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Chapter 3.2 Dudu is a bit stupid, but he has a mind of his own.

Mo Yi Cheng clicked on the food bar and found that it was empty. Sure enough, as introduced by the system, there were two options. He could count the number of times he had cooked by himself on one hand, so he didn’t consider buying ingredients to do it himself. He clicked on the system matching meals.

A toothpaste-like controlled food popped out from inside the food bar.

[Price of fast food nutritious meal: 5 gold coins per bottle]

He clicked to buy.

[There are 5 gold coins as a gift for registration in your wallet. Do you want to use it to buy a bottle of vegetarian nutrition meal?]

Clicked yes.

Instantly, there was a nutritious meal in front of Yuan Suo.

Yuan Suo, who was at a loss because of his fear, was touched when he saw the man buying food for him and even though it was a nutritious meal that was prepared by the system, he was very moved.

He moved to snap up the tube-shaped nutritious meal and held it tightly in his hand for fear of it being snatched away. His little face blushed as he said sincerely, “Thank you, you are such a good person.”

Mo Yi Cheng suddenly felt that this little thing’s smile…. was very beautiful.

“You’re welcome.” He answered subconsciously. After speaking, he froze for a moment, how come he was talking to a virtual game character? He shook his head helplessly.

“Um…. can I ask what your name is?” Seeing that the man was finally talking to him, Yuan Suo plucked up the courage to ask.

Although he was a little stunned, Mo Yi Cheng chalked it up to a curious coincidence as he opened his mouth again: “Mo Yi Cheng.”

“Mo, Yi, Cheng, I remember. Then can I call you Mo Yi Cheng from now on?” Yuan Suo took great care to remember his name.

Mo Yi Cheng was shocked, this game actually came with automatic voice recognition? He tried to move and found that the eyes of the little guy inside the game also moved with him, and he was waiting for his answer with an expectant face.

Mo Yi Cheng: “…. You can.”

“That’s…. that’s great.” Yuan Suo gave a resplendent smile and then Mo Yi Cheng, who was projected on the wall, disappeared.

Mo Yi Cheng exited the game, touched the browser and typed in the name of the game.

After he clicked search, it took a few searches to determine that the game didn’t exist at all.

He opened the app store again, but there was also no information.

What the he** was going on here?

“Chen Jiao.” He called his assistant.

“Mo Ge, what’s the matter?” Chen Jiao was already on the side so he ran over as soon as Mo Yi Cheng called, the dress on his chubby figure somewhat rustic, looking like a small hill.

Mo Yi Cheng showed Chen Jiao the icon of the game, and then asked, “Have you seen this game before?”

Chen Jiao pushed up his thick black-rimmed glasses and glanced at it, “No.” The little guy in the picture was so cute…

Mo Yi Cheng’s eyebrows furrowed even more, “Write down the name and then check it out.”

“Alright.” Seeing that Mo Yi Cheng was serious, he also became cautious.

“Don’t make it public.” Mo Yi Cheng added. Looking back at the entire process from the installation to now, he already felt faintly that this game was different.

“Alright, Mo Ge, I understand, I’ll get on it right away.”


Chen Jiao left.

Mo Yi Cheng hesitated for a moment, then clicked into the game again.

This time, Yuan Suo had left the window and was sitting on the bed as he concentrated on sucking the tube-shaped nutritious meal, getting a little aftertaste after every bite.

Actually, this nutritious meal didn’t have any taste, it was just a paste with some nutritional elements added, but it was a rare delicacy food for Yuan Suo who had been hungry for more than 20 hours.

He saw that Mo Yi Cheng had returned.

He quickly put the food down and gave him a friendly smile, “Mo Yi Cheng, you’re back, thank you for the food.”

Mo Yi Cheng called tentatively: “Du Du?”

Yuan Suo paused, then he answered: “Yes, you gave Du Du this name.” When he came into the game, he had already been warned that he couldn’t reveal his true identity before reaching a certain level.

“You… have a mind of your own?”      

Yuan Suo nodded, “I do. Du Du is a bit dumb, but he has a mind of his own.”


Chen Jiao made some inquiries and finally came to the conclusion that there was indeed no such game on the current game market. However what Mo Yi Cheng had said about the dialogue and other operations, some intelligent robot system were indeed able to do it.

Then…. it would stay for now. Mo Yi Cheng hesitated for a bit, but chose to leave the game to observe it first.

In the evening, Yuan Suo slept soundly while holding the remaining tube of nutritious food in his arms, the corners of his mouth raised up quietly.

In his dreams, he had returned to the interstellar world, to the time when his gentle mother was still around. His mother’s hand rubbed his soft hair gently, as she made a piece of tiramisu for him.

Mo Yi Cheng clicked into the game before going to bed and saw Yuan Suo curled up into a small ball like a little milk cat…. pink mouth half-opened… leaving a long trace of drool.

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