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Chapter 16.2 Pinching Du Du’s face isn’t allowed!

The next day, Yuan Suo woke up as usual, but was shocked when he clicked into Weibo. How come there were so many private messages, @’s and fans?

He followed the trace of @’s. It turns out that Mo Yi Cheng had posted his drawings to Weibo. Although he was frightened by the enthusiasm of the netizens, Mo Yi Cheng’s public affirmation of him made Yuan Suo extremely satisfied and happy. And this heartfelt joy, directly transformed into the “intimacy value” with the player.

When Mo Yi Cheng’s sleepy eyes saw the system notification of the “elf favorability degree +20”, he was in a good mood. He rolled over and squinted at the little chubby thing who was also in a very good mood as he dealt with his Weibo busily.

This time, he directly asked Chen Jiao to bring two servings of breakfast over, and then sent one of them into the game using the [transmit] function.

“Taste it, I especially asked Chen Jiao to go to the east district to buy crab buns and some soy milk to drink.” Mo Yi Cheng had always suspected that the food he made wasn’t good, so with the transmission function in place, he couldn’t wait to send in real food.

Yuan Suo put his small apron on, sat at the table and bit into a crab bun seriously.

Mo Yi Cheng looked on expectantly.

“En, it’s delicious.” Yuan Suo sighed.

Mo Yi Cheng was satisfied, “Eat some more if it’s delicious.”

“Mmm, it’s super delicious, almost on par with the small meat buns Mo Yi Cheng makes!” Yuan Suo licked the oil at the corners of his mouth, sighing from the bottom of his heart.

Although he didn’t know if the little guy was affected by the ‘love me, love my dog’ state, Mo Yi Cheng was still very satisfied with his subconscious sigh, the idea of taking advantage of when Yuan Suo wasn’t at home to cook some meals and bring them out to taste sprouting.

The two finished breakfast across the screen, and Yuan Suo’s school bus arrived on time. Mo Yi Cheng helped him put the new small school bag on his back, then instructed him, “If you encounter bad things, know how to find help. Seek help from your classmates and teachers, and you must also let me know, understand?” Although he wanted to add “use your small fists to punch him”, looking at his small fists that looked like white buns, it was better to forget it…

Yuan Suo nodded, “I understand, but everyone was very nice to me, saying I was the cutest junior elf in years. At the end of class everyone was competing to pinch my the face, but gently, it didn’t hurt at all.” Saying this, he pinched his own fair and elastic face.

Mo Yi Cheng’s face darkened slightly. From worrying about Yuan Suo being bullied, to worrying about him being taken advantage of…

“… Pinching your face isn’t allowed either.”

“… Oh, then… then I won’t let them pinch it.”

There were even a lot of people pinching him?

“En, go quickly, don’t be late.” Mo Yi Cheng advised.

It was only then Yuan Suo remembered that the school bus had been waiting for him for three minutes already. He waved goodbye to Mo Yi Cheng, opened the door and ran towards the school bus.

Mo Yi Cheng’s gaze kept on looking until his back was out of sight.

This time Long bow was already waiting at the door for Yuan Suo, so seeing him running over with his short legs, he directly reached out his hands and pulled him onto the bus.

The door closed automatically, then whizzed away.

The people in the bus were still in the same position as they were yesterday, but Su Yi had no class today so her place empty. The gloomy boy was still in the corner far back, looking out the window without speaking. When he saw Yuan Suo, his face became even more gloomy.

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