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Chapter 5.2 I’ll raise you in the future

The next day, for the first time, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t get up early.

Chen Jiao waited outside the door for a while, then took the breakfast he had prepared back, thinking to wait for him to get up before bringing a hot one over.

An hour later, Mo Yi Cheng was awakened by the ringing of his cell phone.

He took a look at the cell phone, it was Mother Mo calling.

Mother Mo was probably used to her son who had an extremely regular routine getting up early, so she was surprised to hear Mo Yi Cheng’s somewhat lazy and hoarse voice that showed that he hadn’t gotten up yet. She lowered the volume of her voice, but she couldn’t hide the trace of excitement in it, “Yi Cheng, do you have girlfriend?”

Mo Yi Cheng was stunned, then covered his eyes helplessly with his hands, “Mom, I don’t.”

Mother Mo: “…. Then why haven’t you gotten up yet?”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Mother Mo was unreconciled: “You really don’t have one?”

Mo Yi Cheng said: “…. I don’t.”

Mother Mo was a little lost and couldn’t help but nag: “Ai, I want a grandson to accompany me this old lady. Now our family can’t depend on your elder brother. He likes men, mom has accepted that. In two years time, you’ll be thirty years old, thirty, you should get married and have children.”

It was only at this time that Mother Mo, who never acknowledged her old age, called herself an ‘old lady’.

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng agreed perfunctorily.

As soon as Mother Mo heard Mo Yi Cheng’s soft attitude, she hurriedly grasped the opportunity to add, “It just so happens that your Uncle Lin’s Xiao Yue returned home from studying in the United States a few days ago. I’m going to invite her to the house for dinner, come back to help me take care of the guest.”

“Ai, I haven’t seen my third child who is abroad for a year, your elder brother likes a little actor and has ruined this old lady’s dream of having a grandchild, and now you…”

Before Mother Mo could finish, Mo Yi Cheng interrupted her quickly, “Give me the time, I’ll try my best to come back.”

Mother Mo who was on the phone wiped away her nonexistent tears, “How about tomorrow night then?”

“Alright, I’ll ask Chen Jiao. If there’s space within my work schedule, I’ll come home.”

“If there’s no time in your schedule, mom can invite her to dinner at another time.”

“…. Okay.” Hanging up, Mo Yi Cheng rubbed his eyes and sighed helplessly. Sometimes, a movie emperor could only be helpless when facing his drama queen mother.

Yuan Suo, who had also gotten up late on the other side was startled by the sudden addition of the extra blanket and the small wardrobe. He rubbed his eyes with his small fists that were wrapped in gauze. Was this… was this given to him by Mo Yi Cheng?

He lifted up the white fluffy clothes that had been folded and placed on the bedside table curiously.

Hmm… How come he hadn’t seen this shirt before? There were ears and a tail. Was it the casual clothes of the people in this place?

He studied it for a while, before figuring out how to fit himself into the one-piece bunny ears dress and buttoned it up, sweat beading on his busy forehead. The clothes were so soft and much more comfortable than the military uniform that he usually wore, but they got dirty easily, so he thought to himself, he must never wear this in the future when he went out to move bricks.

Huh? What was that over there… it turned out to be a small tag on the cuffs. Looking at the price of the clothes on the tag, Yuan Suo was shocked. Why…. why was it so expensive… Just this a piece of clothing costs 2200 gold coins. How many bricks would he have to move?!

Yuan Suo already associated the first job of his life to Mo Yi Cheng. Thinking of how after earning only 40 gold coins, his hands were bruised, how he now suffered from a sore back and how he teared up whenever he lifted his arms too hard, he knew it must have been very hard for Mo Yi Cheng to earn this kind of money…. Thinking of this, he felt that Mo Yi Cheng was a good person, the best player in the world.

When Mo Yi Cheng clicked into the game, he saw Yuan Suo in a one-piece bunny pajamas, sitting on the blanket with his little butt and when he saw that he had come, his face immediately blossomed into a big smile even before he stood up straight somewhat shyly.

“Mo Yi Cheng, good morning.” Too cute to the point of bursting.

Mo Yi Cheng was stunned, but his calm face that had been honed by his many years of acting was dangerously taut.

“Ahem… Good morning. Have you had breakfast yet?”

Yuan Suo was a little embarrassed, “I… I got up late today, so I haven’t had time to eat yet.”

“Then eat first, leave the blanket for later.”

“Oh.” Yuan Suo got out of bed obediently, then suddenly thought of something: “Mo Yi Cheng thank you for giving me a lot of things. But they are all so expensive, it must… it must have caused you a great burden, I can work….”

Mo Yi Cheng frowned, interrupting him before he could finish his sentence, “Don’t go to work anymore.”

Eh, why? Yuan Suo was taken aback, thinking that he had done something bad or that his sentence had upset Mo Yi Cheng. “I’m… I’m sorry.”

When Mo Yi Cheng saw how scared and aggrieved the little guy was, he knew that his tone had been heavy, but he was indignant in his heart when he thought of his pitiful appearance yesterday.

“No need to apologize, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Yuan Suo asked tentatively: “Then can I go to work in the future?”

Mo Yi Cheng: “No.”

Yuan Suo’s eyebrows drooped in disappointment.

Mo Yi Cheng added: “I’ll raise you in the future.”

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