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Chapter 18.2 Red wine with steak, a little wine bag!

Yuan Suo ran to wash his hands excitedly and when he returned, he went straight to the dining room, pulled out a chair and sat down at the table properly, not forgetting to spread a napkin in front of him.

Seeing him eager to try it, Mo Yi Cheng called for them to serve the meal.

Salads, black tea and desserts were served first as appetizers.

Mo Yi Cheng directly ordered two servings of Kobe steak, but since he didn’t like the foie gras and lobster, he ordered only one.

After the waiter left with a puzzled but forcefully calm expression on his face, he asked one of his colleagues, “Why does the room smell like fried shrimp with celery?”

There was only one person in there.

Mo Yi Cheng took pictures of the food one by one and transferred it to his phone, placing a candlestick and flowers on the top of Yuan Suo’s small table as well as he did so.

Yuan Suo looked on as a dazzling array of fragrant foods constantly appeared on the table, his index fingers twitching slightly. Facing the candlestick and flowers, he fondled them admiringly, unable to put them down, his cheeks flushed under the candlelight.

“Eat.” Mo Yi Cheng saw that he wasn’t moving and knew that he was waiting for him.

Yuan Suo dived right into it and following Mo Yi Cheng’s example, cut the steak quickly and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Mmm!” Yuan Suo’s eyes lit up as if there were little stars in them, the melt-in-your-mouth steak making him to let out a sigh of admiration.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “Is it delicious?”

“It’s delicious, very delicious. This is the first time I’ve ever eaten steak.”

Mo Yi Cheng, “Then eat more.”


Yuan Suo ate until he was half full then slowed down his speed. When he raised his head and saw Mo Yi Cheng drinking red wine, he stared curiously.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and asked, “What, want to try it?”

Yuan Suo was taken aback, then shook his head, but the little tongue that stretched out to lick his lips betrayed him.

“Only a little taste.” Mo Yi Cheng drank till there was only a little at the bottom of the glass, then took a photo of it and transmitted it.

Yuan Suo looked at the extra red wine on the table, leaned forward cautiously, and sniffed it first with his nose… it was full of a light aroma. Knowing that Mo Yi Cheng was staring at him, he picked the glass in embarrassment and in a slightly awkward manner aligned the mouth of the glass to his lips, tilting it slowly.

He had finally tasted it… It was soft, smooth, velvety, mellow and sweet. After taking a shallow sip, he seemed to have tasted a certain sweetness, drinking the rest.

“How was it?” Mo Yi Cheng look at Yuan Suo’s unfulfilled look and said to himself secretly, he didn’t expect that this little thing was a little wine bag.

“Um…” Yuan Suo blushed, then smiled: “It was delicious!”

Mo Yi Cheng, “Eat something, otherwise it will go to your head later on.”

“What do you mean by it will go to my head?” He put a piece of steak inside his mouth obediently, but his big eyes were still staring at the wine glass in Mo Yi Cheng’s hand. Mo Yi Cheng simply said directly: “You’re not allowed to drink again today, if you like it, next time.”

“….. Okay.” Yuan Suo lowered his head regretfully and continued to eat.

After the two of them finished eating the steak, Yuan Suo put the rest in his small kitchen, deciding not to waste it. He could eat it after warming it up.

Mo Yi Cheng felt helpless, but he didn’t stop him. Although he was rich, he enjoyed the little thing’s cute look as he calculated carefully in order to save him money.

“You just finished eating, don’t sit down, go and change out of your school uniform, I’ll take you to see a movie later.” Mo Yi Cheng had a rare vacation, so he wanted to make good use of it.

Yuan Suo changed out of his clothes obediently, and because he was going to “go out”, he didn’t change into his pajamas. Instead, he chose a set of camouflage-style casual outfit from his closet that would allow him to move around freely in the living room as he walked off the food.

As Mo Yi Cheng called Chen Jiao to ask him if the movie was ready, his gaze swept intentionally or intentionally to Yuan Suo who was changing out of his school uniform in the bathroom. Suddenly, his gaze stopped on his back.

There was a bluish purple on his back, and because of his fair skin, it looked particularly hideous and terrifying. There were also traces of scraped skin around his chubby wrist…

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