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Chapter 16 Cry for a long time after being punched

Su Ruan Ruan put the net bag on the ground, hugged Grandma Chen’s arm and shook it, “Grandma, I don’t want to go and work in the textile factory, I’m afraid.”

Grandma Chen doted on her the most, so hearing her say this, she would definitely not let her go and work in the textile factory anymore.

Sure enough, it was as she thought. Grandma Chen nodded in the end and said helplessly, “Since you don’t want to go, then don’t go. I’ll go to the captain tonight and talk to him about it and see what kind of work he can arrange for you. It’s almost summer harvest time, tell me, with your thin arms and legs, what can you do?”

If it was the Su Ruan Ruan from the previous life, then she really wouldn’t be able to do much work.

But now, she was no longer the previous Su Ruan Ruan!

She stood up and looked around, her eyes finally falling on a dead tree.

She didn’t know what kind of tree it was, but the trunk was thicker than her waist.

She took a few steps forward, bent down and wrapped her hands around the trunk of the tree.

When Grandma Chen saw her actions, her voice trembled in fear, “Ruan Ruan, you—“

Before she could finish, she saw Su Ruan Ruan pick up the dead tree and walk towards her step by step.

Su Ruan Ruan smiled beautifully, her eyes full of pride, “Grandma, look! Although I have thin arms and legs, I have strength! I can do any kind of work. In the future, I’ll earn work points to support you!”

Looking at Su Ruan Ruan’s face that was asking for praise, Grandma Chen laughed angrily, “You this girl, even if you have strength you don’t use it like this! What if you don’t put it down quickly, and it hurts your waist?”

Su Ruan Ruan put the dead tree back on the ground gently and said with a smile, “Grandma, don’t you always say that I’m a child and don’t have a waist?”

After being interrupted by Su Ruan Ruan, Grandma Chen didn’t get angry at all, “Ruan Ruan has grown up, grandma can’t scold you anymore!”

As soon as she heard this, Su Ruan Ruan rushed to her side and pulled her sleeves, acting like a spoiled child, “Grandma, I’ll always be your little baby!”


She touched Su Ruan Ruan’s nose, then pulled her to eat.

The two had delayed so long that the noodles were now mushy, but they still ate it happily.


Behind the two, more than ten meters behind a large tree, Xiao Cheng Jin retracted his gaze carefully, turned around and sat on the ground with his back against the tree.

Scared him to death!

Why did Su Ruan Ruan, that delicate and soft little girl, have so much strength?

Such a cute girl, shouldn’t she cry for a long time if she was punched?

He fell into deep self-doubt, but when he came back to his senses and was about to stand up, he saw Su Ruan Ruan when he looked up.

Su Ruan Ruan was holding the net bag, a smile on her face, “What are you doing sitting here?”

Xiao Cheng Jin glanced at her hand subconsciously, gulped, and stammered, “No… Nothing.”

Su Ruan Ruan looked down at the net bag in her hand and suddenly realized, “Are you hungry? Come, let’s go to my house for dinner!”

Just consider it a thank you for the pieces of candy he gave her.

Xiao Cheng Jin thought about the dead tree and nodded obediently.

He didn’t dare not nod!

What if he made her unhappy and she punched him, making him cry for a long time?

As they walked, he thought of the Wang mother and daughter. It was a miracle that they had been able to survive until now.

But thinking of Liu Xiuli’s nosebleed in the morning, he felt that this miracle wouldn’t last long.

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