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Chapter 17.2 Du Du fell down o(╥﹏╥)o

Seeing Yuan Suo looking at the back of the gloomy boy, the girl advised kindly, “Little thing, stay away from that person, he is an anomaly in our school.”

Long Bow sighed. He originally didn’t want to tell Yuan Suo about these things with negative energy because of his innocent appearance, but since the girl has already said this, he also added: “I heard that he changed players midway, his new player isn’t good to him, so…”

“You can change players?” Yuan Suo was surprised.

Long Bow: “In some very special circumstances. Like if the player passes away or unpredictable eventualities that leads to uninstallation of the game…”

Yuan Suo froze slightly. That was to say, he and Mo Yi Cheng could also be separated… unless he reached a certain level and left the phone completely, but then that would mean it was time for him to return to his world again, therefore the end between him and Mo Yi Cheng was destined to be a separation.

He shook his head. Forget it, it was better not to think about it, at least in the time before he upgraded and left, he could get along with Mo Yi Cheng and leave behind good memories.

“Du Du, are you scared? Why are you frozen stiff?” The girl’s itchy hand reached out, wanting to pinch his very round and tender good looking face.

Yuan Suo took a slight step back, avoiding the girl’s hand as he said, “I’m not… I’m not scared.”

Pinching the blank space, the girl withdrew her hand back in a daze.

Long Bow said, “I have a basketball class the whole day today. Du Du, you’ll be going back in the afternoon, right?”

Du Du: “Yes.”

Long Bow said uneasily, “Then be careful when you get in and out of the school bus.”

Du Du replied, “I will, thank you Long Bow.”

In the morning acting class, because it was the first day, the teacher taught a lot of theoretical knowledge, then told everyone to improvise a small performance to be able see the foundation of each person.

Yuan Suo had seen a lot of movies, but the most impressive one was ‘The Sixth Day of Monsters which Mo Yi Cheng took him to see personally in the cinema, so he acted out a short part of it. The rival scene between the young hero and the villain boss dubbed by Mo Yi Cheng. His height and shape, coupled with his proficiency in saying the lines skillfully, and the mastery as if he had rehearsed it many times in his mind, led to a spontaneous applause in the classroom when the performance was over.

“Du Du, you have a talent for acting. As long as your points are high enough to get an upgrade and change this primary skin, and you will definitely have a very wide path in acting.” The teacher expressed, affirming his acting.

Yuan Suo blushed shyly.

In the ninth region of the interstellar world, no matter what he did, no matter how hard he worked, he didn’t seem to be able to get an affirmation from everyone, making him feel that it was because he wasn’t doing well enough, so he worked harder and harder, hoping very much that one day he would get his father’s praise and affirmation from his brothers and sisters. But now, he had received encouragement from many people — his classmates, teacher, netizens, and of course, the best looking Mo Yi Cheng in the world!

Because he had only one class in the morning, the school didn’t provide lunch.

“Mr. Mo, please are there any other guests besides you?” The manager asked politely. Private rooms of this size were usually custom made for creating romantic atmospheres or even marriage proposals.

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head, “I’m alone, but I want two servings of food.”


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2 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. Ahhhhh lunch date. Feeling a little sad for the guy that lost his player and maybe has a bad one now. Still not okay to take it out on baby YS. I wonder if he can be sent to the assistant CJ?

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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