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Chapter 1.2 I eat very little, don’t uninstall me, ok?

Looking at the download speed, it could be seen that the hotel’s internet speed wasn’t very good, it might take a few minutes. So he got up to change first. A few minutes later, having changed out of his suit, Mo Yi Cheng, who was dressed in home clothes, walked back to sit on the sofa with his two long legs.

The display showed that the game had been downloaded successfully.

He clicked install.

How…. something was wrong.

He looked at the pink circle that kept on rotating while it was installing with some doubts in his heart, but he waited patiently.

Ding. After a few seconds, it showed that the game had been installed successfully.

He clicked to open it.

A Q version of a small person popped out directly from the screen, carrying a poor quality magic wand in his hand.

“Welcome to the Elf Rebirth Project mobile game. Congratulations for confirming that you have become an Elf player. From now on you will have your own elf.”

Had he clicked the wrong one when he was downloading it? He was slightly unhappy, wanting to click on the return button to uninstall and reinstall, but the phone seemed to be malfunctioning. No matter how much he clicked on the return button, he kept on coming back to the poor quality developed elf game.




The Q version of the little person on the screen was very busy and finally, not knowing where he pulled a book half his height out from, it turned to one of the pages.

“I found your elf, it has been assigned to your game bar, I wish you a happy game!” After speaking, he disappeared with a whizz and the phone interface showed that he was officially in the game.

Mo Yi Cheng was very disgusted with this kind of forceful mandatory sticky game, but everything had happened almost instantly, so he didn’t have much time to react. Fortunately, this cell phone wasn’t bound to any payment system, nor did it have any of his large social software logins.

Just as he was about to turn it off and restart it, a picture appeared on the screen.

It was a very simple small room with only one window, a door, a single bed with only white sheets in the corner and a thick carpet on the floor. On the carpet sat a very cute boy… child. Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know how to define the small figure in the game. Although his figure was small, his short hands and short feet were chubby, his face was also round, his skin white and tender as if it would break when poked, so cute that it could make one’s heart melt at a glance. But he didn’t look like a kid, more like the Q version of a teenager’s image.

At this moment, a paragraph of text popped up on the screen again.

Elf Information:

Name: Unknown (selected by the player)

Gender: Male

Age: 18 years old

Origin: Unknown

Personality: Simple, timid

Level: 0

Skin Mode: Lower Q version

Followed by the elf’s title, health index, and achievement value and so on.

Mo Yi Cheng glanced at it briefly then turned it off.

A movie emperor was very busy. Where did he have time to play a development game for children? And it had even been a forced installation.

“Where is this thing’s uninstall button?” He muttered to himself.

The little Yuan Suo in the game was originally hungry as he looked at the hazy scenery outside the window, thinking about when he could be reborn. Suddenly the roof was lifted up, making him so frightened that he hugged his knees tightly, his chubby arms wrapped around his short legs, then he raised his head carefully to look up…

He saw the most beautiful man he had ever seen in his life. Although his family had the best genes in the interstellar world and the most enviable appearance, he still felt that the man in front of him, with the slight frown and bitingly cold elegant temperament, could defeat the entire universe.

He is… looking at me. Yuan Suo’s heart thumped.

This was the player that the system said, was his adopter? Such a good-looking person would live with him in the future? Should he be polite and take the initiative to say hello?

Just when he set about doing so but didn’t know what to say, he saw the man’s beautiful thin lips move, “Where is this thing’s uninstall button?”

Woo…Yuan Suo was so frightened that his face turned pale. He would disappear completely if it was uninstalled.

No, he didn’t want to disappear…

He knew that his brain wasn’t bright and his brothers and sisters often laughed at him, but he also knew that there was hope in life. He had made an oath when his father was dying that he would protect the ninth interstellar region. And all this, would end the moment this good-looking man uninstalled it.

Mo Yi Cheng was already a little annoyed. He pressed the shutdown button a few times, but there was no response at all. Perhaps he should call Chen Jiao and ask him to find someone to deal with it, to stop this virus software that someone had planted maliciously.

At this moment, a pop-up window jumped up on the game interface again.

Hello, player, you have seen your elf and now you can choose freely.

Uninstall or name him.

Mo Yi Cheng who had been in the process of getting up to get another phone stopped, looking at the two options on the screen with a little hesitation.

Just as he was about to click ‘uninstall’, he suddenly heard a soft sound, which came from the game.

In the game interface, the little thing that had originally been sitting on the ground in a small ball stood up, two chubby little hands rubbing together, the tip of his small nose red, big eyes seemed to be filled with bright stars, brown hair thin and soft. The little thing’s mouth shriveled, choking twice as if he was afraid that he would be angry, but endured it, saying pitifully: “Um… don’t… I… I eat very little, don’t uninstall me, ok?”

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