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Chapter 6.2 So handsome!

The Mo family lived in a single-family villa forty minutes from the city. It was bought when the old man was still alive, the decoration style perfectly suited to Mother Mo’s temperament.

It had a palace-style luxury design, a very ornate style ceiling design, imported Italian marble to show off the luxury, and an openwork iron railings.

Each element was luxurious, expensive and status-worthy, which also laid a solid foundation for the three sons who were all cold in character, making them all admire a simple but dignified decoration style in the future when they moved out!

As soon as Mo Yi Cheng’s car entered the courtyard, the butler came out to greet him.

Mother Mo was well over fifty years old, but she took good care of herself and looked very young. She held Lin Meng Xue’s hand excitedly and said with a smile: “Xiao Xue, the moment Yi Cheng heard that you were here, he rushed back as soon as he finished shooting.”

Lin Meng Xue had long admired this national idol. After returning to China, she found out that her father had friendly relations with the Mo family so she pestered her father to help her in matchmaking. At this moment, she was both nervous and excited.

Mo Yi Cheng walked in with his long legs. Following behind him was the chubby Chen Jiao, both hands full of supplements and all kinds of middle-aged and elderly nutrition products.

“Yi Cheng, quick, come here. This is your Uncle Lin’s precious daughter Meng Xue.” She glanced at the gifts in Chen Jiao’s hands and placed her hands on her forehead in her heart. She tried desperately to make things right as she said, “This child is really thoughtful, buying these things for Uncle Lin.”

Mo Yi Cheng had a formulaic smile on his face, “It’s for Miss Lin.”

Mother Mo: “….” This child was hopeless. “Call her Meng Xue, what are you being so cordial for? You guys met when you were young and almost got betrothed.” Mother Mo was worthy of being called a scheming old lady, she quickly changed the subject and pulled the relationship between the two young people a lot closer.

Lin Meng Xue smiled coquettishly, taking the initiative to extend her hand, “Yi Cheng, hello.”

Mo Yi Cheng shook her hand politely, “Hello Miss Meng Xue.”

Mother Mo: “….”

Chen Jiao: “….”

Lin Meng Xue: “….”

After a pause, Mother Mo was even more convinced that if her son didn’t follow the path of going on blind dates, he wouldn’t be able to get married. Such a beautiful girl had taken the initiative to find a topic, but her son still had that poker face expression on. She really didn’t know where those rich expressions on the screen come from.

“I have always had an emotional interest in the film and television industry, and my elder brother has also made some investments in this area in recent years. If given the opportunity, I’d love to visit the crew.” Lin Meng Xue accepted Mo Yi Cheng’s high and cold persona with undiminished enthusiasm.

Mother Mo quickly took over the conversation, saying, “Meng Xue, if you like, feel free to contact Yi Cheng at any time. He’s acting a movie right now, what’s it called?” Mother Mo winked at her son.

Mo Yi Cheng: “Rising Clouds.”

“Yes, yes, it’s an ancient costume drama with flying and hanging around on wires all day. Auntie’s heart is always uneasy, it would be great if you could help auntie watch over him, I’ll be very grateful.” Mother Mo said to Lin Meng Xue.

Lin Meng Xue said quickly, “Auntie, you’re being too polite, I’m Yi Cheng’s loyal fan.”

Mo Yi Cheng watched on coldly as his mother and Lin Meng Xue held hands affectionately and talked to themselves.

His cell phone’s alarm went off, reminding him that it was time for his elf’s feeding and changing of dressing.

He got up, “Mom, you talk to Miss Lin, I’ll leave for a while.” After saying this, he got up and walked to the second floor and entered his bedroom. He hadn’t returned for almost a month, but there were people who cleaned it everyday so it was spotlessly clean.

“Mo Yi Cheng, good evening.” As soon as the game interface opened, Yuan Suo was already sitting down obediently waiting for him.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw Yuan Suo’s obedient and cute appearance, the depression that had accumulated in his heart all night disappeared.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “Have you eaten?”

Yuan Suo: “Yes, I ate half a nutritious meal and a small box of fruit in the evening. No snacks.”

“En, very well behaved.”

Getting a compliment, Yuan Suo’s face was filled with a little bit of joy.

“Come, let’s change your dressing and then we’ll go back.”

“En, where are we going?”

“…” Mo Yi Cheng was taken aback, only realizing then that he actually regarded the hotel he met this little thing at as a shared private space. “…. Back to the hotel, then it’s time for you to go to bed.”

“Hmm, okay.”

Yuan Suo raised his hand obediently, and the process of changing the dressing went smoothly.

“Stretch it over so that I can take a look.” It was too far away for Mo Yi Cheng to be able to see it clearly.

Yuan Suo ran to the screen with his short legs and stretched his hand hard. The wounds had already scabbed over and it wouldn’t take long for them to heal. Mo Yi Cheng nodded in satisfaction.

Yuan Suo leaned closer and suddenly saw the picture on the bedside behind him. It was a photo of Mo Yi Cheng when he was studying. Standing under a sycamore tree, the teenager in the sweatshirt already had a calming air about him.

Following Yuan Suo’s gaze, Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “What are you looking at?”

He replied honestly: “The picture.”

Mo Yi Cheng moved his phone closer.

Yuan Suo saw it more clearly this time. He glanced at the picture, then at Mo Yi Cheng, then blurted out, “It’s so handsome.” Immediately after he said this, he took a half step back timidly, a little embarrassed.

Mo Yi Cheng was amused when he saw this, at the same time enjoying the praise. He couldn’t help but tease him as put the picture next to his face, “Then which one is better?”

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