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Chapter 13 If someone did something that shouldn’t be done, she could just take action

Seeing the expression on Liu Xiuli’s face change then change again, Su Ruan Ruan was in a good mood, continuing, “I’m also not someone who isn’t aware of those who are close and those who are distant, the temporary work in the textile factory must definitely be particularly hard, so it’s better to let sister Xiulan go and work hard!”

Wang Aijuan, “!!!”

She was willing to work hard!

Liu Xiuli could no longer keep on smile, “Ruan Ruan, Aijuan is not afraid of hard work.”

Su Ruan Ruan blinked, “But my heart aches for her! It’s better for us to stay in the village together.”

Liu Xiuli was a bit annoyed since speaking well didn’t work either, both of her eyebrows going up, the expression she was using to look at Su Ruan Ruan also becoming extremely impatient, “How can you not understand the words I’m saying? I have said that Aijuan isn’t afraid of hard work, that temporary work quota, hurry up and take it back, give it to Aijuan.”

Seeing her like this, Su Ruan Ruan showed a surprised expression, her eyes full of incredulity, “You’re actually being mean to me! Didn’t you say that ever since you sent me out as a child, you’ve felt very guilty and want to compensate me doubly? I’m letting my sister stay in the village for her own good, and you’re being so mean to me! Were all the things you said to me before all lies? I will never trust you again, get out of my house!”

As Su Ruan Ruan said this, she reached out to push Liu Xiuli.

It stands to reason that an adult like Liu Xiuli shouldn’t be pushed so easily by Su Ruan Ruan, however Su Ruan Ruan pushed her and Wang Aijuan out of the door together easily, then closed the door with a bang.

Looking at the door that was closed tightly again, Wang Aijuan felt the veins at her temples jumping.

Angered to death by Su Ruan Ruan.


Wang Aijuan looked at Liu Xiuli aggrievedly, tears coming out.

What should they do now?

In a moment, it would be time to get off work, and when the time comes, Granny Wang would definitely ask her about the temporary work quota.

Liu Xiuli’s face was also very ugly.

Had Su Ruan Ruan taken the wrong medicine? Why had she become so willful?

The mother and daughter gritted their teeth in their hearts with hate, but they didn’t dare go to the Xiao family to look for Xiao Xiulan.

Liu Xiuli knocked on the door again, wanting to talk to Su Ruan Ruan, but after a long time, she didn’t see her coming to open the door.

Having no other choice, she could only leave with Wang Aijuan.

In the courtyard, not caring when Liu Xiuli and Wang Aijuan left, Su Ruan Ruan wandered around the yard, looking for something heavy to test her strength.

When she had pushed Liu Xiuli and Wang Aijuan just now, she noticed that her strength seemed to be much greater than before.

After looking round, her landed her eyes on the small millstone in the corner.

Although the millstone was small, it weighed a hundred pounds.

She stood at the edge of the millstone, took a deep breath, then lifted it up with both hands. The result, she lifted it up easily!

Looking at the millstone in her hand, Su Ruan Ruan’s mouth opened round in shock.

When had her strength become so great?

This wouldn’t be a benefit of rebirth too, right?

Thinking like this, she grinned happily.

It was good to have such strength!

This way, in the future if someone did something that shouldn’t be done, she could just take action!


Not long after Liu Xiuli left the Su’s house with Wang Aijuan, she ran into the crowd coming back from work.

The others were okay, but once Xiao Aimei saw Liu Xiuli, she stood still and said loudly, “Xiuli! Where have you been all morning? How come I didn’t see you? You weren’t in the field when it was time to work, how can I give you work points for it?”

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  1. LOL what a good mother and sister! Ah the usual physical upgrade then after she finds her memory became much better too


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