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Happy New Year!!

Chapter 5 Good stuff you couldn’t buy without a ticket

Xiao Cheng Jin turned around and walked away quickly, giving Su Ruan Ruan the feeling that he was running away.

The corners of her mouth curved up.

In her memory, Xiao Cheng Jin always had his chin raised up slightly, arrogant and cold, having an expression that said he was very difficult to approach.

Unexpectedly, he had such a cute side.

She was just about to lie down when out of the corner of her eye she saw the wooden box sitting on the kang cabinet.

The box was only the size of a red brick, four-square without a single pattern, but it was very heavy.

If not, it wouldn’t have been possible for Wang Aijuan to use it to kill her directly in the previous life.

She had been killed by it in her previous life and woke up again because she had been smashed with it.

Having a complex feeling in her heart, she picked the box that was a curious coincidence up.

Knowing that it was heavy, she used a lot of strength to lift it up.

However, she didn’t expect that the box was light, making her feel lightheaded instead.

After steadying her body, Su Ruan Ruan felt a little dizzy in the head.

She didn’t know if it was because she was too dizzy, but she saw that the surrounding scenery had changed.

In a place she had never seen before, there were rows and rows of shelves and the shelves were full of items.

She stared blankly as she looked at the things, stood up unconsciously and walked towards the shelf closest to her.

The shelves were lined with boxes, and the boxes were packed with persimmon cakes.

The persimmon cakes were a bit bigger than her palm, emitting a burst of sweet smell that kept going straight to her nose.

Even though Su Ruan Ruan had already eaten dinner, she still couldn’t resist, swallowing her saliva.

After a moment of hesitation, she reached out carefully and picked up a persimmon cake.

The persimmon cake was soft and smooth to the touch and when she bit into it, it was soft and sweet in her mouth.

This feeling, it was nothing like an illusion at all!

Without knowing it, she ate a whole persimmon cake.

After eating it, her stomach felt warm.

This time, she was even more certain that this was definitely not an illusion.

But if it wasn’t an illusion, then where was she?

She raised her eyes to look around then simply walked forward.

As she walked along, Su Ruan Ruan was stunned to find that this place was even bigger than the county’s department store, but she didn’t know by how much. Some of the things inside she had seen in the department store, but others she hadn’t seen before.

There was no need to compare the quantity. If she took out a random row of shelves, it would be more than the supply in the department stores.

Along the way, she not only saw all kinds and types of rice and grain, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, sweets and snacks, fabric garments and shoes, she also saw rows of canned goods.

The cans were packed in glass bottles with nothing attached to them, but the contents could be seen clearly through the glass.

Canned apples, canned oranges, canned yellow peaches and many more canned fruits that she couldn’t name.

In addition to the canned fruits, there was also a variety of canned meats.

There were stickers on the cans, but they were also very simple.

Canned braised pork, canned pork ribs, canned fish, canned beef, canned lamb….

The more she looked at the plenty different kinds, the more she felt more and more greedy.

She was obviously already full!

She quickened up her pace, walking forward quickly.

Walking to the front, she didn’t expect to see a lot of tin cans again.

She froze for a moment, then picked up a can to take a look. It had three big words written on it — malted milk extract.

She put it down, walked forward a bit, then picked up another can, it said on top — walnut powder.

Next, Su Ruan Ruan also saw arrowroot powder and rice flour.

These were all good stuff, even if you had money, you simply couldn’t buy them without a ticket.

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