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Chapter 12.1 Du Du’s school uniform!

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t have any work in recent days, so he gave Chen Jiao a vacation.

The weather was just right this day.

Usually, in this kind of weather, he would go out and do some water sports, but it was a little inconvenient now that he had Yuan Suo who lived inside an electronic device. He was afraid of accidents occurring, especially when electronic devices weren’t supposed to touch water.

“How about I take you to see a real movie?” It occurred to him that Yuan Suo had only seen movies on a laptop or on a TV.

As soon as Yuan Suo heard about the movie theater, he got excited.

Half an hour later, the driver dropped Mo Yi Cheng off at the theater. Mo Yi Cheng bought popcorn, freshly squeezed juice, and a small piece of ice cream as well for Yuan Suo on the way because he couldn’t bear to see the little thing drooling.

“Mr. Mo, welcome.” Upon seeing Mo Yi Cheng, the theater manager welcomed him immediately, “The theater is ready, and the movie you ordered is also ready to be shown at any time.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded his head, said thank you, walked into the VIP screening room, and chose a seat.

He tapped the phone to adjust the angle to ensure that little thing could see the big screen.

Yuan Suo’s small mouth opened wide, speechless with shock. This screen was really a ‘giant screen’ for him.

“Mo Yi Cheng, what movie are we watching today?”

“, it’s an animated movie.” The voice of one of the hidden bosses in the movie was dubbed by Mo Yi Cheng.

“Wow, Mo Yi Cheng is in this movie, Du Du likes to watch it.” Yuan Suo had gotten used to calling himself Du Du.

Mo Yi Cheng was surprised, “You’ve watched this movie?” He thought Yuan Suo had already seen it on the laptop.

“I haven’t watched it.”

“Then how did you know I am in it?”

“Uh.” Yuan Suo was a little embarrassed, mumbling, “I saw it when I read your Baidu profile….”

So it was like this.

“Then have you seen any of the movies I’ve acted in?”

“Hmm. I’ve seen some, but a few of them require membership to watch. Mo Yi Cheng, your acting skills are really good, it’s just like real life.” He often forgot when he was watching a movie that it was just that, a movie, and had to secretly wipe away his tears when he saw Mo Yi Cheng get hurt or die in it.

Since his debut, Mo Yi Cheng had received countless compliments, but only this simple compliment from Yuan Suo was the most appreciated.

He clicked on the mall and recharged Yuan Suo’s VIP for a whole year. Not only would he be able to watch the whole movie, it would also prevent advertisements from showing up in the future.

When the movie started, Yuan Suo sat on the couch with his popcorn and watched attentively, paying more attention every time the big boss dubbed by Mo Yi Cheng appeared in the animation.

Halfway through the movie, Mo Yi Cheng’s backup phone rang. On the screen was the name “Chen Sheng,” a friend of his since childhood, the only son of the Chen family, the third generation of the Chen family.

He picked it up and a light voice came from the other side, “Yi Cheng, I heard you’re taking a break recently, come out, let’s have a get together!”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo who was engrossed in the movie, “I don’t have time.”

“Movie emperor, don’t be so quick to say no, we haven’t been out for a long time.”

“It is that you haven’t been out for a long time.”

“…. How can you bring up this black history? Tell me, if my mother had given birth to a few more siblings, would I still be forced by my father to inherit the company?” Chen Sheng said, lamenting from the bottom of his heart, then he suddenly lowered his voice, as if walking to a secluded place. “Jiang Mu Yu is back, but his leg is broken. That fucking half-breed idiot, don’t let me see him again, otherwise I will remove his leg!”

Mo Yi Cheng’s body which had been leaning back against the seat sat up straight, his eyebrows furrowed slightly, “When did he come back?”

“Yesterday. He was on last night’s flight, I went to pick him up.”

“Where are you now?”

“We….” Chen Sheng’s voice rose abruptly, “We are all here, just waiting for you, the big movie star. Jiang Mu Yu even said he bought a lot of tickets in foreign countries to see your movie, and that he’ll ask you to reimburse him. Right, Mu Yu?” After a pause, a warm voice came from the other side, “Yes, Yi Cheng’s acting skills are getting better and better.”

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “Where are you guys now?”

“The usual place, the villa on the north side of my home, Zhang Yuan and Gu Lin are already on their way here, so hurry up.” Chen Sheng added smiling.

“Alright, but I still need about….” He looked at the time, less than 40 minutes before the end of the movie, “one hour to be on time.”

“That works, we’ll wait for you.”

He hang up.

Yuan Suo’s attention had long left the movie. He asked cautiously, “Does Mo Yi Cheng have something to do?”

“It’s okay, there’s no hurry, we’ll wait until you finish the movie.” Mo Yi Cheng answered.

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