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Chapter 17.1 Du Du fell down o(╥﹏╥)o

“Du Du, why did you change your school bag?” Long Bow noticed that the brand and color of the school bag Yuan Suo was wearing today had changed, the only thing that remained the same was that it was still a limited edition luxury brand. One could guess that the financial conditions of his player was very good and that he liked him a lot.

“The zipper broke yesterday, so Mo…. my player took it to the repairs, this is a replacement.” Yuan Suo’s neck shrank in, he had almost said Mo Yi Cheng’s name.

Yesterday, he had been preoccupied with fighting with Su Yi, it was only today that Long Bow remembered to ask Yuan Suo what major he had chosen. As for the specific identity, player identity and even the specific level and wealth value, it was a taboo to ask among the elves. At least they wouldn’t disclose it, not when they weren’t very familiar with each other.

“I chose cooking, I already took a class yesterday. The first thing I learned was pastry and some basic theoretical knowledge. There is also acting that I’m going to learn today, which is only half a day. Then there is art, which is a two-day course.” Yuan Suo counted with his fingers carefully.

“It’s a bit…” messy, but Long Bow didn’t say it. After all, when the elves choose their majors, most of them depended on their player’s inclination and hobbies. And going to school here was nothing more than to obtain credits, upgrade constantly and then leave the game to go back to their former time and space.

“Hmm?” Yuan Suo was a little confused, seeing that he didn’t finish his sentence.

Long Bow patted his shoulder, “Good luck. If you successfully complete the credits of a subject, you would be able to obtain an advanced skin and get rid of your current small image and go back to your original appearance.”

Yuan Suo asked, “Go back to my original appearance?”

“Yes, just like us.”

A look of longing appeared on Yuan Suo’s face.


The school bus pulled up.

Because Yuan Suo had short arms and legs, getting off the bus steps would be slower. Yesterday he had delayed everyone so today after the school bus parked, he sat in his seat obediently, wanting to wait for everyone to get down before moving.

Long Bow got out of the bus first, but when he turned around, ready help him get off, he found that Yuan Suo wasn’t behind him at all.

After the first four people went down, Yuan Suo saw that the gloomy boy in the last row hadn’t moved. He wanted to ask but was a little scared, so he simply jumped out of his seat and got out of the bus first, no longer waiting for him.

Seeing that Yuan Suo had gotten up, the gloomy boy also stood up and followed him down. Yuan Suo moved down tentatively with his short legs. It just so happened that at this time, Long Bow was talking to a girl in the same class, slightly ignoring Yuan Suo who was on the side.

Yuan Suo’s one leg had just reached the ground when he suddenly felt a huge pulling force from behind him, and then with his other foot hanging in the air, the heel of his stable foot slipped onto the ground, making him fall solidly to the ground, his back hitting the corner of the steps heavily.

“Be careful!” Out of the corner of his eye, Long Bow saw Yuan Suo falling down and wanted to pull him but it was too late.

Yuan Suo fell to the ground, tears coming out because of the pain.

Long Bow and the girl he had been talking to ran over together and helped Yuan Suo up, at the same time asking if he had broken anything.

He shook his head with red eyes.

The girl said, “Your arms and your legs, move them a little to see if you’ve broken something.”

Long Bow, “Our school has an infirmary, let me take you there.”

“Thank you…. I’m fine.” He moved and found that there was no discomfort except for the pain in his back and butt.

“It’s my fault. If I had paid more attention to you, this wouldn’t have happened.” Long Bow blamed himself a little.

Yuan Suo said hurriedly, “It’s not your fault, it was… I who wasn’t careful.” He wasn’t too sure if the gloomy boy behind him had pulled his school bag back. Although he had felt the pull, he wasn’t completely sure either, since there was no evidence.

The gloomy boy had already gotten out of the bus and entered the school building.

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  1. Goddamn I wanna kick that mf off (ꐦ°᷄д°᷅) but I also hope he gets to have his redemption arc and befriend our lil dumpling Du Du (•´v`•)
    Thank you for the chapter!!

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