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Chapter 6.1 So handsome!

Yuan Suo’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

Mo Yi Cheng’s voice was so deep and soft, yet so determined, it was a promise.

“You don’t need to go out to work, I’ll buy you everything you need from now on. My work is not tiring and you’re not my burden, understand?” Mo Yi Cheng tried his best to explain it as clearly as possible, in case Yuan Suo’s stupid little brain thought too much or he couldn’t understand it.

Yuan Suo’s eyes turned red, tears swirling inside his kitten like eyes.

“Do you understand?”

“I understand.” Yuan Suo whispered.

“Alright, don’t cry, don’t you want to eat?” Mo Yi Cheng didn’t like others crying in front of him, however he stopped Yuan Suo not because he was disgusted, but because the teardrops that fell were hot as if they were falling on his heart.

Yuan Suo quickly and wiped his eyes, nodding, “En, I want to eat.”


[System Tip: Elf Favorability level +50]

This little guy… was really easy to coax. Mo Yi Cheng helped Yuan Suo open the outer layer of the food again then helped him change the dressing on his hand when he finished eating.

The wound was healing well without infection. As he changed the dressing, Yuan Suo pursed his lips tightly, not making a sound even when it hurt.

“Don’t get water on the wound.”


“Don’t eat spicy food.”


Mo Yi Cheng gave him some precautions to take note of, then bought some daily necessities for him, completely forgetting that he hadn’t eaten himself.

It was only after Chen Jiao sent a message that he realized that it was almost noon.

With the increase in favorability, Yuan Suo’s level points had also changed a little bit. Now as long as he wanted to, he could read Mo Yi Cheng’s messages before he exited the game.

In the message, Chen Jiao asked Mo Yi Cheng if he had gotten up yet and when he should deliver his breakfast.

Yuan Suo felt very guilty. Mo Yi Cheng must be hungry because he had to take care of him, he knew how uncomfortable it was to be hungry.

“Mo Yi Cheng, you go and eat, I’ll just clean up here by myself.”

Mo Yi Cheng was about to reply to Chen Jiao when he heard Yuan Suo say this. He asked casually, “You can see my messages?”

Yuan Suo choked. Knowing that casually reading someone’s messages was a violation of their privacy, he apologized quickly: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, it’s because my points have just been leveled up… I’ll set up a block immediately, I won’t peek at it again.”

“…. It’s alright.”

Mo Yi Cheng exited the game.

Yuan Suo looked at the small room that had become crowded and felt warm in his heart.

The small cups on the bed were stacked up squarely and Mo Yi Cheng had also bought him a small four-piece bunny pattern bed set, a double door refrigerator and a wardrobe that took up a lot of space. The refrigerator was filled with food and the clothes inside the wardrobe were also very beautiful.

Yuan Suo felt that he was very happy, Mo Yi Cheng…. except for his mother, was the only one who was very good to him.


[System rewards: Little elf Du Du has accumulated over 100 points, upgraded to level 1, you can get a reward]

“What kind of reward is that?” He was very pleased with his upgrade. As long as he upgraded to level 100, he could leave the game and return to the ninth region of the interstellar world. It was just that in the past, every time he thought of leaving, he was infinitely eager, but this time he actually felt a hint of reluctance to leave Mo Yi Cheng.

The system’s voice said: “The reward is one item, the little elf can go to the one daily necessities store to pick it out.”

Yuan Suo thought about it for a while, then asked, “Can I have a pen?”

The system replied: “Yes, please select the type of pen, color, etc.”

In the end, Yuan Suo selected an art fountain pen and the merchant also gave him a few pens as a gift. With the pen in his hand, the smile on his face so wide that his eyes were crooked. He could now draw, but he was a little disappointed when he saw his round hands. He couldn’t hold the pen at all. It seemed he could only draw after removing the gauze.

In the next few days, he spent his time ‘eating and eating’ and in a daze, with Mo Yi Cheng changing his dressing regularly. But Mo Yi Cheng seemed to be very busy at work, except for that morning when he showed up for a longer period of time, after that, he just came to treat his wounds, ask him if he had eaten enough or if he needed anything, then exited.

Mo Yi Cheng was indeed very busy. His role in the movie was very heavy, and the director’s requirements were also very high. Together with doing certain activities, he was so busy most of the time that he couldn’t even eat, but he set an alarm and also asked Chen Jiao to remind him so that he could enter the game on time every day to change Yuan Suo’s dressing.

Chen Jiao was surprised that the movie emperor could still think about a game even in such a busy situation. Regarding this game that he was addicted to, Chen Jiao had later asked someone and confirmed that there was no such game at home or abroad. He even suspected that it was simply a virus software and thought about persuading Mo Yi Cheng to uninstall it, but looking at the situation now, he’d better not interfere.

Mo Yi Cheng had finished today’s filming, but he still had his makeup on, the black mysterious robe on him showing off his austere aura to the fullest.

Chen Jiao was suppressed by Mo Yi Cheng’s high pressure so much that his words became stuttered, “Mo Ge, your mother just called and asked me to remind you that you definitely have to go back for dinner tonight.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s sword like eyebrows knitted unhappily.

“She said that Miss Lin has arrived, and that you should bring something back… as a gift.”

Mo Yi Cheng sighed, “Just buy some tonics on the way back.”

“…” Sure enough, it was as said in the rumours that movie emperor Mo didn’t know how to flirt with girls at all, “Mo Ge, Madam means to tell you that you should buy it for Miss Lin.” Chen Jiao reminded tactfully.

Mo Yi Cheng: “Then buy something to nourish the qi and blood.”



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