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Chapter 4 You don’t want to be a pig anymore?

Su Ruan Ruan frowned a little uncomfortably, “What did you come for?”

“Grandma Chen is at my house talking to my grandfather about somethings, she was afraid you will be scared at home alone so she asked me come over.” Xiao Cheng Jin said carelessly.


Su Ruan Ruan answered, but in her heart she was wondering why such thing didn’t happen in her previous life.

What she didn’t know was that Xiao Cheng Jin had also come in the previous life.

It was just that he was outside the door when he heard her being coaxed around by Liu Xiuli and Wang Aijuan, whispered that she was an idiot and didn’t go in.

Although he didn’t go in, he stood in front of the Su’s house until Grandma Chen returned.

In this life, Su Ruan Ruan was not only not coaxed by Liu Xiuli and Wang Aijuan, she also lied to coax the two away, making his heart satisfied, so naturally he went into the house and said that sentence.

“That job of yours has been implemented, your grandma is at my house talking to my grandfather about moving your account.” Xiao Cheng Jin said.

Su Ruan Ruan, “Oh!”

“What oh? Why did you lie to them about the job not being implemented yet?”

She blinked, “If I didn’t lie to them that the job hasn’t been implemented, could it be that I have to give it up to Wang Aijuan?”

Hearing her words, Xiao Cheng Jin became more and more interested.

He took a few steps closer and looked down at her, “Didn’t you always use to call her sister?”

“I don’t want to call her that now.”

“Why don’t you want to call her that anymore? Is it because you have discovered that you were being deceived all the time and don’t want to be a pig anymore?”

“….” Su Ruan Ruan, “Yes, you’re right.”

He raised his eyebrows proudly, “I knew that was the case. For the sake of you coming back to your senses, if they come to find trouble with you again in the future, you can just tell me.”

Looking at Xiao Cheng Jin’s smug little expression, Su Ruan Ruan also smiled.

Xiao Cheng Jin was just one year older than her, and now they were in their teenage years, why would she bicker with a kid for?

After thinking about it, she asked with a smile, “I should tell you, then what?”

In the past, Su Ruan Ruan always lowered her head, her pair of eyes also not daring to look at others, so although he knew that she was good-looking, he didn’t take it seriously.

But now, being stared at so straightly by Su Ruan Ruan, he could almost see his own reflection in her big black and white eyes. He unexpectedly didn’t dare to look at her, his face becoming hot.

“Then… then I’ll ask my grandfather to deduct their work points.”


Su Ruan Ruan couldn’t hold back for a moment, directly spurting out a laugh.

Hearing Su Ruan Ruan’s laugh, Xiao Cheng Jin’s face became even more red.

He also realized at this time that he had just said something stupid.

Xiao Cheng Jin wasn’t like other boys in the town. His skin was white, comparable to Su Ruan Ruan’s, his facial features were exceptionally good-looking, especially a pair of narrow eyes, unusually black and bright, when he smiled they curved, causing the people who were watching to feel an itch in their hearts.

Such a good-looking boy, blushing shyly at this time, Su Ruan Ruan felt that her hands were a little itchy, very much wanting to rub his head.

She thought so, and she did it.

Suddenly being rubbed on the head, Xiao Cheng Jin was startled and took two steps back, looking at Su Ruan Ruan in surprise, “What are you doing?”

“Thanking you!”

All the girls in the village who weren’t married wore their hair twisted into two braids.

However Su Ruan Ruan was different from them. She had short, neck-length hair which was jet black, smooth and lustrous.

There were a few wisps of hair in front of her forehead, and her smooth and full forehead could be seen through the gaps in her hair.

Her face was round and white, her features delicate, her eyes round and big, she looked even younger than her actual age.

At this time when she smiled, her round eyes curved into a crescent, making the ears of Xiao Cheng Jin who was looking at her go red.

“That… you sleep, I’ll watch outside, I’ll leave when Grandma Chen comes back.”

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  1. Oh looks like my kind of novel! The male lead is cute and the female lead is finally enlightened so it would be interesting~


    1. Don’t like male leads like this because he could’ve intervened and awakened her knowledge of being taken advantage of in the previous life but instead he has a ‘superior’ attitude where the person has to be worthy of his help. …

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