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Chapter 11.2 Did you make this bowl of congee yourself?

Liang Shaoning was in and out of the set, and because he was somewhat famous in the community, everyone knew that he was the Mo family’s personal doctor. Many people speculated that Mo Yi Cheng was sick and had to seek medical treatment on the set just to keep up with the filming schedule. When the news leaked out, and a large wave of fans were distressed.

After Liang Shaoning’s third follow-up visit, his wife called and asked what sort of sickness Mo Yi Cheng had. Liang Shaoning thought about it, then replied: Mental problems….

Right after that, Mo Yi Cheng met with a nutritionist and a very famous Cantonese chef in the artist van. After the introduction of Yuan Suo’s situation, the chef received a detailed nutritional analysis, along with a number of recipes and preparation methods suitable for Yuan Suo on the same day, but to the chef’s dismay, the movie emperor strictly requested that “a little” and “the right amount” not be allowed on the recipe, but that all ingredients and seasonings were to be specified to one decimal point…

When the chef came back home from work in the evening and his wife saw the bitter expression on his face, she asked whether celebrities were difficult to get along with and whether they played the big name card. He only shook his head heavily and said: “I’m just feeling a bit mentally challenged…


Two days later, Yuan Suo was finally discharged from the hospital.

Feeling very comfortable after coming back to his little room, he changed into his bunny pajamas, and got to work at his little desk.

Half an hour later, a four-panel cartoon of Mo Yi Cheng cooking in the kitchen was born.


[System hint: Little elf Du Du’s favor value is +20]

[System Alert: Little elf Du Du has been upgraded to level 3]

Yuan Suo put the manga that was still only a sketch into the drawer with the previous ones, thought about it, took another piece of paper, then buried his head and started drawing seriously.

His strokes were quite careful, and beside him was the iced sugar snow pear made by Mo Yi Cheng himself. He felt a sweetness in his mouth just by it being there alone.


Mo Yi Cheng’s film was completed successfully, and the cast and crew had high praise for his first-rate acting and great personality.

The director praised him repeatedly in interviews as the most talented and promising actor he had seen in years, and that this was just the beginning of his journey.

Mo Yi Cheng moved from the hotel back to his own home, an upscale apartment, not very large, the style simple and elegant. Most of the people who lived around the neighborhood were either from the entertainment circle or some wealthy businessmen.

At the same time, Yuan Suo had also been upgraded by Mo Yi Cheng’s excellent cooking and proper nutrition, which not only opened the limit of the view from the window, but also allowed him to change apartments.

Mo Yi Cheng helped the little thing get a three-bedroom, one living room apartment which was decorated in a warm style, respecting Yuan Suo’s wishes about the renovation, with many small places decorated with very smart and lovely touches.

One of the two rooms was used as a bedroom and the other was converted into a drawing room.

The things in the original bedroom that Yuan Suo wouldn’t change were moved over, including the bunny bedspread, a light blue closet, and a handmade silk rug of the same color on the floor.

The living room was equipped with a large-screen TV for watching movies, and the fitness equipment was located on the balcony.

The kitchen was very large. Mo Yi Cheng told Chen Jiao to find a professional culinary arts school teacher and to prepare all the utensils that could be used according to the list made by the teacher.

The last room was converted directly into a small medical emergency room for home use, in case Yuan Suo got sick again.

They didn’t need to consider the smell of formaldehyde and other things after the decoration inside the game, so Yuan Suo moved in smoothly the next day, but facing the sudden increase in the amount of space available, he was seemingly at a loss.

“The space has gotten bigger, if you’re a little scared at night, leave the lights on, okay?” Mo Yi Cheng instructed.

He nodded his head but said to himself inside: “Yuan Suo isn’t afraid of the dark, he is afraid of thunder in the dark.”

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