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Chapter 7 Really people who didn’t want face

While saying this, Grandma Chen patted Su Ruan Ruan’s back gently with her hand, as if she was coaxing a child.

Hearing Grandma Chen’s loving voice, Su Ruan Ruan’s eyelashes trembled slightly and the tears in her eyes could no longer be controlled, sliding down her cheeks.


She pounced into Grandma Chen’s arms, wrapping her hands around her tightly.

In this life, no one would ever hurt her grandma!

Xiao Cheng Jin, who was standing outside heard the commotion inside and walked in quickly. Seeing the situation, he said immediately, “Are you crying because you were bullied by them? You… Don’t cry, I won’t let Wang Aijuan take your job away.”

Grandma Chen originally didn’t know why Su Ruan Ruan was crying, but when she heard his words, she immediately understood, hurriedly comforting her, “Ruan Ruan don’t cry, grandma is here, the job is for you, no one can take it away, don’t worry! Don’t worry!”

Su Ruan Ruan was moved and aggrieved, and there was also guilt and remorse in her heart, a variety of emotions mixing together, she couldn’t stop crying.

After she finally got tired from crying, her head became dizzy again and she was supported by Grandma Chen to lie down on the kang, soon falling asleep.

As Grandma Chen tidied her hair, her hand touched the lump at the back of her head. Her face froze instantly, becoming frightening.

“Cheng Jin, what do you know, tell me!”

Xiao Cheng Jin nodded and told her exactly what he had heard after coming over.

Hearing his words, her face became more and more ugly.

She thought that the Wang family was after all Su Ruan Ruan’s flesh and blood relatives, so she hadn’t stopped them from contacting Su Ruan Ruan.

Su Ruan Ruan was simple in nature and was sincere to people, but she didn’t expect that she would be coaxed and tricked by the Wang family.

Really people who didn’t want face!

She had spared no effort to find a job for Ruan Ruan, but the Wang family had the face to come and snatch it!

“Cheng Jin, it’s almost dark, you hurry home! Thank you for watching over Ruan Ruan here today.”

Xiao Cheng Jin smiled, scratching his head when he heard her words, “No need for thanks, Grandma Chen, then I’ll be leaving first.”

With that said, he glanced at Su Ruan Ruan who was sleeping on the kang again before turning around and walking out.

When this little girl fell asleep, she looked more like a child!


Su Ruan Ruan was awakened by the heat.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself covered with a thin blanket.

Although the blanket was thin, it was now in June and the early morning sun was both fierce and blinding, being covered with a blanket, it would be strange if she didn’t sweat.

Even so, she still smiled happily.

She knew that it was Grandma Chen who had covered her with the blanket, afraid that she would catch a cold.

She folded the quilt, put it in the kang cabinet, put on her shoes and went to the outer room.

In the outer room, Grandma Chen was preparing breakfast and seeing Su Ruan Ruan come out, she smiled, “Ruan Ruan you’re up? Go and wash your face, you can eat in a while!”

Su Ruan Ruan nodded, “Grandma, I know.”

She walked to the cupboard by the wall, reached out and took the enamel jar from it that said labor was the most honorable thing.

The enamel jar contained her toothbrush and toothpaste, which Grandma Chen bought for her at the town’s supply and marketing agency.

Most of the people in the village used wicker dipped in coarse salt to rub their teeth. Before their teeth would be cleaned, a layer of skin in their mouths would be worn away by the wicker.

Not to mention others, even Wang Aijuan had been coveting her toothpaste and toothbrush for a long time.

If it weren’t for Grandma Chen keeping a tight watch over them, she wouldn’t have these things to use right now.

When she came back from washing up, Grandma Chen had just finished preparing breakfast.

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