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Chapter 6 Grandma is here

By now, no matter how stupid Su Ruan Ruan was, she knew she was lucky.

With these things, it was enough for her and her grandma to live prosperously for decades. There was no need to be afraid of famine, and Grandma Chen wouldn’t fall ill because she didn’t have enough food to eat again.

After the excitement died down, she thought of a more pressing issue, how to get out of this place?

As she was thinking this, the scene in front of her changed and then she was standing on the bed.

When she looked down, the box was still on the kang.

However she just didn’t know if it was her illusion, but she felt that the box had become much darker, it wasn’t as red as it was before, but a little black.

She picked it up, ready to take a closer look, but didn’t know where she pressed, the box actually opened.

Inside the box was a yellowed piece of paper with two lines of words written on it:

Hundred treasures space, those who are predestined to get it, get it.

Su Ruan Ruan wanted to take a closer look at it but saw that the paper unexpectedly become transparent slowly, then finally disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Su Ruan Ruan was surprised, but was still able to accept it.

First rebirth, then she just saw so many supplies, and then seeing this scene now, she was already able to accept it.

As soon as she sat down with the box, she heard Xiao Cheng Jin’s voice come into the room.

“Grandma Chen, you’re back?”

Su Ruan Ruan’s heart tightened, then she hurriedly put on her shoes and got off the bed to go outside, but before she could reach the middle of the room, she saw Grandma Chen walking in.

Grandma Chen was just fifty years old this year, but there was still no white hair on her head and her body was also very strong. Seeing Su Ruan Ruan, she smiled, “I thought you were asleep, how come you’re up again?”

Looking at the familiar smile, listening to the familiar voice, Su Ruan Ruan’s eyes became hot, her tears almost falling.

When she was born, Granny Wang, her real grandmother, was going to throw her into the back of the mountains to feed the wolves.

It was Grandma Chen who saw it and stopped it, giving her a large sum of money, which could be considered as having bought her life.

Grandma Chen’s husband, Su Aimin, joined the army early but in the end, didn’t come back.

She lived alone with her pension, deserted and cheerless.

Grandma Chen always said that after having her, her life had finally gotten off to a good start.

She treated her several times better than how other grandmothers in the village treated their own granddaughters.

Even though she always thought of her biological parents and siblings, Grandma Chen never said a word about it to her.

When she gave her rations to the Wang family, Grandma Chen would give her own rations to her.

If it hadn’t been for this, Grandma Chen wouldn’t have fallen ill and suffered from illness for many years to come.

Su Ruan Ruan went to school early with Wang Aijuan who was a year older than her.

At the time she was fourteen years old and Wang Aijuan was fifteen years old, but the two of them graduated from junior high school together.

At that particular time, it happened to be the sixties and the year was bad, everyone couldn’t get enough to eat, let alone go to school.

The junior high school in the town closed, and even the senior high school in the county no longer admitted students.

It was Grandma Chen who thought she was young and weak and couldn’t bear to let her do farm work at home, so she found her a job in a textile factory through her connections.

However because she wasn’t old enough, she was only a temporary worker.

But even if it was a temporary job, it was still something that was in high demand in the eyes of rural people.

Wang Aijuan set her sights on this job, pulling Liu Xiuli together with her to come and cry and beg in front of Su Ruan Ruan, saying a lot of good words.

In her last life, she was soft-hearted. After Liu Xiuli and Wang Aijuan cried and begged, she finally gave up her job.

When Grandma Chen came back and learned of her decision, she only sighed but didn’t say much.

She dug out her heart and soul to treat Wang Aijuan well, but didn’t expect that she had raised a white-eyed wolf.

Thinking of all the things that had happened before she died in the previous life, Su Ruan Ruan couldn’t wait to strangle Wang Aijuan.

Grandma Chen waited for a long time but didn’t see Su Ruan Ruan utter a word. Upon taking a closer look and seeing that she was dazed and her eyes were red, she suddenly became nervous.

“Why are you crying? Ruan Ruan, Ruan Ruan, don’t cry, grandma is here, okay?”

**I didn’t know whether to leave the “ah” in the sentence -“don’t cry”…. So.

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