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Chapter 3 I didn’t expect that you could also lie

“Ruan Ruan, wake up! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, woo woo…”

Su Ruan Ruan was dizzy. There was a burst of pain at the back of her head, but there was someone still crying in her ears, irritating her.

“Stop crying!”

When the words came out, she froze.

Wasn’t she…. dead?

The feeling of warm blood gradually flowing out was still in her mind, how come she could talk now?

She lifted her hand to touch the back of her head, but only felt a hard lump. The pain made her draw in a cold breath, but she felt alive.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the familiar roof.

This was the home she had lived in for over thirty years — the Su house.

Was it possible that her obsession was so deep that even after dying she could still see the Su house?

She was thinking about it when her arm was suddenly hugged by someone and then she heard that person crying in her ear.

“Ruan Ruan, you’re finally awake, you scared sister to death. I’m sorry, I just hit you by accident, are you okay? Does your head still hurt? Don’t tell Grandma Chen, okay? Otherwise she will definitely blame me!”

Su Ruan Ruan couldn’t be more familiar with this voice. Who else could it be if not Wang Aijuan?

It was just, why was this voice delicate and naive, sounding more like the voice of Wang Aijuan when she was young?

She tilted her head to look and saw that the person who was next to her had yellow and thinning hair but it was still tied into two twist braids. If it wasn’t the young Wang Aijuan, who else could it be?

Seeing Wang Aijuan leaning on her, she only felt sick and pulled her hand out with a slight push.

Feeling the difference, Wang Aijuan raised her head, “Ruan Ruan, what’s wrong with you? Do you still blame me? I really didn’t mean to-“

Su Ruan Ruan sat up and only then did she see Liu Xiuli still sitting at the square table by the bed.

Liu Xiuli saw her looking over and smiled at her lovingly, “Ruan Ruan, your sister just wasn’t holding the box steady for a while that’s why it hit your head, there is nothing also wrong with you, so don’t blame her. Look at how swollen her eyes are from crying.”

Hearing her words, Su Ruan Ruan glanced at Wang Aijuan’s face. Her eyes were indeed a little red, but it was more like it had become red from rubbing it with force.

As for the swelling, it didn’t exist at all.

Being stared at by Su Ruan Ruan, Wang Aijuan dropped her eyelids with a guilty conscience, but soon smiled again, “Don’t listen to my mother’s nonsense, I’m fine.”

Liu Xiuli got up, went to sit in front of Su Ruan Ruan and reached out to grab her hand, but she dodged.

She froze for a moment but then smiled a moment later, “Ruan Ruan, who do you think of the thing I spoke to you about before? You’re only fourteen this year, going to work in the textile factory, not to mention that your Grandma Chen won’t feel at ease, even I won’t feel at ease, why not let your sister go, she is just the right age. Anyways you two are sisters, isn’t it the same no matter who goes?”

Wang Aijuan also smiled brilliantly, looking at Su Ruan Ruan with eyes full of doting, “Ruan Ruan, I’ll go to work and earn money to buy you delicious food, you won’t have to do anything, you can just stay with Grandma Chen, isn’t that better?”

Su Ruan Ruan lowered her eyes, finally understanding what was going on.

“My grandma just told me about the work, it hasn’t been implemented yet!”

She raised her eyes to look at the two people in front of her as she said this, her eyes clear, her tone calm, not showing the slightest sign of lying.

Wang Aijuan and Liu Xiuli looked at each other, then finally believed her words.

After all, for so many years, Su Ruan Ruan had always been responsive to their requests, she wouldn’t lie to them.

Liu Xiuli laughed dryly, “Then… we will wait for it to be implemented then we’ll talk again. Ruan Ruan, you rest first, the sky is about to be dark soon, we will go back first!”

She really started leaving after she said that, her series of actions precise and direct, not a bit worried about whether Su Ruan Ruan, a little girl staying at home alone would be afraid or not.

Su Ruan Ruan looked at their departing backs, a cold smile spreading at the corners of her mouth.

“I didn’t expect that you could also lie.”

A clear male voice suddenly sounded in the air, startling her. She looked up towards the door and saw a slim figure walking in against the light.

As he got closer, the dim light of the house shone on his face and the teenager’s face came into view.

His face had an almost smiling expression, as if he was laughing at the lie she had just told.

Wasn’t this… Xiao Cheng Jin, the young grandson of the village chief?

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