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Chapter 13.1 Mo Yi Cheng, for you.

The group was finally attracted by the smell of barbecue and decided to temporarily call a truce.

When everyone stood up and was walking to the table, Mo Yi Cheng noticed that Jiang Mu Yu was walking unnaturally on one leg, and that Chen Sheng leaned on his side deliberately to prevent him from falling over.

Zhang Yuan buried himself in his food, yelling that he wanted to eat back what he had lost, Gu Lin helped his girlfriend pick out the bones in her chicken wings, and Chen Sheng was also busy fussing around Jiang Mu Yu.

Jiang Mu Yu ate two bites and asked Mo Yi Cheng in a voice that only two people could hear, “Yi Cheng, are you in love?”

Mo Yi Cheng: “No, why do you ask?”

Jiang Mu Yu smiled and said, “Intuition. When you were playing with your phone over there just now, that kind of spoiled and relaxed expression, is something I haven’t seen in any of your movies.”

Mo Yi Cheng was stunned and asked, “Really?”

“Yes, sometimes there are things that you yourself wouldn’t know when you are in the middle of a situation.” Jiang Mu Yu sighed.

Then Chen Sheng, who ran back with the meat skewers yelled, and the table became lively again.

At the end of the meal, everyone was a little drunk. Gu Lin went home with his girlfriend, Zhang Yuan was driven back by his driver, and Chen Sheng took Jiang Mu Yu back to the hotel.

Mo Yi Cheng lowered the window slightly. The cool night breeze blew in, and the slightly tipsy feeling gradually dissipated.

His agent sent a message telling him that he had updated his Weibo today and released the first batch of stills from the new movie. The number of likes on his Weibo instantly reached six digits, with the hashtag #Mo Yi Cheng stills and #hotsearch becoming a hot topic.

He scrolled through the comments below casually, all of which were basically saying “Hubby is so handsome”

“Ahhhh you are the most handsome!

“He is so handsome I’m crying!!!”

“Already ready to grab tickets!!!”

“Have a date, date, date with the cimema~”

However there was one popular comment that stood out from the rest.

“Mo Yi Cheng, for you.” A simple pencil drawing was attached, and although he could tell that the artist’s technique wasn’t very good, his drawing was very evocative. He had drawn a picture of Mo Yi Cheng in his house, with gentle brows and eyes. Strangely enough, the house clothes in this drawing were really his house clothes, and the sofa in the background behind him was exactly the same as the one he had at home.

Guessing who the author was from looking at the image, he saved it to his phone, and then liked it in.

And now this popular comment, which wasn’t particularly interesting, was suddenly buzzing, with a large group of people commenting, “my love rival has good fortune”, “pass down your luck”, etc. Many others followed the messages to the Weibo page of the person who posted the picture and found that the time of registration wasn’t that long, and that the number of posts were also very sparse, mostly short messages. The blogger’s personal profile was: ‘Mo Yi Cheng’s Elf’, just like a large number of ‘Mo Yi Cheng’s wife’ and ‘Mo Yi Cheng’s female fan’ on the Internet which no one took seriously.

Mo Yi Cheng on the other hand was very calm.

In the game, Yuan Suo had been frightened by the number of likes, messages and followers that had risen wildly in the background. He had only learned about Weibo while watching a movie, researched on it to learn more about it, and then found that he could see many pictures and news of Mo Yi Cheng on it, so he silently opened an account, even his name was the original string of numbers.

Today, as he was scanning Weibo, he saw that Mo Yi Cheng had updated his Weibo, and that his imposing stills were just like an exiled immortal. On impulse, he took his own picture and uploaded it under Mo Yi Cheng’s Weibo, he didn’t expect that he would get a lot of praise. Just as he was replying “thank you” one by one, a simple compliment from Mo Yi Cheng stirred up a thousand waves. On the one hand, he was frightened by Mo Yi Cheng’s passionate fans, but on the other hand he was a little shy, wondering whether Mo Yi Cheng really liked his drawing when he saw it? He had clearly drawn an ugly painting…. Many years ago he had drawn a picture as a birthday present for his father, who said he liked it in front of everyone, but then turned around and threw it in the trash.

As he was imagining things, Mo Yi Cheng had already arrived home.

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