Rebirth to the sixties with space

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Chapter 17 Why did Xiao Cheng Jin thank her?

When the two returned to the Su house, Su Ruan Ruan asked Xiao Cheng Jin while washing the lunch box, “What do you want to eat?”

The noodles were finished, if Xiao Cheng Jin wanted to eat something, she could only make something else.

Of course Xiao Cheng Jin didn’t dare to make a request, “I’ll eat whatever you prepare.”

When Su Ruan Ruan heard this she thought about it, and simply went to the backyard to pick some vegetables and made a bowl of dough drop soup for him, also beating an egg into it.

Adding up the past life and the present life, she had been cooking for decades, so her craftsmanship was quite good.

Xiao Cheng Jin only ate one bite, and threw the messy thoughts in his head far away, concentrating on eating.

As a fifteen-year-old boy, this was the time when he could eat, so even if Su Ruan Ruan made this large bowl, he was only seventy percent full.

But Su Ruan Ruan didn’t know this!

There were only two people in the Su family, she and Grandma Chen and the two of them weren’t big eaters, so a bowl of dough drop soup like this was enough to make Su Ruan Ruan full.

Of course, Xiao Cheng Jin didn’t dare say that he wasn’t full. On the contrary, he was thinking in his heart. Of the canned fruits that his father brought back from the county, there seemed to be an unopened can. He could bring it to Su Ruan Ruan later.

If Su Ruan Ruan ate more sweet things, she would be in a good mood and would definitely not beat people up casually.

Seeing that Xiao Cheng Jin had eaten but still wasn’t leaving, Su Ruan Ruan was a bit puzzled, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

Xiao Cheng Jin, “…”

Looking at Su Ruan Ruan’s somewhat impatient face, Xiao Cheng Jin secretly decided that it was better to hurry back and bring that can!

When he had almost reached the gate, he stopped again and turned to her, “By the way, because of her unexplained absence, Liu Xiuli’s morning work points were deducted.”

He had originally came over to talk to Su Ruan Ruan about this matter to make her happy, but who knows that he didn’t have the time to say this when he saw the scene of Su Ruan Ruan carrying a dead tree, delaying it until he remembered it now.

Su Ruan Ruan was dumbfounded for a moment at first when she heard this, but soon laughed, “She deserves it.”

Su Ruan Ruan was cute, and her smiling made one feel sweeter than if they had eaten honey, so as Xiao Cheng Jin looked at her smiling, he also smiled, “Don’t worry, if she still comes to trouble you in the future, I’ll tell my aunt again.”


It didn’t take much thought for Su Ruan Ruan to understand what was going on.

Xiao Cheng Jin’s aunt, Xiao Aimei was the scorekeeper, so it must have been Xiao Cheng Jin who went to talk to her about Liu Xiuli’s absence from work.

She wouldn’t get any benefits from Liu Xiuli’s work points being deducted, but at the thought of Liu Xiuli sad, she was happy.

Towards Xiao Cheng Jin who indirectly contributed to this incident, she was full of gratitude.

“Wait for me!”

After she said this, she turned around and went into the room quickly.

After entering the room, Su Ruan Ruan closed the door, went into the hundred treasures space, looked for a sheet of oil paper, and wrapped ten persimmon cakes in it.

Xiao Cheng Jin waited for a while, then saw Su Ruan Ruan come out with an oil paper bag.

“For you to eat.”

“For me?”

He couldn’t believe it. Did Su Ruan Ruan know that he wasn’t full, that was why she deliberately found something else for him to eat?

Sure enough, Su Ruan Ruan not only looked soft, her heart was also soft, it was just that she was a little bit stronger!

After receiving the oil paper bag, he thanked her solemnly, then left quickly.

He had to hurry home to get that canned good!

Looking at Xiao Cheng Jin’s increasingly distant figure, Su Ruan Ruan was somewhat confused.

Why did Xiao Cheng Jin thank her?

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