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Chapter 1.1 I eat very little, don’t uninstall me, ok?

Yuan Suo was the smallest prince in the ninth region of the interstellar space. In the interstellar space with an average IQ of 200, he was considered a fool with low IQ since childhood. Fortunately, he had five older brothers and there was no throne waiting to be inherited, so his IQ didn’t seem so important. On the contrary, his low IQ resulted in him not having any strength or power to fight for the crown, so he was able to survive the cruel battle for the crown prince.

But the good times didn’t last long. In the fourth interstellar war, the ninth region of ​​the interstellar space fell and Yuan Suo’s two remaining brothers died in battle. He became the country’s only hope. But he was born stupid, so he never thought that the food sent by his smiling stepmother was poisonous.

The silly prince Yuan Suo, who was only 18 years old in the ninth region of interstellar space, died without anybody knowing where his body was buried….

In the long darkness, Yuan Suo lost most of his perception.

In addition to the sound of the wind, there was the sound of running water.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself sitting upright in a small room.

It was a very simple room, about a dozen square meters, with a single bed on one side of the door. There was warm sunlight outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, but the glass looked like a layer of frost and the outside couldn’t be seen clearly. The ground was covered with a one-meter thick carpet, and he was sitting on this creamy white carpet.

Yuan Suo found that he seemed to have shrunk, his hand were chubby, his limbs were short, and when he stretched out his hands to touch his face, he felt that it was meaty and even more fleshy…

Ding! There was a sound in the void.

“Hello, Prince Yuan Suo of the ninth interstellar region. This is the ‘Elf Rebirth Project mobile game’ internal measurement space, congratulations on being selected to be raised as an elf.”

Yuan Suo had been given birth to and raised in the interstellar world, so this mechanical and void like voice wasn’t unfamiliar to him, he just blinked with clear but not very bright eyes and asked in confusion: “En, what do your words mean?”


A projection appeared in the void and a detailed introduction of the ‘Elf Rebirth Project’ with its related details showed above.

In short, the game system randomly captured the pure souls in the interstellar space, made them into the elves of the system, and gave them a chance to be reborn. The elves were maintained and taken care of by the players. During the process, the elves would be continuously upgraded. Once they reached the highest level, they would have the opportunity to be reborn and return to the space where they had been before.

Yuan Suo twisted his two chubby hands together, obviously understanding that this was a small challenge for him, “That is to say, I can live again, right?”


“So how can I get the highest level?” Yuan Suo asked, his voice wavy.

“It depends on the player who adopts you, as well as your own efforts. As long as you reach level 100, you can get a chance to be reborn. Before that, you will enter the standby state, and players may choose you at any time. You need to be reminded that, all elves have only one chance to be reborn, that is to say, once you are selected by a player, you can no longer be replaced. If he chooses to uninstall the game, or abandon you, your end in the game is the complete end of your life.”

“Woo…” Yuan Suo was frightened by the words ‘complete end’, his watery eyes red, desperately assuring, “I… I will behave well.”


[Rising Clouds] was a popular drama in the National Day of 2019, gathering the most popular TV stars, moreover the male lead was the new movie emperor of the X Film Festival. With the explosion of the film and television drama, the only genuine online game had been pushed online by developers, restoring the film and television plots, bringing players the most authentic and interactive game experience. And the spokesperson of this mobile game was naturally the first male lead of the drama — Mo Yi Cheng.

“Mo Ge, you’ll be attending the game press conference tomorrow afternoon, but you haven’t tried the game yet.” A heavyset assistant weighing 180 kg reminded him, pushing up his thick glasses.

Mo Yi Cheng had just finished a day of intensive shooting and was a little sleepy, but he had always been dedicated, so he said without hesitation: “Alright, I’ll download it and play later.”

“Okay.” The fat assistant Chen Jiao swiped a few times on the tablet full of itineraries then said: “Mo Ge, if there’s nothing else, I’m leaving first. What do you want to eat for dinner? I’ll ask someone to bring it up.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s thin lips opened slightly: “Something light will do just fine, you don’t have to go through too much trouble.”

Mo Yi Cheng was from a wealthy family. Since childhood his life had been quite delicate, but his character was indifferent, aloof and proud. At first, Chen Jiao had been really nervous when he was selected as his assistant, but after getting along, he discovered that although Mo Yi Cheng was cold and arrogant, he never displayed a young master’s temper, be it in work or in life.

“Okay.” Chen Jiao went out.

Mo Yi Cheng’s slender fingers gently pinched the place between his eyes, slightly relieving his fatigue, then he picked up his phone.

Businesses valued this game very much. Although in recent years the same type of mobile game had become a fashion, there were many good and bad ones, but in order to squeeze out the one with most value, effort must be applied, of course you also had to have good faith.

He hoped that this with the Republic theme wouldn’t disappoint him.

He turned the cell phone on and entered the cell phone’s application download interface, wanting to search for the game.

A pop-up window suddenly jumped out on the phone’s interface.

[Hello, welcome to the Elf Space Application Station, we sincerely hope you can get an elf that satisfies you]

Mo Yi Cheng frowned slightly, but fortunately the pop-up window soon disappeared.

In the search bar he typed in and the search results quickly appeared.

The icon design wasn’t bad. He was satisfied with the first impression of the game, then he saw the recommended game– Elf Rebirth Project next to it. The colorful icons were designed for teenage girls. He quickly ignored it then clicked on the download button of [Rising Clouds]

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