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Chapter 74.1 Redemption or sinking?

“What did you say…what did you just say?” Yuan Suo’s lips trembled.

Mo Yi Cheng repeated, “Let’s get married.”

“Married?” It wasn’t that Yuan Suo didn’t know the meaning of the words, he was just a bit confused due to the shock.

Naturally, Mo Yi Cheng knew this as well, so he deliberately misinterpreted it and explained, “It means ‘eating people’ legally.”

After Yuan Suo understood what it meant, it was then he really reacted, and in his panic he almost knocked his bowl over.

“So, is it a yes or a no?” When Mo Yi Cheng said the word ‘marriage’, he was confident, but somehow he felt palpitations in his heart at this moment.

Yuan Suo didn’t dare to move as Mo Yi Cheng’s face was got closer and closer; they could feel each other’s nervousness at this moment.

Neither of them spoke, and the air was silent.

After a long time.

“That… actually… it’s not legal, but… but okay…” Yuan Suo couldn’t really spit the rest of the words out, his whole body red like a boiled lobster.

Mo Yi Cheng was both happy and shocked at this answer, but the worry that passed through his eyes clearly overshadowed his joy.

“Does Du Du mean he doesn’t want to get married?” Mo Yi Cheng confirmed.

Yuan Suo didn’t dare look at Mo Yi Cheng, “It’s not that.”

“Then why?”

“I…” Yuan Suo wanted to say something, but didn’t know where to start or how to say it.

When he first arrived in this world, he was hoping to be reborn after he reached full level, to be free from the confines of the game, to return to the world he belonged to, to go back to the ninth region of the interstellar world, but gradually, he had his only and most important attachment in this world, and he wanted to stay by Mo Yi Cheng’s side, however separation…. became a wound in his heart that he didn’t dare touch.

But even if he chose to stay, was his so-called ‘sacrifice’ really fair to Mo Yi Cheng? An elf who chose to stay would be trapped in the game forever. In other words, if he stayed, Mo Yi Cheng would always be faced with a ‘virtual’ lover.

And adding the words Abel had said today to the equation, he….. couldn’t even guarantee that he would be able to stay in the game as a virtual lover, so what could he do to keep such an important promise?

Hold your hand, grow old together.

If he couldn’t do this, how could he dare say yes?

Therefore, he could only say, “I… I can’t.”

Yuan Suo said the words ‘I can’t’ very firmly through gritted teeth, and this kind of bone-chilling firmness shot out like a sharp arrow going straight into Mo Yi Cheng’s heart.

Mo Yi Cheng suppressed his emotions and managed to maintain his sanity before asking: “Why? Is Yuan Suo afraid that there will be worldly resistance? Or are you afraid that it will affect my career? Or do you think there is something wrong…”

“Neither.” Yuan Suo suddenly clenched his fist, clear and sad eyes like they had been haloed with vermilion, “Neither, it’s because…. elves leave this world after reaching full level inside the game…..”

At that moment, Mo Yi Cheng wanted to rush forward to cover Yuan Suo’s mouth. He didn’t want to, was afraid to, couldn’t hear the words that followed, but he couldn’t move, his limbs frozen as he looked down from above.

Yuan Suo no longer dared to look at Mo Yi Cheng. He could only say mechanically, “The ultimate goal of this game is for the elves to keep leveling up, and after they reach level 100, to be reborn back into their own world.”

Level 100? Yuan Suo had already reached level 90 after saving Abel’s life.

Every word, like rain, fell on him, only it was so cold that the drops had already frozen before they came down, wrapping him up in layers and penetrating directly inside his body. Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t say a word as he stood there for a while before asking stiffly: “When did you know?”

Yuan Suo’s heart trembled. This was the first time he was seeing such a harsh ligfirst time, and his hear, “At the beginning.”

“But it never occurred to you to tell me.” He asked in the affirmative.

Yuan Suo wanted to argue, but when he opened his mouth, no sound came out. He had wanted to, but he was too stupid, he didn’t know how to say it, so he had put it off until today.

“Yi Cheng…..” Yuan Suo could only call him by his name, like he had done countless times before.

Mo Yi Cheng suddenly closed his eyes and instead of responding, he turned around abruptly.

“Yi Cheng.” Yuan Suo’s trembling hands reached out to pull the corner of Mo Yi Cheng’s shirt, but the moment he dodged, his tears almost fell.

“I still have things to do in the company… I’ll ask someone to send you back.” Mo Yi Cheng was afraid that his emotions would get further out of control and he wouldn’t want him to go back inside the game.

“…. Okay.”

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t turn back. He could imagine the look on Yuan Suo’s face at this moment, but he was afraid that once he turned around, he would fall, and at this moment he stubbornly didn’t want his heart to soften. He could put up with everything, could tolerate anything, except this matter.

He was the only one left in the room.

The tears in his eyes didn’t fall down, because what right… did they have to fall down?

His heart felt like a tangled mess, occasionally mixed with thorns that cut through to his tender flesh, making it so that he couldn’t help but tremble gently.

After a moment, there were footsteps.

Yuan Suo looked up sharply, but the joy and anticipation in his eyes faded away instantly.

The driver stood by respectfully and said, Mr. “Mo asked me to take you back.”

“Where is… where is he?”

“Mr. Mo has already driven away.”

“Oh, okay, I…. can I take the…. wontons and the rest here back…. with me…” The tears finally came down indefensibly. Yuan Suo raised his hand hurriedly to wipe them, but it was too late, the tears had already fallen inside the wontons and on top of the table.

“I’m sorry wait, just one second, I…. I just want to take this away.” Yuan Suo fumbled then rummage inside the cupboard, looking for an empty box that he could pack the food into.

The driver had been with Mo Yi Cheng for a long time, and although he didn’t know about Yuan Suo being an elf, he’d had a lot of contact with him and could guess some things about him and Mo Yi Cheng.

“Let me help you find it.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“Mr. Mo instructed me just now to make sure that I get you back safely, and that I’m not to leave until I see you are inside the house safely.”

“Hmm.” Yuan Suo’s voice was muffled as he refused to look up.

“Found it!” The driver found a set of lunch boxes of various sizes.

The two men packed the wontons, along with a few dishes and placed them inside the box, which Yuan Suo carried carefully, before wandering out to the car like a ghost.

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