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Chapter 12.2 Du Du’s school uniform!

“I’ve got the name of the movie memorized, I can watch it on the TV.” Yuan Suo held up a small post-it note stuck to the popcorn bucket in the air.

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but laugh, “This is a newly released movie that can’t be found on TV, I’m also interested in seeing how it ends.”

Hearing that Mo Yi Cheng wanted to see the ending, Yuan Suo stopped talking about leaving, hugged the popcorn and focused on the plot again.

In the movie, the hidden boss dubbed by Mo Yi Cheng had a heartfelt confession at the end, and then fell into a permanent sleep. Yuan Suo pulled out a tissue and wiped his nose. The tip of his nose was wrung red, his eyes were red, and combining it with the bunny’s pajamas he had on, it was enough to melt hearts.

Even Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but cover his mouth with his hand and cough twice.

“Mo Yi Cheng…” sniffle, “Are you uncomfortable?”


The driver waiting outside the cinema took Mo Yi Cheng to Chen Sheng’s villa in the north side, which was used for fun.

When Mo Yi Cheng arrived, someone had already been waiting at the door for a while, a middle-aged man, who respectfully invited him in. He walked across the yard into the back and Chen Sheng moved to welcome him.

He noticed that the usually unkempt Chen Sheng was exceptionally fresh today, saying enthusiastically when he saw, “We are just waiting for you, everything is almost done.”

“How many of them?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Chen Sheng laughed: “We have been fighting for a few rounds. Zhang Yuan has started to transfer money through WeChat, hahaha!” Gu Lin had come with his girlfriend, and the four of them just happened to make up a table of Mahjong.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “Why aren’t you playing?”

Chen Sheng, “I have to help Mu Yu, he’s not skilled at playing, I’m his trusted adviser.”

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t comment on this. He was always reluctant to get involved in other people’s love life. Everyone could see that Chen Sheng and Jiang Mu Yu had fancied each other for so many years but Jiang Mu Yu and that person from high school were entangled up even until now, it was really sad. He’d let them settle it themselves.

They spoke as they went to the backyard, where an ebony pergola with a wooden sofa and dining table and chairs was set up, on the far side was a mahjong machine with several people playing happily. Beyond that, a professional chef was grilling in the shade of a tree by the barbecue, the aroma overwhelming.

When they saw that Mo Yi Cheng had arrived, they greeted each other, with Mo Yi Cheng asking Jiang Mu Yu when he had come back, with a few of them teasing Jiang Mu Yu now that he lived here. Everyone understood that Mo Yi Cheng didn’t like this kind of game, so they didn’t force him as he sat down on the sofa on one side.

Chen Sheng moved a small stool and sat behind Jiang Mu Yu, looking at the cards and people at the same time, like a large golden retriever.

At this time a message alert from the game came to the phone.

[Game news: Little elf Du Du’s school uniform has been delivered to your door by courier No. 10003, please sign for it].

Mo Yi Cheng clicked sign.

The interface jumped directly into the game, and the package appeared directly at the door of the house.

Yuan Suo had also been alerted. He put down the half-painted drawing, ran to the door, and unwrapped the package.

A white shirt, a beige V-neck sweater and a small, light brown, English-style suit.

Mo Yi Cheng, ” Try it on.”

Yuan Suo was eager to try it out, immediately unbuttoning his pajamas, but after opening two of the buttons, he suddenly realized what was happening and spoke with some embarrassment, “I’ll…. go to the bathroom and change.”

Mo Yi Cheng restrained his laugh. He had already seen his little belly countless times, unexpectedly he was still shy.


So Yuan Suo ran into the bathroom with his school uniform in his arms, took off his bunny pajamas, and squeezed his belly a bit apprehensively, fearing that he might not be able to wear such a nice school uniform. Fortunately, the size assigned by the game was automatically very suitable, so when he put the uniform on, it brought out a hint of cuteness and handsomeness. He took a look in the mirror in front, breathed in to make himself look more energetic, then pushed the door and walked out.

Mo Yi Cheng, who had been observing the whole process, pretended that he was seeing it for the first time and nodded, expressing satisfaction.

TL: Isn’t Yuan Suo too cute?

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