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Chapter 10.1 Because of his low level in the Q-form

Liang Shaoning had already reached the entrance of the bedroom door, but there was no one on the bed. He turned to Mo Yi Cheng with some confusion, asking, “Where is the patient? I can only do some preliminary diagnostics right now, but if the situation is serious and requires equipment I still need to take it to the hospital.”

Mo Yi Cheng held the phone up, “He is here.”

Video therapy? Liang Shaoning was confused. He looked down, there was no video of the patient on the phone in his hand, only a Q version interface similar to that of an anime figure. Inside the small room there was a refrigerator, a closet, a desk and a bed, which was crowded with the Q version image of a teenager lying on it, curled up into a small ball….. he really looked sick.

“That’s him, see what’s wrong with him, he wouldn’t wake up. I took his temperature, it was almost about to reach 40 degrees.” Mo Yi Cheng looked serious and earnest.

Liang Shaoning: “…”

If the person standing in front of him wasn’t Mo Yi Cheng he would have thought he was crazy. He was called over late at night just to give medical attention to a picture of a character inside a cell phone.

Mo Yi Cheng explained briefly: “This is an extremely intelligent game, the characters in it have vital life signs that are very similar to those of humans. The corresponding medical equipment, medicines, etc. are similar to those in the real world. I called you here to help save him.”

Liang Shaoning roughly understood his meaning. Although there were still black lines at the back of his head, looking at Mo Yi Cheng’s anxious expression, he knew that he couldn’t ask more questions at this time, so he said: “Then I’ll…. try.”

Under Mo Yi Cheng’s operation, they soon entered the “autonomous medical mode”.

System news: To enter autonomous medical care mode, player needs to pay 3000 gold coins autonomous medical care fee.

Mo Yi Cheng click to pay without hesitation.

The interface then jumped to the autonomous medical column.

Half an hour later.

Liang Shaoning wiped the sweat on his forehead and exhaled deeply, complaining inwardly that this game was really too advanced. With the exception of not being able to touch the items physically, the medical items set up inside were simply more advanced than the highest level equipments the general hospitals were equipped with.

Blood tests, chest x-rays, arterial blood gas analysis.

“Acute pneumonia.” Liang Shaoning concluded.

Mo Yi Cheng asked nervously, “How is he now?”

“I have already given him medicine, but he needs to be observed closely, so I’ll stay here tonight.”

“Okay.” Mo Yi Cheng still had some lingering fears. Looking at the drip in the phone as well as the oxygen mask on Yuan Suo, his frown deepened. “What is the cause? How could he suddenly get this illness?”

“….. This illness is generally common in infancy and early childhood and although the mortality rate has dropped significantly in recent years with the combination of Western and Chinese medicine, it’s still an extremely serious illness. You said that this person is already 18 years old, so the chances of contracting this illness should have been low.”

Mo Yi Cheng listened attentively. Although Du Du was 18 years old, because of his low level in the Q-form, his physique was also unusually weak.

Liang Shaoning continued: “General triggers include malnutrition, rickets, anemia, congenital heart disease and other conditions where the body’s defenses and immunity are low. Of course, there are also environmental factors, such as sudden changes in climate, air pollution and so on.”

Liang Shaoning gave Yuan Suo a medical checkup overnight and concluded that he was somewhat anemic and nutritionally depleted. He asked what he ate every day.

Mo Yi Cheng stalled for a moment, then opened the refrigerator to show Liang Shaoning the contents.

“He usually eats a lot of these nutritious meals and some fruits, his snacks intake is controlled, but he loves potato chips.”

At this moment Liang Shaoning had completely forgotten that his patient was just a “game character”. He studied the composition of the ingredients behind the nutritious meal carefully then shook his head: “This can only maintain the most basic nutrition of the human body, if you eat these things frequently, your body will definitely have problems.”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo reproachfully, “Mhm, I won’t give him this kind of food again.”

“He has a very weak physique. It seems he has suffered serious injuries before, but I can’t find out for the time being. If you want him to be well, you will have to be more careful in the future.”

“I will.” Mo Yi Cheng answered.

Until three o’clock in the morning.

Mo Yi Cheng stayed close to his phone, during which he learned about his little elf’s illness and other things through the game’s consultation system.

The system introduced that elves, like humans, were orphans in this space. They could live, grow old, get sick and die just like humans. Once an elf in the game died, or if the player uninstalled the game, the elf was faced with a complete disappearance.

However, if the player’s credit rating was good but the elf died due to accidental force, an unpredictable eventuality, etc., the system could reassign a new elf to the player.

Another elf? Yuan Suo was not only an orphan in this world, but also an orphan in Mo Yi Cheng’s heart, so this cold substitution made Mo Yi Cheng feel as if his chest was being choked.

Finally, at dawn, Yuan Suo’s temperature and all other indicators returned to normal. The system prompted that he could be discharged from the hospital and return home for treatment.

However Liang Shaoning thought it would be best if he stayed in the hospital for observation, moreover he didn’t have a ventilator or some handy equipment at home. Of course, he didn’t know that in the game, hospital resources and bedrooms were instantly transferable, with the only difference being that if you didn’t leave the hospital, you would have to pay a high hourly fee for a single room.


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