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Chapter 9.1 Little elf, your current health condition is reduced to ‘poor’

Mo Yi Cheng frowned slightly. Chen Jiao had been with him for some time, but he was usually not so clumsy. The few times this had happened, it was when Mo Yi Yan appeared.

“It’s fine, you don’t need to go and buy it, go and clean yourself.” Mo Yi Cheng opened his mouth, this was a personal matter, he didn’t want to interfere.

Chen Jiao nodded his head in panic, grabbed the broken pieces of the juice bottle and turned around to leave.

Not far away, Qian He sneered at his heavy back as he staggered away, “You’re so fat, yet your eyes are still roving about!” In relationships, sometimes a person’s sixth sense was very accurate. He had long noticed that Chen Jiao had some strange thoughts about Mo Yi Yan, but he never thought of the fat, greasy man, who was 1.75 meters tall but weighed 180 or 190 pounds, as an opponent. With the way he was so fat, if Mo Yi Yan were to take a liking to him, then sows would be able to climb up trees. Although there was no threat, his lover being liked by such an ugly thing made him feel very disgusted, so not caring that Mo Yi Cheng was still around, he said sarcastically.

Although Mo Yi Yan usually pampered this little lover, he rebuked him this time, “Qian He, watch how you talk.”

Qian He glanced at Mo Yi Yan’s gloomy face and knowing that this man was very protective of his brother, weakened his momentum, “I…. didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Alright, watch what you say from now on, if you want to beat a dog, you have to look at its master.”

“Ouch!” Chen Jiao squeezed his hand, and the sharp mouth of the broken juice bottle cut into his hand, causing blood to gush out.

Mo Yi Yan told Qian He to wait for him, then went over to greet his gloomy-looking brother.

“I heard from the housekeeper that you came home the other day?”

“Yes.” Mo Yi Cheng answered lukewarmly.

“…. Mom called me and asked me to persuade you about that Lin Meng Xue. Of course I didn’t come here today to act as a lobbyist. It’s just that you know mom’s personality, if I don’t come over, this matter will never end.” The high cold persona of the three brothers of the Mo family collapsed when facing Mother Mo.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded his head in understanding.

When Chen Jiao came back, Mo Yi Yan had already left with Qian He for the next scene.

He kept one hand tucked into his sleeve and his eyes, which weren’t too big behind the thick lenses of his glasses, were red.

“Chen Jiao.”

“Mo Ge?”

“The people who are able to stay by my side are very excellent people.”

“Huh?” Chen Jiao was stunned for a moment, before realizing that Mo Yi Cheng was comforting him and said gratefully, “Thank you, Mo Ge.”

He was actually two years older than Mo Yi Cheng, to be exact, 30 years old. When the company brought him over at that time, after the introduction, they just said: “Just call him Mo Ge.” So Chen Jiao also called him that. Mo Yi Cheng saw that it looked as if he had just graduated from college so he didn’t correct him. It was later that he discovered that he was older than Mo Yi Cheng, but he had already gotten used to calling him that.

“You have to learn to fight back when you encounter someone bullying you in the future.”

“… Okay.”

Mo Yi Cheng knew that it wasn’t very useful for him to say this. Chen Jiao was soft, gentle and humble, so it was unimaginable to ask him to go toe-to-toe with someone else.

“Never mind, it just so happens that there’s no work tonight, you can leave work early and go home and get some rest.”

“Thank you, Mo Ge.”

On the way back to the hotel, Mo Yi Cheng opened his phone and logged into the game to see how the little thing’s movie was going, but he found Yuan Suo curled up in bed, asleep.

It was probably because he had gotten tired of watching the movie. The little thing had been sitting in front of the computer for several hours every day since he got it, holding it and watching nonstop. The rest of his time was spent in front of his small desk doodling and sketching on paper, since he couldn’t yet understand the drawing board that was connected to the computer, and then embarrassedly hiding it from Mo Yi Cheng. Since the addition of these devices, it was clear that this little guy got tired more easily than before. It looked like he would have to limit his movie watching and drawing time from now on.

He tucked in the corners of Yuan Suo’s blanket and exited the game, not noticing that his breathing was faster than usual and that the redness on his face was abnormal.

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2 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. 5’7″ and 180lbs is not that heavy for a dude.
    Yeah, it’s overweight but it’s dad bod range.
    Some healthy living and I bet it’d just drop off.
    Stupid entertainment industry and their unrealistic body images.

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