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Chapter 2.1 Ding! Congratulations to the elf, you have been formally adopted by the player

The little thing was wearing a small light blue suit, which looked like a copycat version of a military uniform, but it gave him more of a striking contrast. His voice choked as he spoke, but it was also very soft and waxy and his timid look wasn’t unpleasant at all, instead making one feel a little distressed instinctively.

Mo Yi Cheng’s finger that was about to fall paused.

Was this a tactic to retain players? Although it wasn’t very clever, the little guy’s craftsmanship was superb….

A ‘rumble’ came from inside the game. The stomach of the little figure in the game unexpectedly sounded at this moment.

Yuan Suo was almost scared to tears by the cry of his stomach. He had just said that he ate very little but now his stomach was growling. Didn’t this mean that he was lying?

“I… I’m not hungry, I really… really… eat very little.” Yuan Suo explained desperately.

Mo Yi Cheng’s temperament was cold, and he had no feelings for this virtual little thing that he had only gotten along with for a minute, moreover this software was too weird, it was better to uninstall it.

His slender finger moved to the ‘uninstall’ button.

Was he going to die? He had already died once, it hurt…. He didn’t want to die…

Holding back the urge to cry, Yuan Suo tremblingly wiped his two little hands on his body to wipe off the greasy sweat, trying to make himself look useful, “Um, I’m really easy to raise.”

Mo Yi Cheng remained expressionless.

Wasn’t this okay? He could eat very little, didn’t need toys, and he would try not to get sick, wasn’t that okay?

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the little guy who was about to cry, sighed and tapped the ‘Name’ button with his finger.

Ding! Congratulations to the elf, you have been formally adopted by the player, you must perform well in the future.

Yuan Suo blinked his big eyes in surprise and joy, tears that he hadn’t dared to shed before still in them. He clenched his meaty little fist, “I will work hard!”

Ding! Congratulations to the player for officially owning an elf, now please name it.

Mo Yi Cheng was a very decisive person. Since he had chosen to continue playing, he wouldn’t hesitate anymore.

Name, what should he name him?

His stern lips hooked up slightly, then he skillfully typed out the two words ‘Du Du’ on his cell phone. Du Du was a small corgi adopted by Mo Yi Cheng when he was 7 years old, but it had passed away a few years ago.

Completely unaware that his new name had come from a big b*tt corgi, Yuan Suo giggled foolishly as he looked at his new name on the information bar.

“This is your name tag, please take good care of it.” The system issued a name tag with a pin on it and Yuan Suo’s chubby little hand put it on his chest clumsily, and then he smiled naively.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the giggling little thing in the game, and his eyes softening gradually, he opened the ‘storage room’ on the right to take a look. It was divided into four columns: food, tools, clothing, and medicine. The system had given a few items randomly, including a bun in the food bar and a bucket of plain white water.

Remembering that the little guy’s stomach had been growling before, Mo Yi Cheng clicked on the steamed bun and white water in the food bar. After choosing, two choices appeared: feed or not feed.


Suddenly, a steamed bun and a small bucket of white water appeared in front of Yuan Suo who had still not finished giggling.

He had been hungry for a long time, and his throat had long since dried up.

Looking up at the man who had given him food, Yuan Suo sighed emotionally: He was really a good person.

Game tip: Love value +1 Congratulations to the player!

Mo Yi Cheng automatically ignored the game’s congratulations. He tried to click back again. This time, the phone was completely normal and he could enter and exit the game at will, and there were no problems with the other functions for the time being.

After clicking exit, Mo Yi Cheng re-entered the app store and downloaded the [Rising Clouds], which went very smoothly this time.

He was very familiar with the plot. After all, he had read through the script. The interface design of the game was reasonable and the screen was exquisite. It was just… how come the characters were so dull, they weren’t as smart as the previous virus game.

Mo Yi Cheng employed patience as he started to play.

Inside the game.

Yuan Suo held the vegetarian bun with cabbage stuffing. He was so hungry that he didn’t have time to chew carefully, his small face round and bulging. It wasn’t until half of the bun was in his stomach that he remembered to drink water to smooth it down.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Choking on the water, he cut a sorry figure. He stared at the last half of the bun in a daze. He wasn’t full, but what would he do if he was hungry in a while after eating it all?

Standing up, his two short legs ran to the window and put the remaining half of the bun in the corner of the window sill. In this way, he could prove that he ate very little, so that he wouldn’t be uninstalled~

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