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Chapter 18.1 Red wine with steak, a little wine bag!

The manager was slightly surprised, but her professionalism made her remain decent as she said, “Alright, Mr. Mo please wait for a while.”

Anytime Yuan Suo watched a movie, every time he saw a protagonist eating steak in a Western restaurant, he would gulp. There were two times when he even unconsciously put his fingertips in his mouth, but when Mo Yi Cheng asked he mumbled, not admitting it.

Hence Mo Yi Cheng had long wanted to make some for to him to try but had been afraid that the instant steak sold in the store wasn’t hygienic enough, so he didn’t take any action. But now that he could take pictures and transmit items, then he had to give the little thing a taste of the most authentic steak as soon as possible.

Mo Yi Cheng arrived at the restaurant a little earlier, the school bus hadn’t yet departed from the school.

He thought about what Yuan Suo’s reaction would be when he ate the steak, he would probably… still say that it wasn’t as good as the one he made. The movie emperor was a little narcissistic inside, but he also wanted to verify whether his craftsmanship was really that good. There was no one around… and Du Du’s apartment also happened to be vacant at the moment.

He raised his eyebrows and clicked on the [cooking] column.

He followed the usual steps skillfully and made the stir-fried shrimp with celery that Yuan Suo liked so much which was light, healthy and nutritious.

The ingredients used were all high-quality goods bought from the supermarket, and all the relevant processes had been taught by famous chefs.

Usually Mo Yi Cheng would buy live shrimp for this dish, and then in accordance with the instructions, remove the head and tail of the shrimp, shell it, gut it carefully, and then prepare the variety of marinades required. Today, however, since he didn’t have to give it to Yuan Suo to eat, he simply bought frozen shrimp, sliced the ​​celery, put the oil on low heat, put the garlic inside to bring out the scent, put the shrimp and celery inside and stir fried it together.

Once the dish was out of the pan, he clicked to take it out.

[System message: Player is taking out a plate of homemade stir fried shrimp with celery from the game, which will consume 20 gold coins].

He clicked yes.

A plate of steaming stir fried shrimp with celery appeared on the table out of thin air.

Mo Yi Cheng was satisfied as he looked at it. The scent was fragrant and fresh, and the appearance wasn’t bad.

Not having chopsticks, he could only fork a piece of celery with shrimp and put it in his mouth. The celery was crisp, but the shrimp was thick and the texture wasn’t smooth enough. Overall, the taste was okay, but only average. The chefs in the Mo family were only just at this level.

He put the fork down, pushed the dish to the side and decided that when he sent over the menu in the future, he would ask them to use the ingredients for the side dishes precisely to two decimal places.

A crowd of chefs: “….”

There were only two people who sat in school bus at noon, Yuan Suo and a small red-haired boy. The boy was kind enough to help him get off the bus. After saying thank you, Yuan Suo rushed home.

As soon as he entered the house, he smelled the fragrance of his favorite dish — stir fried shrimp with celery, making his mouth water, then he saw Mo Yi Cheng waiting for him in a beautiful place with candles lit. He didn’t know why his heart suddenly started to beat very fast.

He greeted, “Mo Yi Cheng, I’m back.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded: “Hmm, put your school bag down first, it’s heavy.”

Yuan Suo put his school bag down, his nose twitching twice. He smiled happily as he asked “Mo Yi Cheng are we going to eat stir fried shrimp with celery today?”

Mo Yi Cheng froze for a moment. He thought it would be a secret, but he had forgotten that the stir-fried dish would leave a scent behind. He pushed the plate on the table a little further away, “We’re not eating stir fried shrimp with celery today.”

“Then what are we eating?”

Mo Yi Cheng felt helpless. This little thing only thought about eating all day long. Converging his smile, he asked: “Tell me first, how was your performance at school today?”

Yuan Suo immediately became serious. With his two small hands pressing his trousers, he stood properly, “Today, the teacher talked about the basic qualities of actors, the core theory of acting, and also asked us to improvise a small performance.”

Mo Yi Cheng became interested, “What did you do?”

“I acted as the little radish.” It was the little protagonist of ‘The Sixth Day of Monsters’. Yuan Suo’s face blossomed into a smile, “The teacher said I acted very well, and said that I have a talent for acting.” He was a bit embarrassed as he said the latter part, but he wanted to tell Mo Yi Cheng this happy news, as if in this way he would be able to get closer to Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng, “You’re very awesome. In the future, if you want to find someone to act with, you have a suitable candidate right here.”

Yuan Suo was delighted, asking: “Really?”


“Then I will definitely study hard!”

“Good, then to reward you for working hard at school today, we will have steak for lunch.”

As soon as Mo Yi Cheng’s words fell, Yuan Suo’s stomach growled twice.

Yuan Suo was a little embarrassed: “I… I… ” It turns out Mo Yi Cheng had always known that he was greedy for steak…

“Alright, go and wash your hands.”

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