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Chapter 1.1

Editor: Jodi

“Red alert! Red alert! Mu Nan has arrived!”

The staff’s frantic shouts echoed one after another, like a human beacon tower.

Amidst the commotion, there were murmurs of complaints:

“I don’t know who came up with the idea of having Mu Nan and Cheng Han as judges on the same program.”

“If they wanted the program to be popular, they didn’t have to do it like this. It’s not just popular now, it’s like a volcanic eruption.”

“These two top stars have always been the kings of their respective fields. This lineup, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

In the backstage area, Mu Nan strode in wearing a trench coat and Martin boots. His handsome face featured delicate features, and his almond-shaped eyes, full of waves, caused everyone he looked at to instinctively clutch their chests, feeling like their hearts were melting.

Mu Nan greeted the staff he met warmly, his sweet smile lingering until he stood in front of another judge—Cheng Han.

From far away, Mu Nan spotted him. Cheng Han stood nearly six feet tall, towering over those around him. With high cheekbones and a prominent nose bridge, his long eyelashes cast shadows beneath his eyes. His skin was fair, and his eye color, lighter than that of Asians, reflected a golden glow under the lights.

When he looked at people, his gaze was indifferent, not bothering to lift his eyelids as his sight passed over them, never lingering, as if no one could catch his eye.

Cheng Han was surrounded by a circle of people, with makeup artists tiptoeing to touch up his makeup and assistants straightening the folds of his collar. Of course, there were also those who were simply there to admire him.

“Look at his gaze.” A young girl gasped, “If he could look into my eyes seriously, I’d die happy.”

“Half-breeds really are something else. That nose bridge, those eyelashes, please let me slide down them.”

Hearing the endless stream of compliments, Mu Nan’s smile gradually turned cold as he approached Cheng Han:

“Big star Cheng has been quite free lately, coming so early.”

The target of his jab—Cheng Han—remained unfazed. Not a hint of emotion showed on his face, his eyebrow raised slightly, “Indeed, unlike you, I have to rely on dedication since my skills aren’t as strong.”

Mu Nan rolled his eyes openly.

In the span of two sentences, the air around them seemed to thin out, people’s breaths becoming lighter, and only those far from the eye of the storm dared to whisper:

“They’re getting intense right off the bat, scarier than I thought.”

“I didn’t believe they were arch enemies before, but it seems they really do clash from the moment they meet.”

“Well, the show’s definitely not lacking in heat now.”

Mu Nan and Cheng Han were a widely known pair of arch enemies, their fame reaching a point where whether you were a fan or not, you’d still have heard of “this pair”.

Both debuted as idols in the same year, each as the lead singer and captain of their respective idol groups, resulting in fierce competition from the start of their careers.

After flying solo, Mu Nan went for a sunny and cute style, while Cheng Han went for a demonic and aloof style, and even though their styles were different, they both excelled in singing and popularity, so their various resources perfectly collided, making it impossible for them not to become rivals.

Just competing would have been fine, and fans arguing amongst themselves would have been the end of it. But what made them become the top enemies in the circle was the attitude between the two main leads.

At one point, they appeared unfamiliar in public, but they were quickly exposed by netizens. It turned out that they had known each other before their debut, and they had even attended the same private middle school.

This sparked the imagination of netizens. You two obviously knew each other a long time ago, why pretend to be unfamiliar? Does this not show that you two have not been getting along for a long time?

For a while, various rumors spread like wildfire. Some said Cheng Han snatched Mu Nan’s girlfriend, and then abandoned her; some said Cheng Han was violent towards Mu Nan in high school; some even said they had dated and then broke up due to infidelity, thus becoming enemies.

Although the parties involved never directly responded to these rumors, they didn’t clarify their bad relationship either, which only fueled the excitement of media marketing accounts.

And just now, the two sentences they exchanged was the focus of the recent feud between the two camps. Cheng Han’s fans said Mu Nan was late and unprofessional in his performance, while Mu Nan’s fans couldn’t stand Cheng Han’s pretentiousness.

Seeing the tense atmosphere, as if the verbal sparring was about to escalate into physical confrontation, the program’s chief director arrived in time. “Both teachers are here, thank you for taking the time to come. Our official recording starts tomorrow, and tonight we have prepared a welcome banquet for you both, so we can eat and chat.”

“Okay.” Cheng Han still had that indifferent look and nodded casually.

Mu Nan wrinkled his nose. He couldn’t stand Cheng Han’s pretentiousness the most.

But Cheng Han just had to provoke him, “Teacher Mu, what’s wrong? Do you have other plans?”

“No! Let’s just eat!”

Turning away, Mu Nan pouted.

He always detested these kinds of dinners. Not many people knew about this, but Cheng Han knew it very well, and yet Cheng Han was the first to agree.

He was just a thorough hypocrite, Mu Nan scolded silently.

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