I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 171.2

Editor: Jodi

Everyone was discussing enthusiastically, and soon someone posted, shouting, “Yu Lan girls, look here!! The painting hanging above the bed is the oil painting of Lin An Lan that Cheng Yu painted abroad!”

In an instant, the netizens who were just screaming because of the ring and necklace rushed to the post again, only to start screaming again because of the screenshot from the OP.

This screenshot was also specially enlarged, taken by the cameraman when Lin An Lan entered the room.

Who would have thought that the sharp-eyed CP fan would go through the video frame by frame, capturing and screencapping, only to find this painting.

“Damn, it’s really that painting. But didn’t Cheng Yu say he gave it to Lin An Lan?”

“So now that Lin An Lan is living with him, he brought the painting over. It’s quite normal [silly].”

“So they are living in Cheng Yu’s house now?”

“Not sure, it could also be Lin An Lan’s house, and even if they bought a new house together, it doesn’t matter. They’re not short of money. The key thing is the painting. This should be their master bedroom.”

“So they’re sleeping in the same bed now?!!!”

“It would seem a bit fake if they live together but still sleep in separate beds.”

“So my CP is really on track now?!!!”

“I guess so! Living together, still in the honeymoon phase and wearing couple rings. It will simply be unscientific if they’re not on track!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah my CP is really on track!!! It’s not just my imagination of eye contact equals bed. They’re real!! I’m so excited!”

“I can’t handle it. I have a picture in my mind, I need to watch ‘Yun Yun’ to calm down.”

“???? The person upstairs is ruthless! I’m not watching ‘Yun Yun’. I’m going to watch the video again, hehehe, I can watch this video 20 times!”

“I can watch it for a whole day!”

“I can watch until they start broadcasting!”

In the midst of everyone’s enthusiastic discussion, ‘Let’s Date’ and Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu entered the hot search.

Based on the huge success of last year’s movie ‘Yun Yun’, many people felt a bit regretful after they officially announced their relationship. Although they weren’t CP fans, seeing them together was still a joy, so now seeing them on a dating variety show, they were curious and clicked to watch the video.

Then after watching it, they felt that this pair was not only perfect on screen but also in real life!

Those looks, those figures, the harmony of being together, it was just perfect! Director Zhang really knew how to choose people!


Lin An Lan looked at his phone while sitting in the car and saw that they were trending again, with screams filling the Weibo square. Their CP fans were as sharp-eyed as microscopes as they picked out details here and there, causing him to be a little amazed. How could they have such good eyes?

It was already so secretive and so blurry, how could they still see it all?

It had to be said that sometimes being a fan really required certain skills.

While the CP fans were still lamenting that Cheng Yu drank Lin An Lan’s yogurt and water, which was considered an indirect kiss, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu had already arrived at their destination.

And getting out of the car, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu saw the other people who would also be taking part in the recording of the program.

‘Let’s Date’ had a total of ten artists, including Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu.

And among them, Jiao Wenxiu and Zhang Qihan were a pair of officially announced lovers, while the rest, Gao Hang, Nie Jia, Yang Junhao, Sun Qianqian, Zhao Rong, and Zhou Bingqing were all single.

Sitting at a round table, they had their first meeting and conversation.

This meeting was mainly to allow the six single male and female guests choose their preferred partners and form a couple for the variety show.

Therefore, the six single guests were a little reserved and unable to relax.

Lin An Lan sat down next to Cheng Yu, and immediately a male guest sat next to him, while the spot next to Cheng Yu was taken by Jiao Wenxiu.

In the end, the round table presented a picture of half male, half female, evenly distributed.

Then a waiter handed them the menu, indicating that they could start ordering.

Gao Hang handed the menu over in a gentlemanly manner, “Ladies first.”

And taking it, Sun Qianqian chose two dishes she liked confidently, then passed the menu to Zhao Rong next to her. As it went down the line, it reached Cheng Yu, who didn’t really look at the menu as he simply said, “Squirrel fish.”

Then after saying this, he handed it to Lin An Lan who also flipped through the menu and said to the waiter, “I’ll have mapo tofu.”

After he finished speaking, he passed the menu to Yang Junhao next to him.

Yang Junhao looked at him in surprise, “Lin Ge, you like mapo tofu? It just so happens that I also like it. I thought I was the only one who liked such a common dish.”

“No, it’s him who likes it.” Lin An Lan pointed to Cheng Yu and said, “He’s been liking this dish recently.”

Yang Junhao wasn’t embarrassed, “Then Cheng Ge and I have similar tastes.”

Smiling, Cheng Yu picked the teapot on the table up to pour a cup of tea for Lin An Lan.

“I mainly like the one he makes.” He glanced at Lin An Lan, then at Yang Junhao, “The mapo tofu he makes is very delicious, so I’ve been liking this dish recently.”

This piqued Sun Qianqian’s curiosity, “Lin Ge can also cook? That’s amazing.”

“It’s nothing special, just home-cooked dishes.”

“Even so, it’s still impressive.” Sun Qianqian looked at him, then at Cheng Yu, then unable to hold back, asked, “So when you and Cheng Ge are together, you are the one who does the cooking?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “No, in most cases, he does. He’s better at cooking.”

“Wow.” Sun Qianqian looked envious, “I also hope my other half can cook.”

“Then you can see if there are any single men here who can cook.” Lin An Lan said with a smile.

As the topic had shifted back to the main theme of the program, Sun Qianqian became a little shy as she smiled and lowered her head without speaking.

Lin An Lan took a sip of his tea, then when he looked up, he noticed that it was only his and Cheng Yu’s teacups that had tea in them. Cheng Yu hadn’t poured tea for anyone else besides him.

He was really, a selfish little flower.

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