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Chapter 3.1 Dudu is a bit stupid, but he has his own thinking.

After a heavy rain, the air was fresh the next day.

The sky was clear and blue, and the clouds weren’t stained with colours.

Mo Yi Cheng had a wire hanging fighting scene today, and the person he was working with was an inexperienced rookie. Although she had worked very hard, she still had to do a lot of retakes.

“Mo Ge, I’m really sorry, I… I really didn’t mean to.” The little girl was about to cry. The director’s expression was difficult to read and facing the rigorous and demanding Mo Yi Cheng, she was under unprecedented pressure.

Mo Yi Cheng was immersed in the scene, so his face was frosty as he just nodded, “It’s okay, don’t be nervous.”

With Mo Yi Cheng’s comfort, the little girl adjusted her state and finally passed the scene in the next retake, making everyone feel relieved.

As they took a break in between, Chen Jiao brought up the cut fruit that was in a box.

“That, Mo Ge, you’re on the hot search.”

Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t surprised, “What is it about this time?”

“It’s about yesterday when you drew the impression of the game characters at the press conference. Everyone is saying…. that your drawing….” Chen Jiao mumbled.

Mo Yi Cheng said: “What?”

“Everyone has already started calling you Mocasso.”

Mo Yi Cheng : “….”

Was it really that bad? Mo Yi Cheng had to admit that he really didn’t have any talent in this area, but he admired some artists very much and felt that it was a very magical and beautiful thing that they could create their own inner world with a single brush.

After Yuan Suo finished today’s drawing on the ground, he stood up with the help of his small hands and walked over to the bed, the tip of his nose pressed against the window as he tried to get a better look at the scenery outside. He knew that no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to see outside, but he still wanted to give it a try, maybe then he could forget about being hungry.

Before he was adopted by the player, he would get a bottle of system-given nourishment every day as a nutritional supplement, and although it didn’t taste like much, he wouldn’t be too hungry if he ate it frugally. Now that he was an elf with an owner, the system no longer distributed any food so he could only wait for his player to feed him.

Actually, the system allowed the elves to send messages to the players through a pop-up window, reminding the players to feed them and other matters. But when Yuan Suo thought of the promise he had made yesterday, saying that I “eat very little” he didn’t dare use this function. He had clearly promised to eat very little and it was already good that his adopter hadn’t uninstalled him. What if he went to disturb and made the good-looking man unhappy, wouldn’t he uninstall him?

“Mo Ge?” Chen Jiao called out as he saw Mo Yi Cheng in a daze.

Mo Yi Cheng returned to his senses, “It’s nothing, I was just thinking of when I was drawing at the game conference yesterday…”

Speaking of games, he suddenly remembered that he had downloaded another game besides [The Wind Rising Clouds] yesterday.

Thinking of this, he took out his cell phone.

He clicked on the avatar of Yuan Suo’s chubby little face and entered the game.

The game opened very quickly, it still had the same interface it had yesterday.

Just one glance at it had Mo Yi Cheng smiling.

The Q version of the boy was pressing his small face on the window, trying to look outside, but the window seemed to be frosted glass, and the scenery outside was blurred.

The creator of this game was…. very boring.

Mo Yi Cheng tried tapping the little guy on the screen.

Yuan Suo was feeling a little dizzy from the hunger when he felt that his shoulder was touched. Turning around, Mo Yi Cheng’s face came into view.

“He… hello.” Yuan Suo was taken aback, speaking cautiously.

Mo Yi Cheng only treated it as an automatic greeting from the system, not paying any attention to it. Yesterday he just browsed through the game briefly, but now he had the time to carefully read the relevant introduction again.

Yuan Suo saw that Mo Yi Cheng ignored him and didn’t have any expression and was a little flustered, silently praying in his heart that his stomach wouldn’t scream.

“Every little elf is unique, the feeding process requires meticulous care. The physique of every different elf is different, once they fall ill or there’s an accidental death, the elf will disappear completely in the game and can’t be recovered.”

As he read this section of the introduction, Mo Yi Cheng frowned slightly. Designing a separate character for each player was nearly impossible and neither technology nor funding could support it. He automatically ignored it and continued browsing.

Yuan Suo gulped, nervously observing Mo Yi Cheng’s every move.

Raising instructions:

[Feeding] The system provides two types of food. 1. Free collocation: The player can buy raw materials in the store and make food by yourself. 2. System matching meals: To maintain the minimum consumption of your elf.

[Living] The activity range needs to be unlocked by player upgrade, elves can only move within the unlocked range. Currently unlocked activity range: bedroom, bathroom. To be unlocked: courtyard, park, amusement park, school, etc….

[Academics] The upgrade of academics can enhance the elf’s horizons. Current level of the elf’s education: illiterate. Subjects studied: none.

[Shop] The system provides a universal place to buy all items that exists in the real world.

[Medical] The system provides two types of medical treatment. 1. Autonomous medical treatment: The player chooses their own medication and treatment methods independently. 2. Automatic first aid provided by the system (needs to queue up). At this stage, the elf’s physical condition: Fine.

Clicking back, Mo Yi Cheng looked over at Yuan Suo, whose small face was slightly white from nervousness.

Why was the physical condition fine? Was it because he hadn’t fed him?

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