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Chapter 10 Was he being disdained?

After finishing this long list of words in one breath, while Wang Aijuan still hadn’t reacted yet, Su Ruan Ruan broke away from her hand, turned around, went into the yard, and closed the gate with a bang.

The sound of the door closing woke the dazed Wang Aijuan up. Looking at the closed door in front of her, she opened her mouth to say something but didn’t know what to say.

She had said before that she couldn’t bear to let Su Ruan Ruan go and work as a temporary worker, of course it was so that she would be able to go and work as a temporary worker herself.

But can this be said?

It can’t.

If she said that, then there was really no room for redemption.

Su Ruan Ruan had been raised by Grandma Chen to be naive and kind, even if she was angry it wouldn’t last long, hence Wang Aijuan bit her lips, pretending to be aggrieved, “Ruan Ruan, I’m really doing it for your own good, you don’t know, being a temporary worker is exhausting, and you’re still young. If you stop growing up because of being tired what would you do?”

“I didn’t expect that you would misunderstand me because of this. If that’s the case, then giving this temporary worker quota to Xiao Xiulan is also quite good, at least then you won’t misunderstand me again.”

“You rest at home, I’ll be leaving first.”

After she finished, she didn’t rush to leave, she was waiting for Su Ruan Ruan to open the door.

Su Ruan Ruan’s personality was like a clay that could be pinched. After hearing her words just now, she would definitely be moved to tears, then open the door and hug her as she cried, and then give her the spot as a temporary worker.

As time passed, Wang Aijuan went from her initial confidence, to uneasiness, then finally anxiousness, but she still didn’t see the door open.

She leaned on it to listen, but there was no movement inside.

By this time, she had to admit to herself that what Su Ruan Ruan said just now about not wanting to see her wasn’t a joke, she was being serious.

In this hot June, Wang Aijuan’s face actually turned pale, her head full of sweat, her heart even more anxious.

If she couldn’t work as a temporary worker, then what should she do now?

At the thought of going back to face the fierce Granny Wang, Wang Aijuan shuddered.

Now that things had come to this point, she no longer cared about pretending to be weak. She raised her hand and started banging on the door.

“Ruan Ruan! Su Ruan Ruan! Come out for me!”

The spot as a temporary worker was hers, why should she give it to Xiao Xiulan!

She must make Su Ruan Ruan, that damn girl, change her mind today!

With this thought in mind, her expression gradually became savage.

Her hand was about to bang the door again when it was suddenly grabbed from behind.

“Who is that? Let go of me!”

She roared, turning her head back to look.

Then, she froze!

“Xiao… Xiao Cheng Jin! What are you doing?”

He snorted coldly, pushing her to the side with force.

“Are you trying to steal my sister’s job?”

Xiao Cheng Jin and Wang Aijuan were the same age, but he was a head taller than her, so at this time he looked down at her condescendingly, eyes full of disdain.

“I’m not….”

“I don’t care if you are or aren’t, if you dare come again, I will beat you up!”

As he said this, he also shook his fist.

Xiao Cheng Jin was the grandson of the captain, his character was brutal and domineering. Even when he was in junior high school in the town, no one in the school dared provoke him, Wang Aijuan would even take a detour whenever she saw him.

Now that he was threatening her, she didn’t dare say a word, she turned and ran away.

Xiao Cheng Jin looked at Wang Aijuan’s back and snorted before knocking on the door lightly.

Su Ruan Ruan had been listening to the movement outside in the yard, so as soon as the door was knocked on, she opened it.

Without waiting for him to speak, she opened her mouth, “Why are you here again?”


Xiao Cheng Jin: Was he being disdained?

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