, he felt very shy undressing in front of Mo Yi Cheng. “I… I’ll go inside and take it off.”

Mo Yi Cheng felt helpless, saying: “You’ll take it off then come back out again, isn’t it the same thing?”

Yuan Suo thought about it for a while. Mo Yi Cheng made sense, so he took off his jacket in the living room, and then sat on the sofa under Mo Yi Cheng’s command. It was just that his little belly that had become full from eating just now bulged out, like a soft white bun, causing him to pull over the panda pillow to block the front of his belly in embarrassment.

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head helplessly, then operating the game, he clicked gently on the bruise, making Yuan Suo suck in a breath. Mo Yi Cheng’s hand that was clicking on the screen immediately softened by a few points, and then he asked him in concern if it hurt when he walked. Yuan Suo nodded.

Mo Yi Cheng was even more angry. Having fallen like this, he actually finished the meal happily instead of telling him first.

It seemed the movie had to be postponed. He made a phone call to Liang Shaoning, then left the western restaurant with Yuan Suo.

The movie emperor who was leaving the restaurant didn’t know that a group of waiters and managers had collapsed….. Why did the movie emperor lose half of the tableware after he finished eating? And why was there an extra plate of stir fried shrimp with celery on the table?

“He stole our tableware?!”

“This… this counts as trading an item for an item, right? Didn’t he leave a plate of stir fried vegetables…”

“And he was even wearing a suit when he went out, so where did he hide so much cutlery?”

“I heard that there is a strange disease, people who contract it like to eat plates, knives and forks…”



Mo Yi Cheng drove the car very fast, making Yuan Suo who was sitting on the sofa inside the phone keep on twisting his fingers in anxiety. He really hadn’t meant to keep it from Mo Yi Cheng. Was today’s movie going to be ruined?

Dr. Liang and Mo Yi Cheng arrived at the apartment almost at the same time and went upstairs tacitly.

Mo Yi Cheng opened the game interface. Liang Shaoning was already familiar with it so he went directly into the medical interface. Seeing Yuan Suo sitting on the sofa with an aggrieved face like he had just been scolded, he laughed unkindly.

“This little guy is fatter than he was a while ago.” Liang Shaoning sighed. It seems Mo Yi Cheng had put a lot of effort into it. The physical health status next to him displayed: Excellent +, which made him think that this fall wasn’t a big problem, it was just Mo Yi Cheng being confused from worry.

Yuan Suo bit his lip, “Oh!” Really? He was really fat? But Mo Yi Cheng clearly said that it was the size of the clothes that had become smaller, and that clothes shrunk or something…. Thinking that no one would see, he secretly took another pillow and blocked his stomach completely…

Mo Yi Cheng glanced at him coldly. Liang Shaoning immediately kept quiet and resumed the solemn look that a doctor should have.

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