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Chapter 15 Then I’ll be having fine food today

At the Su’s house, Su Ruan Ruan had already made lunch and was packing it into aluminum lunch boxes.

Although there were many good things in the hundred treasures space, she still had to think of a reason to take them out.

So for this lunch, she just made do with the food at home.

Simple hand-rolled eggplant noodles. The noodles were made of white flour and cornmeal hence they were a little yellow, but really fragrant.

The Su family had only Grandma Chen and Su Ruan Ruan, and the pension she received every year was left for the two of them to use, and if it wasn’t used up, it would be exchanged for tickets or food.

So the Su family had only two aluminum lunch boxes, one for each of them.

Although Grandma Chen loved her, she had taught her all the survival skills that should be learned.

Every morning after breakfast Grandma Chen would leave to go and herd sheep until mid-afternoon, before she would drive the sheep back to the sheep pen, so in the afternoon it was necessary for Su Ruan Ruan to prepare food for herself as she brought her own pancakes and water for food.

In the previous life, Su Ruan Ruan didn’t send lunch to Grandma Chen, but now, she wanted to treat her better.

The more one cooked, the more precise one’s grasp of quantity would be.

By the time both lunch boxes were filled, the pot was clean.

Putting both lunch boxes into her bag, Su Ruan Ruan set out.

Since it was lunchtime, there was hardly anyone outside. After she locked the gate, she went straight to the mountain behind their house.

The Su house was at the foot of the mountain, and the place where Grandma Chen herded the sheep was in this mountain, so just after Su Ruan Ruan entered the mountain, she found her.

Seeing that Su Ruan Ruan had come, Grandma Chen was a little surprised, “Ruan Ruan, why are you here?”

She raised the net bag in her hand, smiled and said to her, “I made hand-rolled noodles, grandma, let’s eat together!”

Grandma Chen’s eyes almost narrowed into slits as she smiled, “Then I’ll be having fine food today.”

Hearing these words, Su Ruan Ruan’s heart turned sour, but it didn’t show on her face, she just smiled and said, “In the future, I will come over every day to deliver food, so you don’t need to bring pancakes anymore!”

Hearing this, the smile on Grandma Chen’s face became even more brilliant, her eyes full of satisfaction as she looked at Su Ruan Ruan, “My Ruan Ruan has really grown up, she now knows how to dote on me. But you can’t come over every day to deliver meals, in two days time you’ll have to go to work in the textile factory.”

Speaking of which, Grandma Chen was a bit reluctant to part with her.

When Su Ruan Ruan was just born, she was thin and weak like a kitten, it was she who had taken care of her day and night, it hadn’t been easy for her to grow up this big.

For so many years, Su Ruan Ruan had never left her side, but now she was suddenly going to work alone in the county, she was really reluctant.

Su Ruan Ruan had originally planned to talk about the temporary work with her after dinner, but now that she heard her mention it, she didn’t wait any longer, “Grandma, I don’t plan to go to the textile factory as a temporary worker.”


Grandma Chen’s heart sank, could it be that she had been coaxed by Wang Aijuan again?

Without waiting for her to ask, she heard Su Ruan Ruan add, “I’m going to give up my temporary job to Sister Xiulan, then ask the captain to arrange an easy job for me so that I can stay with you!”

The first thought in Grandma Chen’s mind when she heard her words was that fortunately she hadn’t been coaxed by Wang Aijuan!


“Ruan Ruan ah, working as a temporary worker is much better than working in the village! How many work points can a little girl earn in the village under the scorching sun? Besides, working as a temporary worker won’t delay your high school studies!”

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