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Chapter 9.2 Little elf, your current health condition is reduced to ‘poor’

Going back in time to two hours ago.

After he finished “A Dog’s Mission” with snot and tears, Yuan Suo felt dizzy but thought at first that he had a headache from crying, however when he sat at the small table he felt sick to his stomach, so he went to the bathroom to throw up.

[System message: Little elf, your current health condition is reduced to ‘poor’, do you want to contact the player via message?]

He covered his stomach, his face white, shaking his head after thinking for a while. Mo Yi Cheng was very busy at work right now and he’d had stomach pains and vomiting before, he would be fine after a nap.

“No…. no need.”

The system determined again that no messages needed to be sent, then disappeared from the wall.

Yuan Suo drank some water, crawled into bed and got under the small blanket. His head grew increasingly dizzy and he coughed incessantly, his stomach churning, but after a while he really drifted off to sleep.

When Mo Yi Cheng entered the game, he had already been asleep for almost an hour.


When Mo Yi Cheng came back from the gym, he went over the next day’s script again, familiarized himself with the characters, tried to figure out the parts he didn’t understand thoroughly, and contacted the director to discuss some relevant details.

When he turned on his phone again, he noticed that something was wrong.

Yuan Suo was still in the same position from before, his breath coming out in short bursts, his face flushed, his eyebrows furrowed tightly, his fleshy mouth not as moist as it used to be, gasping for air with his mouth wide open.

“Du Du?” He called out.

Yuan Suo didn’t move.

“Du Du, get up.” He raised his voice.

“Uh.” Yuan Suo heard Mo Yi Cheng’s voice and he wanted to respond, but his eyelids were too heavy and his body hurt, he couldn’t move at all.

Mo Yi Cheng panicked a bit.

He clicked on the game’s interface nervously and found the medical column. A red ‘poor’ was shown above the physical condition of the elf at this stage.

The only thing he could think of to do was to take his body temperature. After taking it, it showed that it had reached 39.8. He clicked on the ‘System Auto First Aid’ anxiously.

[System message: a first aid request has been submitted, please be patient].

[System message: in queue ….]

Three minutes later, he couldn’t wait any longer. In the game, Yuan Suo had already starting to cough lowly in his sleep.

He took out his other cell phone anxiously and dialed.

Liang Shaoning was the Mo family’s personal doctor. He was young, but highly skilled. When he got the call, he had just put his two young children to bed.

Mo Yi Cheng’s anxious voice over the phone made him wake up his wife, who had been working at the hospital all day and had just fallen asleep without hesitation, then without even having the time to change his clothes, put on his jacket and ran downstairs, driving all the way to the hotel.

The hotel’s front desk had been notified, so when they saw Liang Shaoning, they politely and eagerly greeted him and led him towards the elevator, where they almost ran to the door of Mo Yi Cheng’s room.

Before Liang Shaoning could knock on the door, it opened. It was obvious that Mo Yi Cheng had already been waiting at the door.

Mo Yi Cheng was wearing a nightgown, his hair was still half wet, but his usual calm and collected look was gone.

Liang Shaoning tensed up. It seemed the situation was very tricky…. on the phone Mo Yi Cheng only said that it was an 18-year-old teenager, and that he would tell him the rest of the situation on his arrival to say, could it be?

When he entered the room, he automatically walked through the living room, going towards the bedroom inside.

“Dr. Liang.” Mo Yi Cheng called out to him.

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    1. Or he could have this dude give advice over the phone. Not like being there in person will make much of a difference lol.

    2. Resposta do Google: você está com câncer terminal e só tem meia hora de vida

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