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Chapter 11 Eating sweets put her in a good mood

Facing Su Ruan Ruan’s inquiring eyes, Xiao Cheng Jin put his hands in his pockets, raised his chin slightly and pretended to say casually, “I just came by to see if you were still crying.”

Hearing these words, Su Ruan Ruan almost exploded.

That thing had happened last night, how could she be still crying until now?

She felt that she finally knew why she and Xiao Cheng Jin didn’t know each other well in the previous life. It must be because his words angered people to death.

“I’m not crying, as you can see, so you can go back.”

Su Ruan Ruan started to close the door when she finished. Xiao Cheng Jin, upon seeing this, moved his hands quickly to hold the door frame.

“What are you doing again?”

Su Ruan Ruan frowned slightly, looking at him with uncertainty.

While Grandma Chen wasn’t at home, she wanted to study the hundred treasures space, why was this Xiao Cheng Jin still not leaving?

“That, why did you just say you gave the job to my sister?”

He had just gotten out of the house, how come he hadn’t heard anything about this?

It turns out he was asking about this!

Su Ruan Ruan suddenly understood and no longer continued to close the door, “I just discussed it with my grandmother today. When the work is finished later, my grandma will go and tell the captain about it.”

“Why don’t you want to go to the textile factory?”

Xiao Cheng Jin didn’t understand what Su Ruan Ruan was thinking, they couldn’t go to high school now, how good was it to be able to go and work in the textile factory?

How come it was like if Su Ruan Ruan wasn’t giving this out, she was giving that out?

Su Ruan Ruan didn’t know what was in Xiao Cheng Jin’s mind, she just said what she thought, “I don’t want to be too far away from grandma. If I leave, grandma will be left alone at home.”

High school will resume classes by next fall at the latest. By then she will have to go to school, so there was really no need to go to the textile factory to be a temporary worker.

If she didn’t have the Hundred treasures space, she might have considered it, but now that she had it, she won’t consider it at all.

Xiao Cheng Jin looked at her fixedly for a while before nodding, “Then I’ll go home and tell my grandfather.”

With that, he removed his hand that was holding the door frame.

Su Ruan Ruan thought he was leaving, but she didn’t expect that he would pull something out of his pocket quickly and stuff it into her hand.

Before she had time to see what it was clearly, he had already run more than ten meters away.

So fast!

Su Ruan Ruan sighed. It wasn’t until his figure could no longer be seen that she lowered her head to look at the things in her hand.

The brightly colored cellophane wrapper glittered in the sunlight, stunning Su Ruan Ruan on the spot when she saw it.

What Xiao Cheng Jin had given her was actually fruit candy!

And the fruit candy was wrapped in with sugar paper!

Nowadays, fruit candy wasn’t cheap. The unpackaged one cost one cent, and the packaged one cost at least two cents.

She counted, there were a total of five pieces of candy, which equaled 10 cents!

As expected, he was the grandson of the captain, and he had parents who were workers in the county, that was why he was so generous with his money.

But she wasn’t the kind of person who loved to take advantage of others. In a while she would go into the hundred treasures space to see what she could give him to eat, she would just consider it a return gift.

After turning a corner, Xiao Cheng Jin stopped and waited for a short while before turning around quietly to look, but saw that the Su family’s door was already closed.

He retracted his gaze and stood with his back against the wall, thinking in his heart that when Su Ruan Ruan ate the candy, she wouldn’t be sad anymore.

His sister Xiao Xiulan ate candy every time she was unhappy, saying that eating sweets put her in a good mood.

A little girl like Su Ruan Ruan must also love eating sweets too!

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