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Chapter 12 Really stupid, or pretending to be stupid?

After returning to the house, Su Ruan Ruan closed the door behind her and hurried into the hundred treasures space.

When she succeeded in entering the hundred treasures space again, Su Ruan Ruan felt that she hadn’t seen enough before.

She had been in a bit of a hurry yesterday when she came in and didn’t have time to look at many things, but now she had the time to look around.

Turning around, she found that there were not only all kinds of food, but also all kinds of fabrics, as well as ready made clothes and shoes.

Enamel jars, enamel basins, themos flasks, flashlights, toothpaste, toothbrushes, perfumed soaps and odinary soaps, really a dazzling lineup, too many to count.

After probably going round another turn, she came out of the hundred treasures space.

As soon as she came out, she heard sharp raps on the door as well as violent, angry shouts.

She was familiar with that voice, it was Liu Xiuli.

She didn’t need to guess, Liu Xiuli must have come over because of the temporary work issue.

It was now time to go to work, but unsurprisingly Liu Xiuli had run here without going. The corners of Su Ruan Ruan’s mouth moved, revealing a sneer then she walked out quickly.

After reaching the gate, she opened it without hesitating.

The speed that she used to open the gate was so fast that Liu Xiuli, who was banging on the gate rapidly outside wasn’t prepared. Her hands met empty space, then she fell forward.

Su Ruan Ruan tilted her body to the side, letting her fell on the ground.

Wang Aijuan who was standing behind her was startled, then rushed forward to help her.

When she helped Liu Xiuli up, she was shocked.

Liu Xiuli’s nose was red and swollen, with two trails of blood flowing down, the rest of her face stained with yellow dirt.

Su Ruan Ruan didn’t expect Liu Xiuli to fall like this. She wanted to laugh, but quickly held back.

Liu Xiuli only saw golden stars in her eyes that hurt. After rubbing with her sleeves for a long time, she was still unable to wipe the blood off. Instead, she rubbed the blood on her cheeks, which made it look even more funny.

Su Ruan Ruan was still trying her best to hold back her laughter when Wang Aijuan suddenly turned her head and shouted at her in a sharp voice, “Su Ruan Ruan! What is wrong with you! Look at how you’ve knocked mother down!”

Su Ruan Ruan blinked her big round eyes, her expression as innocent as she could possibly be, “How can you blame me for this? I heard that you were shouting so anxiously, so I hurried to open the door!”

It was clearly Liu Xiuli herself who didn’t stand firmly, how could she be blamed for this?



Wang Aijuan still wanted to say something else but was stopped by Liu Xiuli, “Ruan Ruan is not to be blamed for this.”

Hearing Liu Xiuli’s words, Su Ruan Ruan lifted her small chin proudly and said to Wang Aijuan, “Look, she doesn’t blame me.”

Wang Aijuan’s nose crooked with anger, but she could only snort and turn her head, no longer looking at Su Ruan Ruan.

After using a bit of effort for a while, Liu Xiuli finally managed to stop the bleeding, then smiled at Su Ruan Ruan, “Ruan Ruan, I heard from Aijuan that you have given the temporary worker quota to Xiao Xiulan?”


Although she had already heard it from Wang Aijuan, hearing Su Ruan Ruan admitting it so bluntly now, Liu Xiuli’s breath still stagnanted.

But she quickly laughed again, “Ruan Ruan, how can you give such a good thing to an outsider for free?”

Upon hearing this, Su Ruan Ruan said with a serious expression, “How can you say that she is an outsider? We are all from the same production team, we should love each other and help each other. Mother, didn’t you tell me the same thing before?”

Liu Xiuli could no longer maintain the smile on her face.

Had she said that before?

She was clearly saying that Su Ruan Ruan and Wang Aijuan were biological sisters and that they should love and help each other.

Su Ruan Ruan, this girl, was she really stupid, or was she pretending to be stupid with her here?

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