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Chapter 52.1 Jealous Du Du+ Mo Yi Cheng!

The Elf Academy was officially on holiday and Yuan Suo had more free time. Mo Yi Cheng’s filming was also coming to an end.

Mo Yi Cheng’s movie this time was an ancient costume theme. He acted as a patriotic general who rushed headlong onto the battlefield all year in troubled times. The female lead was a popular flower in the entertainment circle with very good acting skills and character, making a quite good match when she stood next to Mo Yi Cheng.

So as soon as the movie poster was released, some fans had already started matching them as a CP. Halfway through the filming of the movie, fan videos and pictures of the two flew all around.

Yuan Suo saw them online but he didn’t care too much, after all, Mo Yi Cheng was an actor and he’d had a lot of close contact with the opposite sex in the same frame in his previous works and he himself was an acting student so he knew the reason behind it.

Everyone in the crew knew that Mo Yi Cheng recently had a ‘little attendant’ with him. He looked like a student who had just entered university. He was very cute and well behaved, but most of the time he ‘stayed’ in the dining car. He would watch by the side obediently when Mo Yi Cheng was filming and when a scene was over, would run forward with admiration on his face to give him water and raise an umbrella over his head.

Mo Yi Cheng took a sip of water and said with a smile: “Didn’t I say that you don’t have to do this?” He still had ‘blood stains’ on his face and the armor he was wearing made him look very heroic.

Yuan Suo took the bottle of water and screwed the lid back on thoughtfully, “I’m now Mo Yi Cheng’s second assistant, so these are all what I should do.” Afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would refute it again, he added, “This is to conceal my identity and to also give me experience.”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the little guy’s serious expression and smiled helplessly. He hadn’t been able to say no to the little guy’s pleading eyes and had brought him to the set once when he was fresh on vacation and then Yuan Suo became obsessed with the life on the crew and spent his ‘ten hours’ on the crew almost every day. He was by Mo Yi Cheng’s side when he was filming and there wasn’t much time left to be alone when they returned to the hotel every day.

Although this satisfied Yuan Suo’s curiosity about the crew and allowed him to see Yuan Suo anytime and anywhere while working, it was, after all in full view of the public and Mo Yi Cheng had a lot of things he wanted to do… but could only endure it. But the good thing was that he’d be done in a few days. When that happened, he would think about where to go on a vacation without having to consider the too many light bulbs around him.

As usual, Chen Jiao sorted out Mo Yi Cheng’s shooting scenes and schedule for the next day and sent them to him before he rested for the day.

Mo Yi Cheng was in the bathroom and Yuan Suo was sitting on the edge of the bed wiping his hair when he glanced at the screen and shouted towards the bathroom, “You have a message from Chen Jiao!”

Mo Yi Cheng’s voice sounded, “Click on it, it should be the shooting schedule for tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay.” So Yuan Suo entered the password and clicked on the message. It was really tomorrow’s shooting schedule. He clicked on the pictures and looked at them one by one then his originally relaxed expression suddenly became serious, white teeth subconsciously biting his fleshy lower lip.

There was a… passionate scene tomorrow! It wasn’t on a very large scale, but when Yuan Suo saw the words ‘kissing’, ‘tearing’ and ‘touching’, he still felt a pain in his temples and his chest seemed to be a little uncomfortable.

Mo Yi Cheng tried his possible best to squeeze the time as he took a shower to make sure that there was still 50 minutes to get along with the little thing, blow dry his hair, give him two… or more good night kisses then cuddle under the warm quilt together. Then they would have probably used up today’s 10 hours.

But to his surprise, when he came out of the bathroom, there was no one in the bedroom and the bed was empty.

“Du Du?” He was still accustomed to this name, and for the time being didn’t call Yuan Suo by his original name.

There was no response.

He walked towards the side of the bed quickly, picked up the phone on the nightstand and was slightly relieved when he clicked on the screen and saw the little guy inside the game, “It’s not time yet, why did you go back?”

Yuan Suo stammered out that he was a little tired and wanted to sleep first as he blow dried his hair himself with the hair dryer in his hand.

Mo Yi Cheng saw that the little guy’s face was really not very good. Perhaps he was really tired from moving around busily on the crew these days.

“Then go to bed early today. How about you stay inside the game tomorrow and rest a bit.” Mo Yi Cheng suggested.

Yuan Suo hesitated. Actually, he still wanted to go to the crew to accompany Mo Yi Cheng, but at the thought of that passionate scene that was to come, he was a bit repelled.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Yuan Suo in a daze, Mo Yi Cheng asked.

“No… nothing, tomorrow… tomorrow I’ll go to the crew again in the afternoon. En, in the afternoon.” After saying this, he put the hair dryer down, walked back into the bedroom quickly and got under the quilt.

Mo Yi Cheng frowned slightly, feeling that something was strange. It wasn’t until he turned on his phone and saw the shooting schedule Chen Jiao had sent for tomorrow that he suddenly realized that the little thing was… jealous?

Thinking of this, he laughed unconsciously as he looked at the small mountain bulging under the quilt in the game. He cleared his throat then called out: “Du Du.”

“En…” Was the small response from inside the quilt.

“The person with Fei Ran is General Sima, but the person with Yuan Suo is Mo Yi Cheng.”

Yuan Suo didn’t move or respond.

Mo Yi Cheng waited for a while, then clicked the [tuck in to sleep] button, said a few words to him then told him to sleep well, and to not to think about such things in his little head.

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