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Chapter 14 Shameless

Xiao Aimei was the daughter of the captain, Xiao Cheng Jin’s auntie, married to Shen Pingchuan who was in the same brigade.

Because she could read, write and count, she was not only the women’s director of the third production team, she was also a scorekeeper.

Of course, it was impossible for a brigade to have only one scorekeeper, so the other scorekeepers were divided according to land area.

Coincidentally, Liu Xiuli was in the area that Xiao Aimei was responsible for.

Xiao Aimei hadn’t noticed at first that Liu Xiuli wasn’t working, it was Xiao Cheng Jin who had suddenly ran to her and told her that Liu Xiuli wasn’t in the field.

She then turned around in the field, surprised when she didn’t find Liu Xiuli.

At first Xiao Aimei thought Liu Xiuli had gone to the toilet, but when she didn’t see her come back until they got off work, she suddenly became unhappy.

So seeing Liu Xiuli now, the expression on her face was naturally not good.

Liu Xiuli noticed the people around her staring at her and felt uncomfortable, but she could only summon up the courage and step forward, looking at Xiao Aimei with a flattering smile, “Aimei, my stomach was uncomfortable, so I was in the toilet for a long time, I didn’t deliberately skip work. You can’t deduct my work points because of this!”

Hearing this, Xiao Aimei’s brows furrowed, her eyes sharpening as she looked at Liu Xiuli, “You’re saying you didn’t deliberately skip work, so I don’t have to deduct your work points? If all the people in our production team follow your example, will there be anyone who would work? You’re just taking advantage of the public with such hedonistic thinking! Liu Xiuli, your malignant and twisted ways are unacceptable! I must deduct your work points this morning, otherwise how can you stand up to the members who work hard in the field? Everyone what do you think?”

Xiao Aimei’s words were like a hundred answers to a single call. The people surrounding her nodded, agreeing, and a few people who didn’t mind watching the excitement even pointed at Liu Xiuli, scolding her.

Two fists couldn’t defeat four hands, let alone facing so many people. Liu Xiuli felt indignant, but she could only swallow her anger.

Before she returned to the Wang house, the fact that all her morning work points had been deducted had already reached the ears of Granny Wang.

When Granny Wang heard this news, she was so angry that smoke was coming out from her head.

Seeing Liu Xiuli and Wang Aijuan entering the house one after the other when she turned her head, she started cursing immediately.

“You this lazy b**ch! Did you fall into the toilet? You lost all your morning work points! I can see that you don’t want to eat in the afternoon either!”

Hearing her mother being scolded, Wang Aijuan stepped forward to block Liu Xiuli, “Grandma, my mother didn’t mean to, besides she didn’t…”

“I’m talking to your mother! Is there a place for you this money-losing thing to talk? You said you would go to the textile factory as a temporary worker, how many days has it been? Why is there no news yet? Where did you get the face to eat at home all day long? Go to work this afternoon! I’ll go to the captain and ask him to arrange a job for you! You’re fifteen years old, yet you’re still at home eating rice, aren’t you embarrassed? If I were you, I would be too ashamed to live! You just have the face to eat, eat eat! Why don’t you just choke to death?”

At the end of her sentence she rolled her eyes in addition, fully expressing her dislike for Wang Aijuan.

Granny Wang was patriarchal, and Wang Aijuan grew up listening to her scolding, but even so when she heard her words, her eyes couldn’t help but become red.

At the same time, she hated Su Ruan Ruan in her heart even more.

If she had been sent to the Su house at the beginning, how good would it have been!

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