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Chapter 9 I never want to see you again

It wasn’t that Wang Aijuan was afraid of Grandma Chen, but now she had something to ask of her, so she had not other option but to lower herself.

Grandma Chen glanced at her coldly, turned her head and said softly to Su Ruan Ruan, “Ruan Ruan, in a while, close the door properly, don’t let any messy people into the yard, understand?”

Su Ruan Ruan nodded obediently, “I know, grandma.”

It wasn’t until Grandma Chen walked away that Wang Aijuan said her, “Ruan Ruan, don’t misunderstand, it’s because I shouted for a long time but didn’t see you open the door that’s why I was anxious, so explain to Grandma Chen for me later that I didn’t do it on purpose. Ruan Ruan why didn’t you open the door just now? I’ve shouted for so long that my throat is dry, let’s go so that you make me a bowl of sugar water—“

As she said this, she was about to bypass Su Ruan Ruan to enter the yard, but was stopped by Su Ruan Ruan’s body.

“Ruan Ruan, what are you doing!?”

Wang Aijuan frowned, looking at her with displeasure.

She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she kept on feeling that Su Ruan Ruan was a bit strange today.

There wasn’t a hint of a smile on Su Ruan Ruan’s face and her appearance which usually looked timid and weak, actually looked a little cold today.

“Didn’t you hear what my grandmother said? She asked me not to let messy people into the yard!”

Wang Aijuan didn’t have a good temper, so she yelled when she heard this, “Su Ruan Ruan what do you mean by this? How am I a messy person? I’m your biological sister!”

Su Ruan Ruan sneered, “My biological sister who makes calculations on my rations and work?”

“What… what do you mean?” Panic flashed across Wang Aijuan’s face.

Although she usually pretended to be gentle in front of Su Ruan Ruan, it was impossible for a 15-year-old girl to completely conceal her emotions.

Seeing the panic on Wang Aijuan’s face, Su Ruan Ruan’s words changed, “My grandma said, she is going to give the temporary work to the village chief’s granddaughter sister Xiulan, so that he will arrange a light and easy work for me.”

Hearing this, Wang Aijuan looked at her as if she had seen a ghost, “Is your grandmother crazy?”

A good temporary worker quota, why was she going to give it to that stinky girl Xiao Xiulan?

Ignoring Wang Aijuan’s eyes that looked like she wanted to eat someone, Su Ruan Ruan smiled brightly, “Sister Xiulan has a good heart and is hardworking, if she goes to the textile factory as a temporary worker, she will definitely be able to become a regular employee soon. At that time sister Xiulan will become a full-time worker.”

“My grandma has given sister Xiulan such a great benefit, just asking the chief to arrange a light and easy job for me, he will definitely be willing. When that time comes I can stay with my grandma in the village and still earn work credits, isn’t that simply killing two birds with one stone?”

“Besides, you also said that you couldn’t bear for me to go and work alone in the textile factory, I also can’t bear to let you go.
In the future we will both stay in the town and see each other every day, isn’t it a good idea?”

At this moment, Wang Aijuan could no longer hear what she was saying, her mind was full of Su Ruan Ruan’s sentence that the temporary job quota had been given to Xiao Xiulan.

Seeing the brilliant smile on Su Ruan Ruan’s face, she couldn’t wait to scratch her face.

Without the temporary work quota, wouldn’t she have to go and work in the fields?

She had been studying for so many years, how could she become a peasant farmer?

She stepped forward and grabbed Su Ruan Ruan’s arm, “Ruan Ruan! Ruan Ruan! Go and talk to the village chief and ask him to give the temporary worker’s quota back, uh?”

The smile on Su Ruan Ruan’s face wiped off. “No. Didn’t you say that you also don’t want to go to work as a temporary worker, saying that you couldn’t bear to let me go? Now that we don’t have to go, why are you unwilling again? Could it be that what you said to me before was all a lie? You didn’t want me to become a temporary worker just for your own sake? You liar! I never want to see you again.

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2 thoughts on “Rebirth to the sixties with space

  1. I always wish characters like Wang Aijun are cut off in the beginning because resources are bound to end up being wasted if she gets smarter in entrapping the FL. Especially since the mother is on her side.
    It’s good to keep your enemies closer but not necessarily someone who has gone as far as to murder you in a previous life. Really like the system/space on the story though~ Can’t wait to see her whip up some delicious food for Grandma Chen

    1. Same. The summary said she would move and get out of this villiage if i remember correctly so, I’m just waiting for that moment.
      Lol cooking food is a requirement in these novels haha clearly I need to brush up on my cookings skills if this ever happens to me

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