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Chapter 2.2 Ding! Congratulations to the elf, you have been formally adopted by the player

He looked back repeatedly after every step he took. En, he definitely had to hold back. There was still water, he would be fine after drinking it. Gulp, gulp, he drank two mouthfuls of water, before finally his stomach was a little full.

Huh? There were some sticky crumbs on his small hand. Carefully sticking out his little tongue, he ate everything, then crawled onto the bed contentedly and prepared to sleep.

Hu… After worrying for a long time, someone had finally adopted him. According to the system, some elves had waited for years but hadn’t met a suitable owner! He was really lucky. The man’s impeccable face appearing again in his mind, Yuan Suo smiled, then entered into a sweet sleep.

The next day, before dawn, Mo Yi Cheng was woken up by his fat assistant.

“Mo Ge, we’re starting work today at 6 o’clock in order to get the makeup done earlier.” Chen Jiao had already prepared breakfast in advance together with the clothes Mo Yi Cheng would wear today.

Mo Yi Cheng got up and took a simple shower, he didn’t have to dress up too much until someone in the crew was assigned to handle it. His role today wasn’t heavy, but because of the publicity activities in the afternoon, the day’s workload was still very heavy.

Because there was a promotional event in the afternoon, tickets had been distributed through the fan club, and some fans had come from other places, so many people came to the crew ahead of time.

Without delaying the normal shooting, Mo Yi Cheng interacted with the fans who were standing far away. The small fans who were now seeing their deity for the first time up close were directly hit by the strong aura of the movie emperor Mo and his face that was more handsome than it was under the camera, so they braved their hearts to take pictures.

“Mo Ge, take a picture with everyone.” Chen Jiao reminded in a small voice.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded and signaled Chen Jiao to bring his cell phone. Chen Jiao had already prepared the phone and a selfie stick.

After Mo Yi Cheng finished taking the pictures, he said goodbye to his fans and returned to the phone’s screen when he suddenly saw the elf rebirth program game interface he had downloaded last night. He didn’t know when the icon had turned into an avatar of Du Du. The corner of the his mouth hooked up, but just he as he was about to click it to see how the elf was doing, someone in the distance called to tell him that they had reached his part of the scene.

He didn’t hesitate to put his cell phone into his pocket and start filming.


Yuan Suo who had woken up very early was a little confused when he got up from bed. He had been in the game for some days, but occasionally he would still feel very dazed, not knowing where he was, not knowing whether this was a dream or not.

Gululu, his stomach sounded again.

Jumping out of the bed with short legs, he walked on the ground barefooted. Opening a small door, it was a simple bathroom, with a toilet, bathtub, and toiletries. Of course, these were all the most basic things and the number of times of use was limited because of his level.

He brushed his teeth, washed his face obediently and returned to the room when he was done. His stomach rumbling twice, he ate the half of the bun that had been placed on the sill yesterday and drank some water.

Because his level was too low, not to mention going out now, he couldn’t even see the scenery outside clearly. He could only stay in the small room all day long. He had sung the songs he knew many times and had drawn many pictures with his fingers on the floor.

Today, was still the same…

He was a little disappointed, but he didn’t know why.

Sitting on the carpet with his short legs crossed, he thought about what to draw today in his little head. Mo Yi Cheng’s good looking face flashed in his mind. His eyes brightening, he started to draw outlines on the ground with his chubby fingers. After busying for a while, he sighed and looked at the ‘painting’ that didn’t leave traces on the ground with satisfaction. If only there was a paintbrush…

However Yuan Suo was a child who knew how to be satisfied, just like how he wasn’t hungry now. It was already a very happy thing to have a player who was willing to take him in.

Mo Yi Cheng’s itinerary in the afternoon was much more busier than when he was in the crew. The game conference was very successful, and after it ended, he accepted an exclusive interview with an online platform. After having dinner and exercising, it was almost ten o’clock when he returned to the hotel. After reading the script, scanning Weibo, and following current affairs and news, he rested.

It rained during the night. The thunder was so loud that Mo Yi Cheng woke up twice but fell asleep again.

The weather inside the game interface was linked to the real world.

Yuan Suo sat curled up on the bed. There was only one pillow on the bed and no quilt. It would only be available if he reached level 1 or if it was purchased by the player. Holding the pillow, his big eyes blinked in the pitch darkness, startling every time the thunder sounded. When he was a child, every time it thundered, his mother would hug him. She would smile very softly and beautifully, always singing a lullaby to him, never dismissing him because he was stupid, unlike his other siblings. Later, after the death of his mother, he grew up, learning to be brave, but his eyes still turned red with fear every time.


He shrank, the sound of hunger coming from his stomach covered…

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