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Chapter 10.2 Because of his low level in the Q-form

Not only did Mo Yi Cheng agree for him to be hospitalized, he was already considering whether to build a small medical room with sophisticated equipment directly at Yuan Suo’s place, so that it would be just like home.

Yuan Suo woke up slowly with an “uhh” sound.

Mo Yi Cheng woke Liang Shaoning who was having a shut-eye on the sofa for a while up quickly.

“Du Du, how do you feel? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice was soft as he operated the game, pouring him a glass of water from the small bedside table.

Yuan Suo felt weak and had a little difficulty breathing, but his head no longer hurt and his vision had become clearer.

“Cough cough… I’m sorry….”

Mo Yi Cheng interrupted him, “No need to apologize, you didn’t make a mistake or cause any trouble, be good, don’t think too much about it. Drink some water and then we’ll call the doctor to take another look at you.”

Liang Shaoning kept on watching the conversation between Mo Yi Cheng and the little man in the game, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong, he could only sum it up by saying that the two people didn’t get along at all like a man and a machine.

Liang Shaoning left, but he was asked to keep today’s treatment confidential, with the two agreeing to check up on him again in the afternoon and in the evening.

Yuan Suo who was in the phone ate the bowl of rice congee that doctor Liang had prepared, took his medicine, and went to sleep again.

When Chen Jiao came to wake the movie emperor up in the morning, he saw two blue bruises under his eyes, and the bed was completely clean and untouched. Had he been up all night?

Mo Yi Cheng said to Chen Jiao, “Go contact a nutritionist. Bring him here before noon today.”

Nutritionists promoted good health and reduced chronic diseases by preparing scientifically sound diets.

After instructing Chen Jiao to find a nutritionist for Yuan Suo, Mo Yi Cheng squeezed the space between his eyes, slightly tired, then said, “And then look for a chef.”

“A chef?”

“Hmm, look for a Cantonese chef first.” Cantonese cuisine was the lightest of China’s eight cuisines, more than suitable for the little thing’s current situation. “Yes, do you know how to make soup or congee?”

Chen Jiao: “I know a little bit, I used to have a bad stomach before, so I’m good at making congee.”

“Good, write down the exact steps now and give them to me later.”

“… Okay.”

Mo Yi Cheng was uneasy about leaving the game outside and took his phone directly into the bathroom, while Chen Jiao finished writing down the process of making the congee in the dining room, arranging the prepared breakfast that had been order after that.

Yuan Suo woke up in an unfamiliar environment, without the familiar bunny sheets, with white everywhere and the pungent smell of medicine…

Where was this place? He was shocked. Yesterday’s memory was vague in his mind, not very clear. He only remembered that he had been very uncomfortable and crawled into bed to rest, and then in between seemed to have been comforted by Mo Yi Cheng’s words, and then the rest of it… Could it be that he was too sick to be cured and had been uninstalled? When he lay in the hospital after being poisoned at that time, the doctor in charge said that the egg white antidote in the ninth interstellar district was very scarce and should be set aside for General Han to use. That was how he had been abandoned at the beginning….

“Cough….” He coughed quietly. The sling on his hand had been removed and a small piece of medical cotton tape had been attached neatly to his hand.

Jumping to the ground barefooted, he felt light-headed, almost becoming unsteady.

His line of sight gradually become clearer and only then did he discover that the wall showed that his player was online, but Mo Yi Cheng’s face wasn’t visible, only the sound of running water and the ceiling was exquisite and foggy.

“Mo Yi Cheng?” He called out in a low voice, but there was no response.

The sound of running water from the shower hindered Mo Yi Cheng’s hearing. He simply and quickly washed away the night’s fatigue and worries, after which he wiped his hair with a bath towel while walking towards his cell phone.

At this point, Yuan Suo was nearly pressed against the wall, trying to see clearly, terrified in his heart when he couldn’t see Mo Yi Cheng.

Suddenly two straight, long legs entered the frame.

He froze.

The camera shook, then a perfect set of strong six-pack abs and a lean waist, with glistening droplets of water falling from perfect shoulder blades appeared.

Yuan Suo’s face instantly turned red, his two small hands covering his eyes quickly.

By the time Mo Yi Cheng’s moisture-soaked, delicate face appeared on the wall, his was as red as a tomato.

“Awake? This is the hospital.” When Yuan Suo heard Mo Yi Cheng’s voice, he looked through the slit of his chubby little hand and found that he could no longer see what…huh…. what shouldn’t be seen. He put his hand down, at ease.

“Why did you come down?” Mo Yi Cheng’s tone couldn’t help but be a little heavier when he saw that the little thing was actually walking directly on the marble floor with his bare feet.

Yuan Suo didn’t know why, his voice stunned as he said, “I…. I couldn’t see, so I came down.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s face tensed. This little thing was becoming more and more difficult to manage now, he was sick but didn’t dare tell him, now he was running around barefoot again.

“Go back to bed.”

Yuan Suo’s shoulders dropped aggrievedly as he ran back to bed, but because his legs were short, he had to climb up a few times before he was able to go up.

On the hospital bed, he curled up his knees out of habit, hugged them, and then looked up at Mo Yi Cheng timidly.

Mo Yi Cheng asked in a deep voice, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

He blinked, his little hand gripping the edge of his pants tightly, “En, I know.”

“What did you do wrong?”

“…. I…. I shouldn’t be sick and cause trouble for everyone.” At the age of 18, he still had such a young and tender physique. In the interstellar space, this was a sign of weakness. In the past, anytime he fell sick, his brothers and sisters would call him a burden and a trouble maker.

Mo Yi Cheng was angry, where was this little thing’s thinking going, “Think again.”

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