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Chapter 8 My Ruan Ruan has grown up

There were two bowls of porridge cooked with husked rice and coarse corn grains on the kitchen table, a bowl of fried shredded potatoes, freshly steamed buns and two boiled eggs.

The steamed buns were made of a mix of white flour with sweet potato flour, or white flour with corn flour.

They couldn’t afford to eat white rice flour alone, so Grandma Chen added some to the coarse grains to enrichen the taste and ensure nutrition.

Fortunately, the commune canteen had been disbanded when spring began. Otherwise, even if Grandma Chen could buy grain, she wouldn’t have been able to cook for Su Ruan Ruan.

The two sat down to eat and while Su Ruan Ruan was eating, she thought about how to take out the things in the space for Grandma Chen to eat.

She hadn’t thought of a solution yet when Wang Aijuan unexpectedly came to the door first.

Both Su Ruan Ruan and Wang Aijuan had just graduated from junior high school and hadn’t been home for more than a few days.

The Wang family’s Granny Wang and Grandma Chen were totally different. Granny Wang always looked down on her granddaughter. Wang Aijuan hadn’t spent more than a few days at home, but she already couldn’t wait to not see her face, urging her all day to go out into the field to work and earn work points.

They belonged to the third production brigade of the Hong Qi Commune and the girls as old as Wang Aijuan who didn’t go to junior high school on the team, had already reached the stage where they could work to get eight work points.

Even if there were things that they weren’t able to do, they could at the very least still get six work points a day.

If they worked hard honestly for a few months, by the time the autumn harvest was divided, they would also be able to get a lot of grain.

Granny Wang was greedy for this grain, so how could she be willing to let Wang Aijuan be idle at home all day?

Had it not been for Wang Aijuan swearing to her that she would be able to work as a temporary worker in the county textile factory, Granny Wang would have dragged her by the ear to go work in the field.

In order not to have her face to the ground and back to the sky in the countryside mud all day long, Wang Aijuan had no other choice but to come to Su Ruan Ruan early in the morning.

Listening to Wang Aijuan shouting outside, Su Ruan Ruan still ate her breakfast in a calm manner, not behaving like she usually did when she heard her shouting outside. It was as if her buttocks were nailed to the seat.

Seeing her like this, Grandma Chen smiled.

“My Ruan Ruan has grown up.”

She blushed upon hearing this, “Grandma!”

Was she saying that she had been small and stupid before and that was why she had been deceived by Wang Aijuan?

“Alright, alright, grandma won’t say anything.” Grandma Chen’s eyes narrowed with a smile, “Since Ruan Ruan has grown up, then grandma won’t have to worry about it in the future. That person outside —“

“Grandma you don’t have to worry about it, I’ll take care of it myself in a while.”

Su Ruan Ruan said this firmly, her face full of confidence. Seeing this, Grandma Chen didn’t say anything more.

Children always had to fly on their own when they grew up, she just needed to watch from the sidelines.

Grandma Chen wasn’t too old, and she also needed to work, but her job was light, it was just tending the sheep for the production team.

Their third production brigade raised a total of three sheep. There was no other way, they couldn’t afford to raise more. Nowadays, some people even had to dig grass roots and eat the bark of trees, where was there grass to feed sheep?

Moreover she also received a pension and every month there were food stamps, which she could entrust to Su Aimin’s comrades in the county to buy her food.

Otherwise, relying on the six work points earned from tending to the sheep alone, the two of them would have long starved to death.

After the meal, Su Ruan Ruan and Grandma Chen cleaned up the dishes, tables and chairs together before walking to the front door together.

Wang Aijuan, who had been shouting outside for a long time was fuming with rage.

Seeing the door finally opening, she opened her mouth and started to curse, “Su Ruan Ruan, you this damn–“

Before she could finish, she saw Grandma Chen’s gloomy face. She didn’t dare continue speaking the rest of her words, her yellow face flushing in a daze.

“Gran…. Grandma Chen.”

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