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Chapter 2 Would her mother save her?

Su Ruan Ruan looked and sure enough, she saw her biological mother, Liu Xiuli.

She took Liu Xiuli’s hand, holding on to a glimmer of hope as she choked out, “Mother, Wang Aijuan is crazy, she killed my grandma for a university notice! I want to find someone to arrest her!”

Liu Xiuli was stunned for a moment, but in the next second she held Su Ruan Ruan’s hand for dear life, pleading bitterly: “Ruan Ruan! Aijuan is your sister, how can mother allow someone to arrest her? She is still young… Grandma Chen is old, just a careless fall…. it is normal that she is no more, do you want to harm your own sister’s life because of an outsider?”

“Think of all your sister has done for this family! If your sister hadn’t dropped out of junior high school and gone to work as a temporary worker in the textile factory, working day and night, making you enjoy yourself at home, would you have been able to go to high school? Would you have gotten into university?”

The hope in Su Ruan Ruan’s eyes was instantly annihilated as she looked at Liu Xiuli incredulously, unable to figure out how she could say such a thing.

At that time, the job in the textile factory was first found for her by Grandma Chen through her own connections.

Liu Xiuli and Wang Aijuan had hugged her, cried and begged her to give up that job.

When high school resumed, she had asked Wang Aijuan if she wanted to continue her education, but it was Wang Aijuan herself who said that she was doing quite well in the textile factory and that even if she went to high school, it wouldn’t be of much use, so how come now, she was putting all the blame on her? She had always known that her mother favored her sister, but she never thought she would be so biased that she couldn’t tell right from wrong!

Su Ruan Ruan’s voice cooled down, “You can’t bear it, I can bear it! Wang Aijuan killed my grandma, she must pay with her life…”


Along with a muffled sound in her ear, Su Ruan Ruan only felt a pain in her head then her body fell limply to the ground.

She raised her eyes laboriously, only to see Wang Aijuan looking at her with a fierce expression and extraordinarily crazy eyes.

“You won’t let me go to university, then go to hell with that dead old lady!”

Wang Aijuan held a wooden box in her hand, blood dripping down from it.

Su Ruan Ruan consciousness dissipated gradually and her eyes were somewhat unable to see clearly, but her ears could still hear Liu Xiuli’s low suppressed cry.

“Aijuan, how could you do that to your sister!”

“Mother, she ate my university notice! She ruined my dream of going to university! She’s ruined my entire life! I want to kill her! Kill her! It’s only in this way that I can get rid of the hatred in my heart!”

Even though her vision was blurred, Su Ruan Ruan could still imagine how savage and crazy Wang Aijuan’s expression should be when she said this.

What about her mother?

Would she save her?

She was still thinking about this when she heard Liu Xiuli’s voice that was full of ‘compassion’.

“Aijuan! Mother’s Aijuan! Don’t cry, if you cry mother’s heart will break… don’t worry, mother will definitely think of a way for you, who said that if you do not have a notice, you can’t go to university, isn’t just a piece of paper? It’s okay!”

“Mother, can I really still go to university?”

“Of course! Aijuan, as long as you want it, I will give it to you…. but now isn’t the time to talk about this, let’s deal with them first.”

Liu Xiuli squatted down and covered Su Ruan Ruan’s eyes with trembling hands: “Ruan Ruan, I’m sorry… mother really can’t do anything to help…”

The sound of thunder rang out in the air first, then a rainstorm crackled down.

Su Ruan Ruan eyes slowly closed, a line of tears flowing down slowly from the corners of her eyes.

These were the loved one she had tried so hard to get back…


Before her world plunged into complete darkness, she heard rapid footsteps.

Immediately after, she felt herself being held tightly by a cold body and a trembling voice suppressed to the extreme came from above her head.

“Su Ruan Ruan, hold on! I’ll take you to the hospital…. you’re not allowed to fall asleep! Do you hear me….”

Who was calling her?

She tried to open her eyes to see who it was, but in the next second, she lost consciousness and fell into an endless abyss…..

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